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Bruce Kay and  RxP Board Chair,
Jerry Canaan
Rx Partnership's Open House

In March 2019, Rx Partnership moved its operations to new offices located at 1500 Forest Avenue, Suite 201 in Richmond.  This is the first time in its 15 year history that RxP has operated out of a space solely its own.  To celebrate, RxP hosted an Open House at the new offices on May 21st. It was a great opportunity for our supporters, funders and safety net partners to see our new space! Thank you to everyone who was able to attend!

We'd also like to thank Markel and Union Bank & Trust
for generously donating furniture for our new office!
Rx Partnership's Real Impact
A patient at Arlington Free Clinic's pharmacy picking up their medication
Rx Partnership Visits Clinic Partners to Hear Patient Impact Stories  

Rx Partnership staff recently visited clinic partners Arlington Free Clinic, Bradley Free Clinic in Roanoke,  Gloucester-Mathews Care Clinic and Lloyd F. Moss Free Clinic in Fredericksburg to meet with clinic staff and patients and hear their stories about what medication access means to them.  

You may surprised to learn that the majority of the patients we met with:
  • Are living with an average of three or more chronic conditions like diabetes, hypertension, and/or thyroid disease
  • Are taking seven or more prescription medications everyday (one patient is taking 12 prescriptions!)
  • Work one or more jobs that don't offer affordable health insurance
  • Would not be able to continue to work without having their medications to treat their chronic conditions
RxP staff heard from many grateful patients, but perhaps most surprising was the number of patients that told us that "they'd be dead" without this medication program or access to care at a free clinic.  Despite Medicaid expansion, the healthcare safety net is still desperately needed for many Virginians to access the quality care and medications they need to stay healthy.   As James Black, Pharmacist at Bradley Free Clinic, stated, "This is a life-saving program and our patients depend on it." 

A pharmacist at Arlington Free Clinic counseling a patient about medication side effects
Rx Partnership has an ambitious FY20 goal to launch a brand new medication a ccess program that will leverage resources to provide much needed generic medications for clinics with pharmacies cost-effectively through a Group Purchasing Organization (GPO).  But we need your help!  To find out about how you can become a partner to increase medication access for vulnerable Virginians, please contact Curtis Shifflett.

Are you interested in learning more about our impact and investing in our mission?  

Please contact RxP's Development Manager, Curtis Shifflett.  
Donate Now and Increase your Gift to RxP by 10%

Rx Partnership is a registered charity with the PGA Tour's Dominion Energy Charity Classic's Birdies for Charity program, presented by TowneBank, which will take place October 14-20, 2019 at the Country Club of Virginia James River Course.  The tournament sponsors will augment your gift to RxP by 10%.  
Consider making your gift today at Birdies for Charity- Rx Partnership.

Questions?  Please contact RxP's Development Manager, Curtis Shifflett for more information.
Thank You to Our Supporters
Rx Partnership Cannot Do What We Do Without YOU! 

We  appreciate all the support from individuals and organizations that have made our success possible as we work toward the lofty vision of ensuring "Every Virginian has access to the medications they need."  
Ann Holland,  CPhT, Pharmacy Technician at Lloyd F. Moss Free Clinic discussing Pam's medications

Pam, a patient at Lloyd F. Moss Free Clinic in Fredericksburg, is taking 10-12 medications for her chronic conditions.  She was previously covered by her husband's insurance but lost coverage when he had to stop working for health reasons.  Her own health declined because she couldn't afford regular access to care or her medicine.  

"I was so bad when I came to the clinic because I skipped doses.  

I wouldn't be here today without [these meds]-- they saved my life."


Individuals & Private Funds
  • Gerald C. "Jerry" Canaan, II
  • Dr. Peter Cunningham
  • Charles Gowan
  • June Javier
  • Dr. Rashida Jones
  • Caroline Juran
  • Jen Kostyniuk
  • Donna Littlepage
  • Kerri Musselman
  • Donald Price
Foundations & Corporations
Are you interested in investing in our mission? 
Please contact RxP's Development Manager, Curtis Shifflett

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Did you know that each  $1 invested  in Rx Partnership results in
$45 of retail prescription value delivered to clinic patients?
There are lots of ways to support RxP and its mission of increasing access to prescription medication for Virginia's uninsured.  

For more information, visit our website at  www.RxPartnership.org  and consider making a donation today!
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