July 2020 Newsletter
Congratulations to the Class of 2020!

The UCI School of Education wishes to congratulate the entire University of California, Irvine Class of 2020. In June, more than 450 students from the School of Education's BA, MAT, and PhD programs earned their degree and officially became UCI alumni. The School of Education is home to more than 11,000 alumni across the world, a majority of whom are teaching, leading research at education think tanks and nonprofits, and heading up companies they founded.

Congratulations to all our graduates, along with graduates of the CalTeach and SAGE Scholars Program! You can learn more about our graduates and their accomplishments below.

School of Education Commencement Ceremony
Featuring commencement speaker Congressman Gilbert R. Cisneros Jr., Dean Richard Arum , and a host of School of Education faculty delivering well-wishes to our graduates!
Ph.D. Student Award Ceremony
Congratulations to the Ph.D. in Education Class of 2020, and to this year's scholarship recipients!
SAGE Scholars Program
Thank You & Congratulations
A celebration of our graduating scholars, a note of gratitude to our generous sponsors and donors, and a recognition of our UCI campus leaders and partners.

CalTeach Celebrates Historic Graduating Class
In June, the UCI CalTeach program graduated 45 students, its largest cohort of all-time. Read more about the program here .
The UCI Forum Series:
K-12 Education and COVID-19
The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted K-12 education for more than 500,000 public school students in Orange County and 50.8 million students in public schools across the country. Technology has helped fill the gap and proved to be a useful tool for homebound students. In a post-COVID-19 environment, many issues – among them active learning, socialization and public health – will need to be explored to ensure the best possible education of this and future generations.

In this edition of the UCI Forum Series, experts discuss the disruption and how to overcome its challenges. Moderated by Dr. Stephanie Reyes-Tuccio , UCI assistant vice chancellor for educational partnerships. Participants include Dr. Richard Arum , dean of UCI’s School of Education; Dr. Dan Cooper (M.D.) , associate vice chancellor for clinical and translational science, professor of pediatrics; Dr. Al Mijares , Orange County superintendent of schools; and Dr. Rigo Rodriguez , president of the Santa Ana Unified School District Board of Education.
More from the UCI School of Education
Established in 1986, the biennial award honors a scholar for lifetime achievement in the field of sociology of education. George Farkas is the author or co-author of four books and more than 125 articles in peer-reviewed journals; collectively, his work has been cited more than 14,000 times.
Prof. Kim awarded $1.4M IES grant to develop, examine listening comprehension instruction regime in primary classrooms
"Simply put, without successful language and literacy skills, children cannot be successful in their schoolwork," Young-Suk Kim said.
Assoc. Prof. Richland awarded NSF grant to research how undergraduates might learn to influence stressors that are impacting new learning
"We are proposing that we take what we know about how stress responses and cognitive resources work to develop new strategies to help students focus and engage effectively in online learning," Lindsey Richland said.
Asst. Prof. Dowell awarded Gates Foundation grant to grow inclusive generation of learning engineers
"Education currently lacks diverse talent within R&D talent pools, which we believe is required to generate step change improvements in critical student learning outcomes," Nia Dowell said.
Asst. Prof. Iloh to explore COVID-19 college-going for low-income Black and Latinx students
Through a grant from the UCI Office of Inclusive Excellence, Constance Iloh will explore the contemporary college-going narratives of low-income Black and Latinx students, while focusing on the time, information, and opportunity dimensions of her Iloh Model.
The grant - Reimagining Educational Equity and Opportunity (REEO) during the COVID 19 Pandemic - will document and synthesize the nuanced approaches that different communities are taking to best support students in Orange County schools during this unique time, and provide targeted support in areas of need through the creation of a Networked Improvement Community composed of School of Education researchers, school and district leaders, and community members.
School of Education professors co-authors on top downloaded article
An article co-authored by Associate Professor  Hosun Kang  (left), Professor Sandra Simpkins  (right) and their colleagues is one of the  Science Education Journal's top-10 percent most downloaded articles of 2019.
UCI researchers receive NSF grant to study value of social networks for retaining at-risk STEM students during COVID-19
“A well-implemented program such as UCI's Enhanced Academic Success Experience can provide a model to support students, especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds," said Associate Professor Di Xu , co-principal investigator on the study.
An inside look at the School of Education's partnership with Rea Elementary
The research-practice partnership, led by lecturer Jody Guarino , Professor Rossella Santagata , and fifth-year doctoral student Jiwon Lee focuses on improving mathematics and collaboration.
Fifth-year doctoral student honored for excellence in academic achievement and service to others
Mariela J. Rivas received a 2020 Latino, Excellence and Achievement ( LEAD ) Award from the UCI Office of Inclusive Excellence.
Mary Cappellini ( pictured, left ) and Jessica Lopez, UCI Engineering major and SOY Scholar
Alumna keeping American dream alive for underserved OC youth
Alumna Mary Cappellini is board chair of Costa Mesa-based Save Our Youth (SOY), which serves 400 underserved junior high through high school youth annually. In response to COVID-19, all the nonprofit's programming was moved online.
Thank you to our supporters!
On June 24, the University of California, Irvine hosted its annual Giving Day. Our community rallied together like never before to support our students and their families.

