July 2020 Newsletter
Note from the Pastor
Dear Church Family,

Throughout time, as churches gather and do ministry, it expresses understanding of who God is, what it means to be disciples of Jesus Christ, and how the Holy Spirit empowers us always to be witnesses to what God intends for the world. In times of crisis, when we must address new and challenging practical concerns, our basic theological convictions still apply: love of God and neighbor; regard for fellowship; worship and sacraments; welcoming hospitality; and service to others. 

Jesus taught through Matthew 22:35-40, that love of God and love of every neighbor are two inseparable aspects of one great commandment for the people of God. Our love for God and neighbor is a response to God’s love for the world revealed in Jesus (John 3:16) . Love motivates everything we do as disciples of Jesus Christ, including how we worship and fellowship with one another. Especially during times of crisis, faithful Christian worship expresses the fullness of the gospel, both what it requires, love of God, self, neighbor, and the world, and what it releases, love, joy, peace, forgiveness, and deliverance in all forms. Love is the ground of all of our work as we remain Christ focused, Spirit filled, and Mission driven. 

During this pandemic, love of neighbor has required creativity and you have been so generous. Generous with how you have cared with your neighbors with calls, cards, texts, financial offerings, front porch gifts, drive by parades, and even sidewalk chalk messages of hope and God’s love. 

Because we love God, we want to offer worship that brings our very best and glorifies God. I have heard about and witnessed so much creativity during this season in South Lyon. Thank you for those who have worshiped with us each week, for those who shared musical talents, read scriptures, greeted the church, and participated in fun, creative videos. As we move into our next phase of ministry, we will continue to maintain our online presence and we will continue to need your help to do so. Because we love our neighbors, we want to do everything we can to make sure we bring no harm to anyone when we gather. We are excited and hopeful to add an in-person outdoor worship at 6:30 pm on Wednesday nights. This will be a simple service with prayer, scripture, message, and communion. Bring your own chair, communion elements, and face mask. We will gather in the backyard of the church and circles have been painted to help us with our physical distancing and we find wonderful ways to spiritually draw closer and connect with one another and with God.

As the whole world moves through this pandemic time, we are all taking steps to reengage with our lives while physically distancing. We are making choices about what we add back into our calendars and lives. I hope and pray that time with God through study, mission, and worship are part of your priorities as you begin the new normal that we are all boldly stepping towards. Remember, we are not alone: “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God goes with you wherever you go.” Joshua 1:9 . We, like Joshua, may have to face overwhelming challenges in our lives. But as the scripture teaches, we are to not be afraid and God is with us always.

Peace, Rev. Mary
Wednesday Night Outdoor Worship – Begins June 24!

Although we are continuing our online services on Sunday mornings, we will also begin offering a mid-week outdoor worship on Wednesday nights at 6:30 pm. Bring a lawn chair or a blanket to the church’s back lot and enjoy a casual, in-person, socially-distanced worship. We will enjoy prayer, music, a message, and holy communion (bring your own bread & juice!). Face masks are required. If there is inclement weather that night, the service will be canceled. 
Racism Book Study – Mondays

In light of continued acts of racism, we would like to continue our conversation about issues that are present today. We are meeting on Mondays at 1:00 pm or 7:00 pm and are studying Ibram X. Kendi’s book, “How to Be an Anti-Racist”. Contact Rev. Mary for participation info.
Upper Room Devotionals

Our July/August Upper Room devotional books have arrived! Pick up your free copy in the bin outside the church’s front door. Both large print and regular print are available.
Online Worship – Sundays at 10:00am

All our worship services can be found on our YouTube channel.  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsvQgAY8Y3PyvTcCNAmUnUg  You can either view previous services here or tune in at the time of a service to watch it live. (Live services won’t appear on the page until a few minutes prior to the service.)  

Christian Education Information

Knights of the North Castle Vacation Bible School – Begins July 15
We will kick-off VBS on Wednesday, July 15 with a CARnival!  VBS at home kits will be provided Wednesdays for 5 weeks (7/15-8/12) at a socially-distanced celebratory gathering. Bible stories and activity instructions will be available online each week. Invited your friends and watch for more information!
If you have questions, please contact Hattie Maguire.

Christian Education Update:
Here’s what is happening. If you’d like more info about any of these things, please contact me unless a specific person is listed.

