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The job opportunities that you connect to through our program is just a small step in your overall professional journey - whether it leads to your dream career, position, or your very own business. Check out what some of your fellow alumni entrepreneurs are up to below.

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We hope that some of the opportunities and resources that we share are helpful to you during this time. However, if they are not and your current needs are not reflected in our efforts, we'd love to hear from you. Let us know how you're doing or how we can help by filling out a brief survey.
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COVID-19 Resources
We have updated the UCD hosted list of COVID-19 Community Resources! This list has been updated to reflect the adjustments that are anticipated with Philadelphia county entering a new phase.

Alumni Events and Programming
Virtual Coaching with Coach Kala

Coach Kala is offering the following online coaching services for WPSI Alumni only: 

Talk About it Tuesdays with Coach Kala   

What: A group chat with WPSI Alumni where the topic is always YOU!  
When : Every Tuesday evening at 7pm 
Where : Zoom

One-on-One Coaching  

Coach Kala is also offering one-on-one coaching on Wednesdays and Thursdays.  

Get an Updated Resume from WPSI Staff 📃
If you are currently applying or looking for jobs in a new field, reach out to us to work on updating your resume! 

Directions for resumes:  
  1. In order to receive an updated resume we ask that you do the following:  
  2. Complete a short survey by clicking this link.
  3. Email the resume you received from WPSI to joshua@universitycity.org.
  4. Email a link or copy of the description you are applying to to joshua@universitycity.org. 
  5. After all steps are complete, you will receive confirmation from WPSI that your resume is in progress. If we need any additional information from you, we will let you know.  

Resume updates will take 7-10 days. We will let you know if there is any change to that schedule!
Alumni Entrepreneurs
Laura's Children Foundation
My foundation is based off of children's health prevention. I educate children from the ages of 8-18 years old in the Tri-State area on preventative measures for health. For example, last summer's topic was heart disease so we talked specifically about cholesterol and things that have fat in it. Over the course of the summer we had visual demonstrations and experiments so that the children had a hands on explanation of how cholesterol can build up in your arteries, clog them, an d restrict circulation - then we talk about the foods that cause problems like this. In addition to education programs, we also have events, such as Laura's Children Bootcamp, where we incorporate the physical fitness piece. During these events we have competitive relay races, moon bounces, jumping jacks, and just have fun. At the end of the day children take home a prize and information based on the topic that was explored.

The reason why this foundation came about was because I struggled with weight when I was younger and I felt like there wasn't really a program out there for me. This is about education on disease prevention for children and getting kids moving regardless of if they're athletic or not athletic. What I'd like to do in the near future is like collaborate with other organizations that have the same passion about children's health.
Laura Bien-Aime
Children's Hospital of Philadelphia • Patient Sitter
 Summer 2017 WPSI Graduate

Contact Information
Phone: 484-466-6448
Email: lauraschildrenfoundation@gmail.com
IG: @lauraschildrenfdn
K&Bs Funzone
Event Entertainment

I run K&Bs Funzone with my partner Aaron Williams. We service all types of parties and events by renting out bouncy houses, cotton candy machines, popcorn machines, face painting, hip hop dancers, and electric generators if needed. We started this business because of how much fun kids have inside of bouncy houses - we have parties for our own kids they never want to get out! When we decided to get one for our kids we had a conversation imagining our own building with a bunch of different bouncy houses - we knew the kids would love it and people would have another fun place to visit in the area. So we figured we'd start off by renting out different bouncy houses, concession stands, and entertaining kids' parties. We absolutely love what we do, no matter how hard it gets! Contact us for any of your needs.
Khadeira Rosser
Children's Hospital of Philadelphia • Patient Sitter
Summer 2019 WPSI Graduate

Contact Information
Email: Khadeirarosser@yahoo.com
Stay Solid. Clothing
Urban Streetwear
Stay Solid. is an urban fashion brand built on principles and honoring the fallen. It is a brand inspired by Hip-Hop, sports, sneaker culture, and my personal fashion sense. The “913” was incorporated with the brand to honor the passing of a dear relative. September 13th is his birthday. The sudden loss of my cousin made me reevaluate the quality of my character and the character of those around me. I wanted to make sure I was a “Solid” individual and that those around me carried themselves the same. The “Principles” were created to determine and identify how a “Solid” individual would/should conduct themselves.
The "Principles"
  • Be loyal.
  • Be honest.
  • Be consistent.
  • Keep your word.
  • Be true to yourself. 
  • Do what you feel is right.
  • Uphold your morals and values.
  • Don’t compromise your character.

Turquoise Waddy
University of Pennsylvania Facilities and
Real Estate Services • Custodian
October 2019 WPSI Graduate
Contact Information
Phone: 267-275-2544
Email: twaddy27@gmail.com
IG: @staysolid__
Custom Clothing
GeezPrintz specializes in creating custom clothing. It was created to assist anyone who would like to create their own brand, and to help commemorate specials events (ie. Birthday Parties, Girls Trip’s, Gender Reveal’s, Family Reunion’s, Sporting Events, etc).
Turquoise Waddy
University of Pennsylvania Facilities and
Real Estate Services • Custodian
October 2019 WPSI Graduate

Contact Information
Phone: 267-275-2544
Email: twaddy27@gmail.com
IG: @geezprintz_
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