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Hiring aN Outside Contractor?
Why You Need a Clearance Letter

If, as the principal contractor, you hire outside contractors and subcontractors, it's extremely important to make sure you check whether the company you hire is registered with the WSCC and in good standing. Clearance letters tell you whether your contractor is registered with WSCC and up to date with payroll reporting and payments.

If you hire a contractor who is not in compliance with the WSCC, you can be held liable for unpaid assessments relating to the work or service they provided to you during the entire period of your contract, even after you have released final payment.

To protect your business from additional payments, always get a clearance letter before and after you receive services from a contractor. 

GETTing a clearance -  Here's what you need to do:

Step 1 - When you hire a contractor
  • Request a Letter of Good Standing (initial clearance) to ensure the contractor or subcontractor is registered and in good standing.
  • The quickest and easiest way is to log-in to WSCC Connect and click on "Obtain a Clearance". 
  • Once you have requested a Letter of Good Standing, WSCC Connect will immediately send you an e-mail notification with an attached letter on the contractor status.
Step 2 - When the contracted work is complete
  • Before you release final payment to your contractor, log-in to WSCC Connect and go to the "obtain a clearance" tab and request a Final Clearance Letter. 
  • This letter releases you from any liability for assessments due on the contract they have with your company and allows you to make final payment on that contract. 
  • A Final Clearance Letter will be processed within 3 business day.
What if my contractor or subcontractor is not in good standing? 

If the contractor is not in good standing, you may receive an Ineligible Letter or a Do Not Release Letter. This means that the contractor must contact the WSCC to find out what action is needed to bring their account back in good standing.  Please note Under the Workers' Compensation Act, a business is able to withhold payment in the amount of any outstanding assessment payments.

Who do I call for more information?

For a step-by-step instruction on requesting a clearance online visit our Help Guide.

traffic Control Person
Seasonal worker safety

The summer months are here, and that means roadwork is well under way.  All employers should remind their workers to be careful while driving, especially in construction zones. Everyone must respect the role of traffic control persons and designated signalers, and ensure that they are obeying traffic laws.

Employers and Supervisors who manage traffic control personnel should provide:
  • The name and contact information for the employer responsible for the work site; 
  • Introductions to the crew;
  • Schedules for crew changes;
  • Type of work being performed at the site;
  • Type of equipment in use, and how it will be operating;
  • Any special conditions of the job contract and road use; and,
  • What PPE is required for the environment and working conditions?
WSCC has a  Code of Practice and a Safety Bulletin that outlines employer, supervisor, and employee responsibilities around traffic control personnel. Remember, everyone has a role in workplace safety, and it is part of your job to know your role.
Resource Feature: Safety Bulletin

Safety Bulletins are one to two page printable PDFs that contain information on specific safety topics. They highlight hazards in the workplace, potential causes for accidents, and steps for prevention.


2 reasons to use safety bulletins:
  1. Safety bulletins are a great resource to inspire your morning Toolbox Talk! Every work place should have regular discussions about safety, and safety bulletins are a tool that can start a conversation.
  2. You can post these bulletins up on your company's notice board. Adding bulletins in a publicly visible place can be an eye-catching way to remind employees about their role in preventing workplace incidents and injuries. 
You can find a list of our available topics on our Safety Bulletin page on our website. We have a list of WSCC Safety Bulletins, as well as similar documents created by external sources. Check out our page today to see all of the topics relevant to your workplace. If there is a topic that isn't currently available, but would be useful for your workplace, please contact us.

While the safety bulletins are a wonderful resource for starting conversations, they do not contain an extensive overview of the topic. For more detailed resourced on specific topics, check out our Codes of Practice page.

WSCC's offices are closed for the August Civic Holiday on Monday August 5th. The office will reopen on Tuesday, August 6th at 8:30 AM.

To report a serious workplace injury or incident, call 1-800-661-0792.

To report unsafe work, use our Report Unsafe Work service on WSCC Connect.
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