Outfitting for the swordfishery in Gloucester about ninety years ago, courtesy of Jon Johansen

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July 2020
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Hot, you say? This morning it's already 88 degrees ashore in Rockland while it's 65 degrees three miles beyond the Rockland breakwater and 58 degrees at Mt. Desert Rock. Spending this summer ashore reminds me how energy-free air conditioning is a really good reason to go sailing in Maine in the summer. This is my first summer ashore since 1975, and my third since 1967.  

The picture above may not be the American Eagle. Even though it's blurry there are things going on worth noting. The fore topmast was for spotting swordfish; a rigger is most of the way down to the crosstrees setting up ratlines or footropes for the lookout. Someone else is hard at work out on the bowsprit doing something salty. There should be a pulpit out there soon for the guy with the harpoon. The time it took to ready our schooner from launching to first trip was less than three weeks in June 1930.

Planning for brighter times, here's our  trip schedule for next season!        

Crews News

American Eagle spring haulout in Gloucester eighty years ago

courtesy of Sarah Collins 
As close as this year's crew got to go sailing.
An evening sail in a boat older than the schooner.

It's ice cream night and Christa's turn in the cow suit, 2019

 Cruise News


Pointing out who is ahead in a race

July 23; just not this year

They're up to something. 
Some people can put up with us for two weeks straight!

Harvey, Grand Manan V, Carol-Ann

Postcards and Notes From Away

courtesy of Ron Jones
Even the crabs are big in Texas

and a new car!
courtesy of Douglas Pittaway
1927 Austin Top Hat Saloon
Gill Pittaway in the driver's seat

Carol's painting job this summer ashore.. her childhood tractor!
Watercolor workshops..next year!

Christmas card from the Franklin Expedition


courtesy of Sue Bibeau
First sea trials for the Mayflower after years of rebuild. 
Sue took this from the escort tug Jaguar last week

Someone is sailing this summer!
  John and the crew

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