Updated Welcome!
Rick Silvestri, our Information Technology Director, has updated GMU's "Welcome" video that was produced several years ago by President Grudzen's daughter, Simone. Thank you to both of these talented professionals!
Statement from President Grudzen on the passing of Congressman John Lewis
The death of John Lewis, US Civil Rights icon and US Congressman, marks an historic turning point in the civic and religious life of the United States. Lewis was a close friend and ally of Martin Luther King and other leaders of the Civil Rights Movement. He later became the moral conscience of the US Congress as he led the way on many social justice issues such as voting rights, fair housing, and opposition to all forms of racism and human rights violations - such as the immigration policies of the present US administration...
GMU Welcomes Back the Rev. Dr. Donnieau Snyder – This Time to our Faculty!
Just a few years ago, Donnieau Snyder was a student at GMU. She wrote during that time, “I am humbled to be a part of this university.” Now, we are humbled to have her back!

Sometime between her master’s work here and her return, she went off and earned a Ph.D.

Throughout her life, her faith journey has led her to seek social justice for the marginalized and oppressed while experiencing an immense deepening of a contemplative way of being in the world. Her deep passion for social justice includes advocating for gender, ethnic, and LGBT justice.

Dr. Snyder’s educational background is a combination of religion and psychology resulting in a master’s degree in counseling psychology, a master’s degree in theology, and a doctoral degree in psychology. She is also a lecturer at California State University, Stanislaus and has a private mental health practice specializing in working with trauma. Dr. Snyder was ordained in 2016 and is a Roman Catholic woman priest. Her ministry work stretches across California's central valley and the San Francisco Bay Area. She is deeply devoted to the various facets of her ministry including serving various faith communities providing pastoral care focused on access to mental health services.

Dr. Snyder will serve on the faculty of GMU’s Creation Spirituality and Environmental Justice Certificate Program, teaching a timely course titled “Pastoral Responses to Climate Grief and Anxiety.” Its anticipated availability date is September 14th.
Survey on Community-Based Chaplaincy Training Program
GMU needs your input! Help us determine the most effective way to design a community-based chaplaincy training program that meets the expectations and needs of our students. Please take a few moments to answer the brief survey coming to your inbox and also available on the GMU website next week.
Spanish Curriculum
Plans are underway for a five-week course in Spanish on small Christian Communities to start in September. In addition, our first Spanish-language certificate program, on the History of Christianity, will be offered for $100 (in addition to the normal $25 registration fee).
New Book By Gerald Grudzen and John Raymaker
In 2008, the authors wrote Steps toward Vatican III which explored developments occurring in the Catholic Church including its teachings on social justice, interreligious dialogue, and Small Christian Communities. This update of Steps explores how Pope Francis has developed such themes in original ways in his encyclicals and in his use of synodal consultations. For example, in his Encyclical "Laudato Si," the pope seeks to lead us into the mysteries of the universe, of creatures, and the harmony of creation. It helps us reflect on the universal communion of nature.

Young people, in particular, have responded with enthusiasm to Pope Francis’ initiatives. The book notes how some "traditional" Catholics have opposed the pope, but it argues that, in fact, the pope is more traditional than his critics for he insists on going back to Jesus' own teachings.

The new ongoing crises such as the breakdown and rise of new ideologies, terrorism, massive advances in the sciences and in technology, as well as fundamental shifts in gender relations are further factors considered in the book. Indeed, the world is now radically different from the world of the early 1960’s when Vatican II Council was held. Due to these many radical changes, the book suggests the need for a Vatican III which would consolidate the Church’s global outreach on every continent.

Hamilton Books is offering a 30% discount for those ordering the book directly from the publisher.
When you access the flyer, go to this page for the book.