Pre-K – Competed 5 th Graders
Midweek stories & resources provided by Bobbie Bushey & Kendi
Sermon Note pages for kids

Youth Group (Completed 6 th graders – completed 12th):
Sunday Night Youth Group online with Kendi, 5PM
Wednesday Lunch Bunch online with Kendi, 11AM
Daily Scripture posts on slfumc_youth Instagram
Other Connection opportunities:
Facebook Live Devotion with Kendi, 9AM
Anti-Racism Classes with Rev. Mary, 1PM & 7PM
Weekly Prayer Focus released on Facebook, 9AM
Creative Connection with Kendi & Rev Mary, 2 nd & 4 th Tuesdays, 7PM
Java with Jesus on Facebook Live with Rev Mary, 7AM
Outdoor Worship, 6:30PM
Pub Theology with Rev Mary, 7:30PM
Weekly YouTube Playlist released on Facebook, 9AM
Thursday Parent’s Weekly Wind Down with Kendi, 9PM
Musical Devotion on Facebook with David or Aynsley, 9AM
Vacation Bible School - Knights of North Castle
Summer Photo Challenge!

We’re asking for YOUR help in creating images to enhance our summer sermon series: Rooted in Creation to be used in worship and online. Beginning June 28, we will spend 7 weeks looking at the days of creation for hope and strength from these gifts from God.
How to participate:
●Check out what happened each day of creation (list below)
●Choose a day that inspires you
●Create an image or photo that represents that day (i.e. your family, drawing/illustration, elements of nature)
●Text or email it to Kendi by the due date listed below
●Feel free to submit an image for one week, some of the weeks, or all of them. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!
June 28 Genesis 1:1-5 Creation of Light (photos due by June 23)
July 5 Genesis 1:1-8 Creation of the Sky (photos due by June 30) 
July 12 Genesis 1:1-13 Creation of the dry land, sea, plants, and trees (photos due July 7) 
July 19 Genesis 1:1-19 Creation of the Sun, Moon, and Stars (photos due July 14) 
July 26 Genesis 1:1-23 Creation of those that swim in the sea and fly in the sky (photos due by July 21) 
August 2 Genesis 1:1-31 Creation of Animals and Humans (photos due July 28) 
August 9 Genesis 1:1-2:2 Rest (photos due August 4)
Sanitizer Stockpile

We will need a lot of sanitization supplies to safely re-open the church, so we are asking for your help. There is still a high demand for sanitization supplies, so quantities are limited in stores and shipments are delayed on-line. Our re-opening task force has located 2 more products and sources in our area, that would meet the needs of the church. Please consider picking up one of the following products:
In-Cide spray (at Menards) and Steridol Wipes (at Country Acres Market on the corner of Rushton and 10 Mile Rd) - Both products have EPA approval. Supplies can be dropped in the tote that is outside McInnes’ garage (650 S. Lafayette). For more information contact Jen Denny or Cherie Trembath.

