July 2020 Newsletter
First Meeting for Arts, Culture, and Creative Economy Commission

The new Arts, Culture, and Creative Economy Commission held their first special meeting virtually on June 15, 2020. In addition to the election of Dr. L. Steven Winlock as Chair, and Maya Wallace as Vice Chair, one of the Commission's first actions was the approval and adoption of the Race and Cultural Equity Statement . Originally developed by the Race and Equity Task Force and adopted by the former Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission, the statement has been updated to reflect the new Commission's name and jurisdiction.

Six Recovery Grant Opportunities Opening July 8

On Tuesday, June 30, Sacramento City Council approved the framework for the $7.5 million Creative Economy Recovery program allocated to arts, creative economy and tourism. The program aims to uplift the local creative economy as well as assist iconic city-owned institutions including the Sacramento Zoo and Fairytale Town. The Office of Arts & Culture has built out the Creative Economy Recovery program framework with input from the City’s Arts Culture and Creative Economy Commission and is designed to align with the goals of the Creative Edge cultural plan .

The Creative Economy Recovery program includes six specific grant opportunities (listed below) so that monies can be dispersed to businesses, institutions, individual artists, education opportunities and organizations representing culturally diverse communities and neighborhoods. More details on each of these categories will be announced soon.

The application period for the grants is July 8 through July 22. We are working to schedule webinars about the application process and will announce these dates shortly.

1. Cultural Asset Grant 

Cultural Organizations that manage City-owned or invested properties may apply for reimbursement for emergency general operating support costs due to mandated closures caused by the Coronavirus (Covid-19). Among the award criteria is demonstration of an organizational Diversity, Equity and Inclusion plan. Expenses must have been incurred between March 1 and June 30, 2020.

2. Emergency General Operating Support Grant

Through a streamlined process, current grantees may apply for reimbursement for eligible emergency general operating costs due to mandated closures caused by the Coronavirus (Covid-19). Applicants must be recipients of the 2020 Cultural Arts Awards or 2020 Cultural Equity Investment programs and expenses must have been incurred between March 1 and June 30, 2020.

3. Cultural Equity Investment Grants

Arts and cultural organizations that need an infusion of support to achieve the next level in their organizational sustainability during and after the Coronavirus may apply for the Cultural Equity Investment Grant. The organizations' mission, programs, staff, and board will represent inclusive culturally diverse communities and neighborhoods. Grant support includes eligible expenses due to mandated closures cause by the Coronavirus (Covid-19) and technical support with community mentors.

4. Arts Education Grants

Arts, Cultural and Creative organizations may apply for the Arts Education Grant program for reimbursement for operating costs due to mandated closures caused by the Coronavirus (Covid-19) and for adapting arts education programming to adhere to current environments affected by the Coronavirus (Covid-19).

5. Arts and Cultural Equipment Grant

Arts, Cultural and Creative organizations may apply for Arts and Cultural Equipment grants for equipment and supplies needed to respond to the Coronavirus. Eligible supplies and equipment include but are not limited to Personal Protective Equipment and technology that supports transitioning to virtual programming.

6. Creative Economy Grant

Individual Creatives and businesses supporting the Creative Economy may apply for reimbursement for lost employment, performances, rentals, and other qualified expenses caused by mandated closures due to the Coronavirus (Covid-19). Grants may be distributed through a partner entity.
Update from the Sacramento Film & Media Office

Sacramento Film + Media has been given permission by Dr. Peter Beilenson, Director, Sacramento County Dept. of Health Services to resume filming in Sacramento on June 12 with adherence to the film industry guidelines and with the following restrictions: The number of personnel on location will be limited to 20, all personnel will be required to wear masks or other protective equipment, hand sanitizer or hand washing stations will be readily available, social distancing will be implemented whenever possible, the production crew will verify that all personnel are not feeling sick prior to production, will conduct temperature checks, and actors will only remove masks when filming.

Artists Chosen for EV Wraps Project

Two artists have been selected by a panel to engage with the City of Sacramento, EVgo, area businesses, and residential communities to use creative placemaking techniques to design a series of wrapped curbside electric vehicle (EV) charging stations at two sites in midtown Sacramento (approximately 926 22nd Street and 506 14th Street). This project is a public private partnership with EVgo Chargers and the City of Sacramento (Office of Arts and Culture and Public Works), with the chosen artists being Melissa Uroff and Yoly Petra Stroeve.

Melissa Uroff
Melissa Uroff is a California based artist and photographer. As a photographer, she works in alternative, historical and experimental processes including cyanotypes, gum printing, polaroid transfers, hand coloring and traditional darkroom techniques. She has a long love affair with mixing mediums in both 2-D and 3- D work. She often creates installations, works in printmaking, painting, drawing, electronic art, neon tube bending, collage, and assemblage. Melissa has several public art pieces on display
throughout CA, which include large-scale murals along with freestanding art pieces. She currently has artwork traveling throughout China in a group show with the GoGoGallery.

Melissa’s 2-D work is a mix between her personal life and a strange dream, it is often difficult to find where reality begins and ends. Subconsciously pulling from images of her youth one will find reoccurring themes such as birds, references to music, ferns, cactus, stars, and the moon. She then ties those images into her “now” with women placed among them as a stand in for her experience. There is always a bit of weirdness and exaggeration used to tell her story.

Yoly Petra Stroeve (artwork pictured above)
Yoly Petra Stroeve is a visual artist and educator from Sacramento, California. Born in the Netherlands to a Dutch father and an American mother, Yoly has spent most of her life in the United States. 
Her inspiration is to encourage and create artwork that is accessible to a diverse public: in its creation, its physical form and in its content. She is passionate about art education, collaborative art making, and art forms that intrinsically have a wide reaching audience, such as murals and printmaking. She believes in the ability of the arts to heal and effect social change in our communities.
Yoly strives to be personal and relatable through her work, while inviting her audience to see a subject in a new light. She also aims to engage viewers in the craft of the work, and hope they get lost in the colors, shapes, and strokes that make up the larger image. Sometimes her message is subtle, other times it is direct and didactic. Her style can be described as authentic, color-rich, dreamy, and folkloric. 
Yoly specializes in illustration, painting, printmaking, mixed media, murals and theater set design. Her published illustration work has primarily been for posters, publications and periodicals.