LAA News
July 2019
Artist of the Month - July
Margaret Toth
John Taylor

LAA Plantation Gallery
July 3 - August 6

Opening Reception Wednesday, July 3, 2019
5:00 - 6:30 p.m.

The Landings Art Association invites you to join Artists of the Month Margaret Toth and John Taylor at 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday, July 3rd for a reception in The Plantation Club Gallery celebrating the opening of their latest show. 

Multi-medium artist, Margaret Toth, has created "Bygone Days" a series of vintage photos, many of them Margaret's family members, which she has combined, manipulated and edited on the computer and glued onto wood blocks. Some are lightly painted in watercolor or acrylic, or both. Others are totally painted, often embellished with abstract backgrounds and deep-rooted objects. Regardless of composition, all visually evoke wistful memories of the past. 

Having lived abroad for 25 years in 12 different countries, Margaret's experiences in distant lands with unique cultures permeate her art. Her visual library of faces, scenes, and colors is a cornucopia of diversity that is reflected in her drawings and paintings. 

A self-taught artist, Margaret has also participated in workshops by prominent water media artists such as Skip Lawrence, Ted Nuttall, Jane Slivka, Chris Groves, Deborah Redden and others. She has won awards in juried shows and has exhibited in Korea, China, and West Africa. 

Ever encouraging budding artists, Margaret has led numerous drawing and painting classes for both adults and children. Her other accomplishments include interior design and architectural renderings. 

Margaret works in acrylic, graphite, watercolor and mixed media, often combining two or more media in the same composition. She is clearly captivated by the human face, with its different forms, contours and subtle nuances. On canvas and paper, Margaret strives to capture the personality of each subject, unearthing the emotions beneath their physicality. 

Margaret can be reached at 912-598-4260 or mtoth.laa.@gmail.com.

With a father in the Foreign Service, photographer John Taylor grew up overseas and could be found with a camera in his hands since his early teens. After a career in commodities trading in London and New York, John retired to the Landings in 2009 to look after his parents, Frank and Bobbie Taylor, who moved here in 1987. 

John immediately fell in love with the wetlands, and found the Coastal Empire the perfect place to explore on his motorcycle, capturing sunrises and sunsets over the marshes, as well as the area's exotic wildlife and flora. John met his future wife, Brenda Bearden, at Skidaway Farms in 2011, and as John put it, "We have enjoyed life here and would not entertain the notion of ever leaving our island paradise." 

Primarily a black and white photographer at first, John was inspired to work in color when he discovered the brilliant hues of the Western landscapes during a cross-country motorcycle trip. John has also found inspiration in the wide variety of greens in the Eastern low country palate. "I am a nature photographer, and this ecosystem provides all the photo-ops I could wish for." 

The centerpiece of John's show will be Atlantic Sunrise, the breathtaking scene accompanying this article. 

John Taylor can be reached at jtsavannah@gmail.com.

Don't miss the Opening Reception 
Wednesday, July 3 from 5:00 - 6:30 p.m.
(Public Welcome/Refreshments Available)

The Landings Company Venue - July & August

Martha Curit Hough  resides at The Landings in Savannah, Georgia. Nature is her muse and the subject of most of her paintings and photographs.  This exhibition at the Landings Company, "Skidaway Inspirations" presents recent works in a variety of media 

Happiest when she is painting landscapes plein aire, Martha has nevertheless accepted her camera as an important friend. Beautiful scenery and interesting subject matter can be captured at a moments notice. She returns to her studio, inspired to interpret and redefine her photo images as impressionistic paintings.
Oils, pastels and paper collage are particularly appealing because they are so tactile  - almost like gardening! Rich vibrant color applied with the firmness of a palette knife or the softness of a finger tip; light and shadow; movement; reflection all come into play. Block printing tests simplicity and attention to form, while photography offers the opportunity to manipulate the original color photo on the computer with fascinating, often unexpected results. Her photographs are mostly botanicals with the final work emerging as an organic abstraction. Each medium offers its own worthy challenge that can sometimes lead to a pleasing result.

A graduate of Pembroke College, earning a BA from Brown University with a concentration in Art and Classics, Martha was fortunate to design a personal course of study that included all of the very few painting and sculpture courses available at Brown at the time, along with extensive course work at the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD). 

The daughter of a highly respected Rhode Island artist, Marjorie Sands Curit, Martha is an active member the Landings Art Association, a former member of the Providence Art Club, and a recipient of several awards for her photography from the Garden Club of America, the South County Garden Club of Rhode Island, and recently the CAW from Merrill Lynch on Skidaway Island. 

You can follow Martha on instagram marthahough_art where she occasionally posts her work and inspirations.

The LAA/Sound View Wealth Advisors 
at The Plantation Club

Coming up this month...
BOTH the Wednesday intake and the Thursday evening reception will take place on WEDNESDAY, JULY 3 rd , due to the 4 th of July holiday. Intake will take place at Plantation between 9AM and 11AM followed by the reception from 5PM to 6:30PM. Please remember to pick up your artwork from June even if you are not bringing in a new piece.

Notes from last month...
Thank you to all of the artists who made our June "Around the World in 30 Days" theme a success! Special thanks to Terry Breyman for taking pictures of our participants. All pictures can be seen on our website at landingsartassociation.com .  

Congratulations to Leigh Harris, the 1 st Place winner of the LAA/Soundview Artist's Award for June and Carol Wheaton, Honorable Mention winner!

Looking ahead to next month...
In August, we have reserved all of the walls AS WELL AS the showcase for all of our members! 

Remember...Oversized artwork (larger than 30"x30" framed) is accepted with a prior reservation on a first-come, first-served basis. The maximum size for oversized art is 36" LONG X 36" WIDE. This includes the frame. Contact Marie Tomlinson at  inkstresse@gmail.com to reserve a spot. For all other artwork, the maximum size remains at 30" X 30" framed (with hanging wire) and, as usual, NO reservation is required.

For further information, please contact our LAA/Soundview Gallery at Plantation Coordinator, Marie Tomlinson, at inkstresse@gmail.com.

The New LAA Website

I'm thrilled to announce that the LAA has a brand spanking new website that we all can be extremely proud of. We owe Marie Tomlinson a immense amount of gratitude for her design and implementation skills in bringing our site to life!

Together with Liz McAdams, these two ladies will continue to update and deliver all the information any potential or existing member may need to know about the happenings, past and present, within the LAA.

I encourage each and every one of you to easily navigate through the site at

To access the member roster, you will need the to use the password ART2020.

Please note that the Google Calendar is clickable allowing you to get more information on an event.

For questions or to submit for consideration information that you'd like added to the site, contact Liz McAdams ONLY at mcadams.liz@me.com  Liz will be making all decisions concerning content. Should you send information to someone other than Liz, you will not receive a reply.

Keep in mind that the site is not 100% complete and Marie will be working on it over the summer. We did, however, want to get it out to all members as soon as possible.

When viewing the site from a cellphone, all of the info is there but it is formatted without many of the pictures and graphics. This is due to the small size if the phone screen. The 3 little horizontal lines at the top right corner of the screen is the dropdown menu.

Should any of you have LAA pictures that you think would work well on the site, please forward them to Liz and make sure to put a description of what the picture pertains to.

For the time being, due to security reason, Paypal has been suspended for all LAA payments. Should you have a payment of any sort, please mail or tube it to Betsy Slocum, 2 Palm Glade Ct., Savannah, GA 31411.

The Gallery portion of our old site is still in use while that portion of our new site is still under construction.

In Memorium - Nancy Nelson Lewis

 (Printable registration forms available at landingsartassociation.com)