Thank you for your help!
Mission Team Update

Hello Church! Your mission team has found a renewed sense of perspective while trying to find ways to cope with COVID-19 and all the challenges that it has brought our way. God is good friends, he is still here working harder than ever. Who would have thought we could do so much, and be so busy, in the midst of all this chaos! We’ve taken our gifts, passions and values to bring purpose to this time and we want to share what you and your Mission Team, with the guidance of God, have done on behalf of the church.
During COVID-19 and the Stay Home Stay Safe Order, you still have made the following happen:
$2,251 was sent to United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR), which is a global humanitarian aid and development organization for domestic and international relief.
Efforts against human trafficking, both locally and internationally were initiated!
Kingdom Home in Uganda, which has a mission to end child sex slavery through prevention by providing a home of refuge, restoration, and hope for children at risk. SLFUMC assisted in purchasing solar panels for a safe house that currently has no means of electricity with a donation of $1,117.
The Sparrow Freedom Project provides assistance to human trafficking survivors and raises awareness about human trafficking and childhood sexual exploitation through education, advocacy, and collaborative action in the state of Michigan. SLFUMC personally delivered $1,117 in a variety of gas, grocery, food, and transportation gift cards.
The Good Samaritan Fund was established at our church as a way to help those that need immediate assistance. Rent, groceries, and gas often cannot wait for state/government approval or the next paycheck. This fund is a bridge to those that come to our pastor and staff to help them get by. If deemed necessary, the individual or family is counseled directing them to places of more permanent assistance. You have given the Church $2,437 in the month of May to allow this temporary, but often life changing assistance.
The Summer Lunch Program was started by a member of our church who saw the gap in meals for children who no longer received meals at school once summer arrived. This program has been supported by many other churches in our community, as well as corporate sponsors. COVID has brought a unique set of challenges to this “in our backyard” mission. The challenges of fundraising by other churches and the inability to make meaningful contact with corporations has this program needing more support than we could have realized. Upon writing this newsletter, our congregation is on track to give the program at least $2,000.
In summary, you have made an impact of nearly $7,000 from March – May, during a pandemic that has caused a disruption to our daily lives beyond our imaginations. This does not include other donations that were made to Active Faith (including the purchase of Equal Exchange fair-trade goods), Special Sundays and Liberia school scholarships.
Other notable mentions:
Cass Community Social Services recently reported that the City of Detroit has tested 578 homeless people from all ten of the Detroit shelters. Some of the shelters have private accommodations and others, like Cass, are congregate style. As of May 15, 90 were positive for COVID-19. Only one of those infected was from a Cass shelter. The efforts of their staff to monitor temperatures, wear and distribute PPE, as well as clean and disinfect shared spaces all while helping people experiencing extreme trauma have been exemplary. The Mission Team felt moved to show our appreciation to the staff by giving them a small care package with a handwritten note from members of our congregation. We will also be providing (but unfortunately not serving) a hot meal for 200 on June 27 th .
Helen Roberts-Evans sent us greetings from Monrovia! 
… my delight in the blessings of May in Liberia. The weather was just as delightful, and the mangos were just as sweet. I found joy in the beauty of God’s creation each day and His peace in sadness. May was a month of loss for so many, including me. The father of my four sons died in May and I was not with him or our children. I empathize with all those who are experiencing loss and separation. I thank God for His constant peace and hope you are experiencing peace during this world-wide storm. Be well and safe in God’s Kingdom.       --Helen
SLFUMC was able to give $1,500 to COVID-19 relief efforts in Liberia and another $1,000 to help with medical salaries and other necessities.
We have sold $667 in fair trade chocolates, coffees, and teas from Equal Exchange. There are still some items left for immediate delivery – see the order form on our website. We will continue to take requests and restock goods as available – contact Jessica Mytty. All proceeds will go to Active Faith during this time.

Upcoming Missions:
July – God's Country Cooperative Parish – you can read about this mission in the dedicated article in this newsletter
August – Flint Water Crisis and other relief measures (TBD)
September – Samaritan Counseling with a focus on mental health and suicide awareness
October – Active Faith
November – Capernaum Health Clinic
December – Angel Tree
Thank you all for being Christ Focused, Spirit Filled and Mission Driven during this unprecedented time in our church. You are still doing great and meaningful work through your gifts and prayers.
God Bless,
The Mission Team
Co-Chairs: Jessica Mytty & Sandy Boals, Stu Baker, Joy Choiniere, Tammy Fornari, Dave Leshok, Laura Leshok, Kayla Oles, Ella Penndorf, Jennifer Poiner, Tina Sain, Henry Schlusler, Linda Scovel, Lorna Wiljanen, Patti Yerke
Mission of the Month for July –
God's Country Cooperative Parish (GCCP)
July, as in past years, is when the Mission Team designates for GOD’S COUNTRY COOPERATIVE PARISH (GCCP) to be the Mission of the Month.

GOD’S COUNTRY COOPERATIVE PARISH is 7 churches in four counties that banded together to survive and thrive where resources are miles apart; in an area of harsh winters, low employment opportunities, and poverty levels at or below the national and state averages. Randy Hildebrandt, who leads GOD’S COUNTRY, frequently visits each community, helping to assess the needs of the people that make up the communities, to assure that they remain a cohesive unit for support, encouragement and ministry.

Persons needing assistance can turn to GCCP for food and clothing, transportation for medical purposes, home repairs and enhancements. These home repairs and enhancements are a focus of South Lyon First UMC, sending a team up there in July each year. The teams have repaired plumbing and electrical units, replaced hot water heaters, installed a washer and dryer, built ramps for wheel chair accessibility, done painting and roofing to keep homes and churches protected from the harsh elements, and sewing and other projects as assigned. Last year a major focus of our team was continuing renovation of the Dunlap Ministry Center, the home of GCCP administration and activities. Our team did things like installing a major water line, roof repair, laying new flooring and much more. Beyond our “working” mode, the team is there interacting with residents of the area as living proof of God’s love and caring.

