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Here are your July 2020 resources and meeting summary.

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Covid-19 Update:   Eric Christensen, Integrated Services Program - ISP is continuing to support families differently during Covid with telehealth visits. Lots of positive feedback from families, but the lack of diagnostic services for autism is leaving families in limbo. Hoping the telehealth process can eventually be used for diagnosing.

Case #1: Toni Estrada, ISP - Trying to help a Spanish-speaking family in St. George get Medicaid. Son with CP, autism, G-tube, non-verbal. Son hasn't been seen by a doctor in years, mom works so hard to get his supplies, doesn't have the money. Toni and the mom are frustrated with the Medicaid application system; never the same representative for continuity with the case. Never a straight story. Suggestions from the group include contacting the Utah Health Policy Project and Take Care Utah for help with the application process. Also, consider applying for SSD; sometimes that's a faster way to get Medicaid.

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Disclaimer: These resources come from our members as part of the meeting brainstorming session; please check with your providers to make sure they are appropriate for your patient/families.

You can find a custom list of these service providers that can be printed, emailed, and more, here : July 2020 UCCCN Resources of the Month
Motivational Interviewing: Key Skills & Ideas - Brad Lundahl, PhD, LCSW, Licensed Psychologist

Thank you to Dr. Lundahl for an excellent training session. We'll be sending out some worksheets and asking for feedback on additional training opportunities. You can watch the Zoom recording on the UCCCN YouTube Channel: https://youtu.be/06N9ULYzjWQ

Our next meeting date: August 19th, 2020.

Here is our YouTube UCCCN 2020 Playlist for archived meeting recordings.

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