In just 24 hours, we received 117 gifts to the School of Education, UCI CalTeach, and SAGE Scholars Program! Thank you to all who supported.

For more information, and for further ways to support, please click here .
New Publications
Recent publications by our faculty and graduate students
Sixth-year doctoral student Vicky Chen , Affiliated Associate Professor Rebecca Black , Affiliated UCI Chancellor’s Professor Jonathan Alexander : "Representations of Autism in Online Harry Potter Fanfiction" in Journal of Literacy Research
Sixth-year doctoral student Vicky Chen , Professor Emerita Carol B. Olson ( pictured, right ), Research Scientist Huy Quoc Chung : “Understanding proficiency: Analyzing the characteristics of secondary students’ on-demand analytical essay writing” in  Journal of Writing Assessment

Assistant Professor Brandy Gatlin : “Evidence-based practices in the assessment and intervention of language-based reading difficulties among African American learners” in Perspectives on Language and Literacy
Lecturer Jody Guarino , Professor Rossella Santagata , fifth-year doctoral student Jiwon Lee : “Learning Together When You’re Apart” in Focus

Associate Professor Susanne Jaeggi : “Application of Machine Learning Models for Tracking Participant Skills in Cognitive Training” in Frontiers in Psychology

Associate Professor Hosun Kang : “The role of mentor teacher-mediated experiences for preservice teachers” in Journal of Teacher Education

Professor Young-Suk Kim : Chapter: “Interactive Dynamic Literacy Model: An Integrative Theoretical Framework for Reading-Writing Relations” in  Reading-Writing Connections: Toward Integrative Literacy Science

Alumna Jenell Krishnan , Affiliated Professor Rebecca Black , Professor Emerita Carol Booth Olson : "The Power of Context: Exploring Teachers’ Formative Assessment for Online Collaborative Writing" in Reading and Writing Quarterly
Alumnus Hansol Lee , Professor Mark Warschauer ( pictured, left ): "Toward the Establishment of a Data-Driven Learning Model: Role of Learner Factors in Corpus-Based Second Language Vocabulary Learning" in Modern Language Journal

Third-year doctoral student Ha Nguyen , Professor Mark Warschauer : “Increasing Success in College: Examining the Impact of a Project‐Based Introductory Engineering Course” in Journal of Engineering Education
Professor Elizabeth D. Peña : "Longitudinal Evidence for Simultaneous Bilingual Language Development with Shifting Language Dominance, and How to Explain It" in Language Learning

Associate Professor Kylie Peppler , doctoral student R. Mishael Sedas , Assistant Specialist Maggie Dahn (Informatics): “Making at Home: Interest-driven Practices and Supportive Relationships in Minoritized Homes” in  Special issue Young Children, Maker Literacies and Social Change, Education Sciences

Professor Rossella Santagata : “Using video to examine teacher noticing and the role of teaching experience" in Italian Journal of Educational Technology

Postdoctoral scholar Christine R. Starr : "Engaging in Science Practices In Classrooms Predicts Increases in Undergraduates' STEM Motivation, Identity, and Achievement: A Short‐Term Longitudinal Study" in Research in Science Teaching

Fourth-year doctoral student Kimberly Telfer-Radzat : “A Simple Math Activity That Engages All Students” in Edutopia

Fifth-year doctoral student Christopher Wegemer , Chancellor’s Professor Emeritus Deborah Lowe Vandell : “Parenting, temperament, and attachment security as antecedents of political orientation: Longitudinal evidence from early childhood to age 26” in Developmental Psychology

 Alumna Joanna Yau , Associate Professor Stephanie Reich : “Buddies, Friends, and Followers: The evolution of online friendships” in N. van Zalk & C. Monks (Eds). in Online Peer Engagement in Adolescence: Positive and Negative Aspects of Online Social Interaction