July 2019

July 2019

More Evidence of the Illusion

Have you had the experience while on vacation of feeling less grounded or found it difficult to meditate?

Traveling this summer by ship then stopping and spending time on islands, I felt less grounded and less connected to Source than usual. I have noticed this when spending time on islands before.

On the days, I got off the ship and hiked in forests and walked in gardens, I once again felt connected to Creator and all was right in my world. I experienced what many of my clients have said over the years that it is easier to feel grounded and connected to something greater than themselves when they were out in nature camping, hiking or fishing.

Once I returned home, I reflected on how much it bothered me that I didn’t have meditations with a lengthy sense of love and light after moving my awareness into the Theta brainwave state.

It is important to note though, feeling disconnected from that which is most important to me - is all part of the illusion.

As you already know, many of us still move in and out of awareness of true self. Even when “awake”, we occasionally feel separate.

Part of our awakening is realizing more and more that our lives on the physical plane are our creation while at the same time truly an illusion. Sometimes we forget who we are and think we are humans having human experiences.

My truth is more like we are light beings living on a very dense plane where it’s just harder to see spirit.

Although the tectonic plates are thicker where I live and this is said to make it easier to feel grounded, again I think these experiences and thoughts are all part of our illusion of separateness. Any place and time, our access to Source depends on our awareness. 

I am grateful that I usually have such a strong connection to the Divine and can feel that continuous unconditional love. Concurrently, I see I also have a belief that I can lose awareness or connection. I can change this and replace it with a higher truth.

We never disconnect from Source. We always have it since we are created from that.

Love and Light, Lynne

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