July 2020
Our summer program is off to a great start! We have lots of fun activities and specials planned for all the children.

As a reminder, we are closed this Friday, July 3rd. I hope you have an enjoyable weekend and a Happy Fourth of July!

Summer Reminders
  • Please send your child to school every day in socks and sneakers.
  • Please send in a bag each day with a bathing suit, towel, and shoes appropriate for water play. Each time we play, weather permitting, we will send the bag home to be returned with fresh items the following day.
  • Please send in a water bottle labeled with your child's first and last name. We will use this throughout the summer and fill it with fresh spring water.
  • Breakfast ends at 8:30am so we can begin activities for the day. If you would like your child to eat breakfast, please arrive earlier than 8:30am.
  • Please apply sunscreen in the morning and we will re-apply. If you haven't done so already, please complete the form below and send in a bottle of sunscreen.
Graduation Parade
We will hold a graduation parade at Brookside on Friday, July 10th at 4:30pm. Parents can set up "tailgate style". If it calls for rain, we will change the day that week.
Nut-Free Facility Reminder
TLC is a nut-free facility. If your child does not like something on the menu and you would like to send in an alternative, please make sure it is nut free. This includes tree nuts and peanuts.
Birthdays This Month
July 1st- Sophia G.
July 3rd- Madison
July 7th- Declan
July 18th- Gavin
July 20th- Ms. Lori, Nicholas G., and Justin
July 21st- Skylar A.
July 22nd- Jace
July 24th- Lucas B.
 Updated forms are needed at the following dates: 3-6-9-12-18 months &
2-3-4-5 years.

You will be reminded as your child's birthday or medical expires.
Please use TLC's form every time.
Medications can be administered with proper doctor's permission and medication that matches. For example: we cannot administer Tylenol if your doctor specified Motrin. It is VERY specific.

All medication must be provided in its original packaging including the cup/syringe. This will ensure proper dispensing of the dose.

If you want medication to be given to your child to manage pain, or if your child has allergies and they require medication, please speak to an MAT trained teacher to check in your forms/medicines.

MAT Trained
Liz (Pre-K)
Ninette (Pre-K)
This Month's Menu
The latest menus can be found on our website.

Please bring in an alternative if your child does not eat what is on the menu. For children under 18 months, please continue to bring in yogurt, fruits/vegetables, and infant snacks. Some of the snacks are not appropriate for their age group and we don’t always have alternatives.


As a reminder, if you would like your child to be fed breakfast, please arrive before 8:30am.
You are receiving this email as the parent of in the class at . If this information has changed, please send us an email to let us know.