July 2020 Newsletter
New NAEYC Position Statement on Equity in Early Childhood Education
In 2019, the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) published a position statement entitled Advancing Equity is Early Childhood Education . The goal of this position statement is to provide guidance to early childhood professionals as they work to create equitable learning opportunities for all children. Learn More
Recommendations for Everyone
Recommendations for Early Childhood Educators;
When Building a Community of Learners
Recommendations for Early Childhood Educators;
Working with Families and Engaging in Advocacy
Recommendations for Administrators
Additional Articles
With COVID-19 and the current events related to racial justice, how you are doing?
A. All is well with me!
B. Things are looking up.
C. I have good and bad days.
D. I find this time to be very challenging.
During these challenging times, be sure to practice self-care and reach out to people you trust for support.
Poll Results: June 2020 Newsletter
What is the status of your child care program?

A. Our program was not impacted by COVID-19 related shut-downs.
208 responses or 16%
B. Our program was minimally impacted by COVID-19.
104 responses or 8%
C. Our program remained open to care for the children of essential workers only. 263 responses or 20%
D. Our program closed but will open soon with reduced enrollment.
351 responses or 27%
E. Our program closed but will open soon for business as usual.
104 responses or 8%
F. Our program is closed and the path forward has not been determined.
241 responses or 19%
G. Our program closed and will not reopen.
30 responses or 2%

 Total Responses: 1,301 responses
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Student Spotlight
Joy Ellis McLemore, Ed.D.
Columbus, Ohio
I believe any of the seventeen courses that I’ve taken through CCEI would prove helpful to workers in child care. Loving Math, I enjoyed CCEI430, realizing once more that concepts related to higher mathematics begin on playgrounds and even the floor with shapes, sorting, counting colors and more. ADM 108 and 109 confirmed that some of us, while lacking administrative skill and interest, can be natural mentors. I loved the idea of being a catalyst towards adults’ as well as children’s perpetual progress–without even having to give a grade! (Remember that I’ve taught legions of adults. The hardest part is the grading.) CUR 111 and pieces of other courses expanded my understanding of the need for not just accepting, but embracing, diversity in our classrooms, for all ages.

The Difference Between Equity and Equality | CCEI

When doing the work of an early childhood consultant, it is common to hear teachers say that it is difficult to dedicate too much time and attention to one child because it is not fair to the other children. To a degree, this is true; teachers...

Read more
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