Your gifts to GOD’S COUNTRY COOPERATIVE PARISH are not used to send our volunteers, but to help support the actual mission of GCCP, which is helping our neighbors in need in the U.P. Please consider Matthew 25:40, “Truly, I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.” And, from the apostle Paul, Philippians 2:4, “Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others.”
Your Giving Creates Ministry
Our goal on the Finance Team is to be good stewards of the resources God has given us. During these challenging times, we have been blessed with options that have afforded us to continue to upkeep our property, pay salaries and continue faithful ministry. These blessings have come by way of loans, grants, mortgage relief, and lowered expenses. You also continue to give faithfully and abundantly by mailing checks or through one of our many safe and user friendly online giving options. Regular and consistent giving is very important for the ministry of our church and I would encourage each one of us to think about taking the next step in our online giving journey. This may be moving from check to electronic funds transfer or by making your online gift reoccurring. Our office staff is ready to assist you. Thank you for embracing this journey in an ever changing environment. 
Check out your generous giving hard at work!
·  We will be using our Good Samaritan Fund reserve to help those who have particular needs during this time
·  Human Trafficking contributions have been made to the Sparrow Freedom Project and Kingdom Home
·  Thinking of You gifts have been given to some of our seniors citizens
·  We replaced the parsonage refrigerator
·  We re-keyed the building
·  We are shopping for cleaning supplies to keep all of you safe as we start to return to the building

Offering Options

Our church continues to do important work in our community, even during this challenge. We give thanks for those who are still able to make financial contributions. Tithes and offerings may be made by any of the following options:

  • Credit Card or ACH options:
  • Via our website https://www.southlyonfirstumc.org/giving
  • Text 855-947-0586 with the dollar amount in the message
  • Make a credit card donation over the phone through our financial vendor, Vanco, by calling 1-800-675-7430
  • Checks:
  • Mail checks to SLFUMC, 640 S. Lafayette St., South Lyon, MI 48178
Current Events

We are still here with events and activities to keep you connected with God and our church! Take a look at what we currently have going on! For more information, contact the event leader or Michelle Walkup. 
Select Sunday School classes on ZOOM
9:15 am Children’s Worship on ZOOM
10:00 am Livestream Worship on YouTube
5:00 pm Youth Group on ZOOM (Kendi)
9:00 am Morning Devotion on Facebook (Kendi)
1:00 pm or 7:00 pm Anti-Racism Book Study (Rev. Mary)
6:00 pm Online Yoga (contact Ronda Barnes)
9:00 am Prayer Focus on Facebook (Kendi)
7:00 pm Creative Connection on ZOOM (2nd & 4th Tuesdays – Kendi/Rev. Mary)
7:30 pm Men’s Bible Study on ZOOM (1st Tuesday of month)
7:00 am Java & Jesus on Facebook (Rev. Mary)
11:00 am Youth Lunch Bunch on ZOOM (Kendi)
6:30 pm Outdoor Worship
7:30 pm Pub Theology on ZOOM (Kenny)
9:00 am Music Playlist released on Facebook
9:00 pm Parent Unwind and prayer time on ZOOM (Kendi)
9:00 am Music Devotion (David/Aynsley) 
Day of rest!
Music Ministry Notes

As we continue online worshiping, we are starting to plan for the day when we will be able to meet again and make music together in person. This is a good time to consider whether you may have a place in our music ministries.  

We have several ways that you can participate musically at South Lyon FUMC:
During this time of online worship, we are always welcoming musical contributions from members of all ages. This includes singers and instrumentalists. You can sing or play something solo or we can collaborate to create an ensemble of multiple people. Just let me know if you are interested in this and I will be happy to discuss the options with you. I will take care of the more complicated technology parts. Contributions can be used for streaming worship, Facebook devotions or, in some cases, both!

As we begin to think about meeting in person, we are going to start with small musical ensembles to limit singing and maintain social distancing guidelines. This is a great chance to get involved in our music ministries, even if you have never participated or it has been a while. This can also be a wonderful opportunity to feature our young musicians if they have Solo/Ensemble pieces or other works that they may not have had a chance to perform due to event cancellations.

We are excited about bringing our ensembles back together when it is safe to do so. We are not currently rehearsing and are unsure when it will be safe to resume. We will have more information in the future, but here is a list of our current ensembles:

Chancel Choir: An SATB choir that sings music from a variety of musical styles. We rehearse weekly during the school year, but we do not sing every Sunday. There is a great deal of flexibility if your schedule needs it. We are open to singers of all ages from Middle School to adult.

