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July 2020
Documentelligence™ Thermal Facial Recognition Cameras
Businesses continue to open up in Western New York
Copier Fax Business Technologies Documentelligence™ Stay Well Program has become the go-to solution for many businesses, schools and municipalities to safely reopen.

Our biggest focus right now is schools. Schools are in a critical planning period for a safe opening. We are optimistic that schools will open in some way shape or form this year. But the key is the ability to keep the students and faculty safe.

The Thermal Facial Recognition Cameras in combination with The Receptionist can not only allow for touch-less check-in for students, staff, employees and visitors, but it can also do an instant temperature check for all people that enter the building.

There are also discreet features to let administration know if someone is entering the building with a temperature.

We have a special referral program to help us get in front of schools - and really any business where this would be a perfect fit for safe entry.

Details can be found below:
Product Overview

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Stay Connected
The way we live and work has changed drastically since the start of 2020. Businesses must now find a way to ensure the health and safety of their staff and customers, while still operating “business as usual.”

The innovative products in the Documentelligence™ Workplace of the Future suite can help you do just that.

Here are just a few products from Workplace of the Future™, that will bring you Tomorrow’s Office Today!
Additional Featured Products
Telepresence Robot

The Documentelligence™ Telepresence Robot is a self-driving, two-wheeled videoconferencing robot that revolutionizes the way you work or learn remotely.

It enables telecommuters, doctors, remote workers, and students to feel more connected to their colleagues and patients by giving them a physical presence where they can’t be in person. Driving your own robot means you are free to roam around the office, visit patients, attend meetings, monitor work sites, or go to class from anywhere in the world.

ALICE Receptionist addresses social distancing related visitor policies at different points in the visitor management process.

Taking The Receptionist to the next level, ALICE greets and interacts with visitors when they enter your lobby, plus she encompasses the visitor management system as well. 

ALICE uses a touch screen and live video technology to directly connect visitors with your employees, greeting them and notifying staff when a visitor enters your office space. ALICE ensures you’re providing a consistent customer service experience for guests and improved security for your office while saving you money.

The Teem app does so much more than conference room digital signage — it can change the way your staff uses your office space.

Teem is a meeting management system that helps connect people to the right meetings, the correct room, and resources while keeping meetings on track. Beyond this, Teem generates analytical data and provides recommendations for improving your company’s meeting behavior. This can be used for any type of room – including conference rooms, study areas, mother rooms, desks spaces, and more.
There have been several reports of scams circulating in our industry from supposed supply companies that are attempting to sell toners at discounted prices. Please know that if someone ever calls - and asks for your information regarding your machines or business for discounted toners - this is a scam. Copier Fax Business Technologies already has the information needed for your toners and supplies. Please be cautious as these companies send bad products with inflated pricing. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call us at 716-853-5000.
Healthy Tips for the Office
While many people will be working from home throughout the next few weeks, there are also still plenty of operations that will continue in-office. It's important to keep your surroundings as clean as possible - but we also think it is important to avoid damaging your equipment.

The above graphic will show you ways to safely disinfect and clean your machine.

Here are some additional tips to stay healthy at the office:

1 - Use a stylus pen instead of your fingers on shared devices.

2 - Sanitize your work stations. The keyboard, mouse and phone are the prime areas that collect bacteria. All surfaces should be wiped.

3 - Stay in your work space.

4 - Do not use your coworkers' supplies - including pens, notepads, phones, or work space.

5 - If you are showing any signs or symptoms of illness - stay home!

6 - Wash your hands.