July 2020 Newsletter
Images of the "Hang In There Panda" meme are not labeled for reuse,
so here is a 山寨 Hang In There [Red] Panda, courtesy of Sander van der Wel.

Another place that has Red Pandas is the Columbus Zoo!
Hang in There!
We're not out of the woods, yet, but by maintaining and expanding professional relationships, we will all continue to create new projects and take advantage of new opportunities.

How has your organization dealt with/pivoted during the pandemic? Put your story in a LinkedIn post and send us the link !

In this issue of the Greater Columbus Chinese Chamber of Commerce newsletter, you will find the following actionable information:

  • Chinese Chamber member spotlight: Columbus School of Chinese

  • News from Chinese Chamber members Porter Wright and Kegler Brown

  • Upcoming Chinese Chamber (in bold) and partner events (in italics):
  • 7/22 "Cross-Cultural Communication in Creative Work"
  • 7/23 US-China Series - Mobility 2.0: The Quest for Supremacy
  • 7/28 The Future of Global Health and the Role of Global Partnership
  • Mid-August date TBD Virtual Trade Show/matchmaking
  • 8/27 Taste of Columbus

Just for fun: On July 19, 1971, President Nixon and Henry Kissinger called a meeting with the White House staff to explain why the the two of them made a secret visit to the People's Republic of China earlier that month... and why the trip should remain secret until negotiations with the PRC concluded.

This now-declassified memorandum describing that meeting still makes for interesting reading.
Member Spotlight
The Columbus School of Chinese is the Midwest's premier Chinese language school for non-native learners.

Founded in 2010, CSC offers individual and group class Mandarin language instruction , as well as business, educational and cultural consulting services . Our focus is developing speaking, listening, reading and writing skills for learners of all ages and levels. All classes and services available online.

Under the leadership of Chris Stellato, the CSC was one of the founding members of the Greater Columbus Chinese Chamber of Commerce.
Member News
On June 23, 2020, the Chinese National Development and Reform Commission and the Chinese Ministry of Commerce updated the "negative list" to further eliminate barriers for foreign investment in China.

Chinese Chamber member Porter Wright explains in this article what you can expect to happen when these decrees go into effect on July 23, 2020.

Stay tuned for an upcoming Columbus Chinese Chamber event on FDI in China.
Delivering a quality educational experience abroad is the primary goal of U.S. colleges and universities exploring and improving their online educational offerings. And with many of these institutions closing campuses and restricting in-person learning globally, online offerings have become more strategically important than ever.

Any institution considering launching or expanding its remote learning platform internationally should carefully consider four key aspects of their strategy before its implementation. Read more in this article by Vinita Mehra of Chinese Chamber member Kegler Brown .
Two items from the " Hicks Partners Insider " newsletter issued by the parent of Chinese Chamber member MAGV :

1) " JobsOhio has officially launched its much-anticipated $250 million Ohio Site Inventory Program (OSIP). The goal of OSIP is to provide targeted funding to have more shovel-ready sites and buildings in its statewide portfolio.

This expanded portfolio will include office, R&D, and manufacturing buildings as well as suitable sites in rural, suburban and urban communities around the state."

The OSIP will make it easier for companies from Greater China to establish businesses in Ohio.

2) "The Ohio Department of Transportation has released a study outlining a statewide strategy to build the electrical vehicle (EV) infrastructure (i.e. charging stations) Ohio will need in the coming decades as EVs become increasingly common."

Be sure to attend "Mobility 2.0: The Quest for Supremacy" to see where Ohio stacks up globally. Details and registration in the upcoming events section below.
Recent Chinese Chamber Events
Dan Harris and Mike Billman - "China: Should I Stay or Should I Go?"
On June 26, Dan Harris of the China Law Blog and Mike Billman of Chinese Chamber member D-Terra Solutions shared their perspectives on what China strategies make sense for what kinds of organizations.

Between some healthy differences of opinion, there was general agreement that opportunities for US-China cooperation remain for a variety of organizations.

Virtual Networking Event
The Chinese Chamber's first virtual networking event brought together people from Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Southern California.

The July 8th event used the Zoom virtual breakout room function to create discussion groups of 3-4 people who then shared what they do and what projects they are working on.

Following the event, contact information was shared among all who attended to facilitate professional follow-ups.

Stay tuned for our next networking event!
Upcoming Chinese Chamber Events
7/22/20 Cross-Cultural Communication in Creative Work
Online Panel followed by Virtual Networking
When you make a film for audiences in two countries, how do you maintain the message the writers and director had in mind? When a bi-cultural team creates a single work, how does that work speak to different audiences? How does the camera lens reflect what is important to the photographer and his/her intended audience?

The successful communication of intention is important in all human endeavors; this look at how people convey meaning in cross-cultural creative contexts will be useful to people of all professions.

Our panel of experts:
Catherine Stuer , Professor of Art History and Visual Culture, Denison University
Tom Gattis , Dean of Undergraduate Studies, Columbus College of Art & Design
Hank Abbott , Associate Director, Creative Affairs, Pearl Studio

The event will be followed by 30 minutes of virtual breakout rooms for small-group networking and opportunity sharing. All are welcome to stay for this useful activity.

Upcoming Partner Events
7/23/20 Mobility 2.0: The Quest for Supremacy

Columbus Chinese Chamber partner US-China Series, organized by View from the Peak and SupChina , will host a conference on issues in next-generation transportation.

The panels are:
08:00 Electric Vehicles
09:00 Vehicle Connectivity
10:00 Autonomous Vehicles
11:00 Urban Mobility

Registration is free and you can join as many panels as you wish.

The next US-China Series event will be on September 10th and focus on US-China supply chain issues in health, apparel, manufacturing, automotive, and agriculture.

For sponsorship opportunities in this and future US-China Series events, contact Pat McAloon .
7/28/20 Future of Public Health & the Role of Global Partnership
Even before the current pandemic, the Heartland region faced significant public health challenges, such as the opioid epidemic. CoVID-19 further exposed weaknesses in our public health system and accelerated the adoption of new ways to provide care. 

In this event, we will hear public health experts, industry leaders and practitioners share their thoughts on the future of public health and how global collaboration can shape an outcome beneficial to us all.
Mid-August Phase 1 Virtual Trade Show
Our friends at the US Heartland China Association have teamed up with SupChina to create a virtual trade show/business matching event for businesses in Phase 1 trade deal categories.

For details on how to apply, visit this page .
8/27/20 US Together's Annual Taste of Columbus
The 46th annual International Taste of Columbus will be a virtual, live-streamed event at 5:30 pm ET on August 27. The theme of this year’s event is “Dumplings of the World,” and it will be live-cast on US Together’s Facebook Page.

The International Taste of Columbus is hosted each year to promote international understanding through intercultural experiences. It is a cultural and educational event that brings community members closer together and raises funds for US Together’s charitable causes.
Chinese Chamber Members
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Special thanks to Chinese Chamber charter members Huntington Bank and One Columbus .
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