Handbell Choir: We are a 5 octave handbell choir, but have great flexibility to increase and decrease the ensemble size as availability of ringers dictates. We rehearse weekly during the school year and play about 1-2 times each month. Basic music reading skills are helpful. We welcome ringers of all ages from teenagers to adults. If you are interested, we would love to have you join us and give it a try.

Band: Please contact Aynsley for information about the band. She is always looking for people who want to make music together and share contemporary music with the congregation for congregational songs and special music.

Youth: We are looking into ways for our youth to be involved in the music ministries of the church. All middle school and high school youth are invited to participate in any of the ensembles listed above, but we also want to create opportunities that will fit with the busy schedule of our younger members. If you have music that you are working on vocally or instrumentally that you would like to share or you have ideas of how you would like to participate, please contact me.

Children: Our youngest musicians participate in worship singing and playing instruments. We usually prepare these in-person opportunities during the Sunday School hour, but we have also been creating opportunities that we have used in our online worship. Please stay tuned for more opportunities. If you haven’t received the information for these previous opportunities please let me know so we can get you on the list!

If you are interested in participating in any of our music ministry opportunities, please contact me (or Aynsley in the case of the band). We look forward to sharing our plans for the future as we continue to navigate through these times.

David Bassin
Director of Music

Summer Lunch Program
Begins June 30th!

On Tuesdays & Thursdays throughout the summer from 12:00 - 1:00 pm we will prepare and deliver 300 free lunches each week to those in South Lyon who might not otherwise get a lunch. We will be distributing sack lunches at four different locations: South Lyon First UMC (back parking lot), Country Estates mobile homes, Kensington Place mobile homes, and South Lyon Woods mobile homes. Due to COVID-19 all foods will be pre-packaged this year. We have a core group of volunteers who will be assembling the lunches, but volunteers are still needed for the Tue/Thu deliveries. Contact Jordyn Walkup if you would like to help. Monetary donations are appreciated, as our expenses will be higher this year. Donate on our website or by mailing a check to the church. Designate as Summer Lunch Program.
Food Assistance

Food assistance is available at Active Faith Community Services. You do not need to be a current Active Faith client. Complete info can be found at  https://www.activefaithcs.org . Please share with friends or neighbors who could use the help or might not have internet access. To make a financial contribution to Active Faith, visit  https://www.activefaithcs.org/ways-to-help/donate/ .
Thank You from the Walkups

To our church family,
Thank you hardly seems adequate for the outpouring of love we have received over the past days. The cards, texts, & emails were incredible but the drive-thru was overwhelming. We feel so loved and are so grateful for your support. The gifts from the congregation to our family were so perfect. The reference books for Kenny were exactly what he wanted to add to his library. The necklace for Michelle from Rebel Nell was beautiful, and the nativity set for Jordyn & Micah's new apartment will make it feel even more like home. Also, a huge thank you to Bobbie Bushey & John Hoard for making the stunning stained glass coffee table. We cannot say thank you enough for the fantastic send-off and for being the best congregation in the world! Our hearts are full as we set off on a new adventure. You will be missed, never forgotten, and in our prayers.

Rev. Kenny, Michelle, & Jordyn Walkup
Thank You from the Poiner Family

South Lyon First United Methodist Church,
As I sat down to write this I realized there are not enough words to fully express my heartfelt thanks for the love and support our church has extended to our family. It has truly been a blessing during these challenging COVID times to receive so many cards, phone calls, messages, food, flowers, and virtual hugs from our church family. While things have been a little out of order we've adjusted the best we can to the new normal. SLFUMC has been our family's church home for a long time. Again, thank you. - Jeff Poiner & family
We can't thank you enough for all your love and support. SLFUMC has been our church family since 1976. You have always been there for the Poiners and you were very important to our mom. Thank you. - Love, Carolyn Poiner & Christopher Lucas
2020 Confirmation Class

Confirmed on June 21,2020
Hannah Holycross
Josie Legakis
Connor LemMon
Olivia Leshok
Brady Myer
Logan Panoff
Bella Ries
Lucia Simeone
Olivia Simeone
Church News
  • Baptism - Hannah Holycross 6/21/20
  • Death - Jan Skudlarick 5/31/20
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