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July 2020

Muirfield Village plays host to the Workday Charity Open this week. In an odd COVID-19 driven twist, the TOUR will stay put after this weeks tournament to play the Memorial tournament at the same venue next week. Tour officials promise that the despite playing the same venue, the course will present the players with a different face for each event.

On other news, COVID-19 has forced the delay of the Ryder cup to 2021 and accordingly, the Presidents cup will move to 2022.
"Golf is a puzzle without an answer. I've played the game for 50 years and I still haven't the slightest idea of how to play." 

                     - Gary Player

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Welcome to issue number 58 of Chip Shots

The hot and sunny days of July are here and it can be easy to fall into a case of the summer doldrums (especially with all of the negativity in the news). This month we take a quick look at how to break out of the doldrums and get motivated to improve your game again. After all, the golf course and the practice tee can be a positive way to escape the bad news (at least for a few hours!) So take the opportunity to get in a round or drop by the range for some practice or a lesson.

Just give me a call or pop a click over to my website to schedule a lesson!

Wishing you all my best,

Are you suffering from a lack of motivation, stuck in a rut trying to improve your game only to be frustrated by a lack of results? We've all been there, believe me. These days, it's not hard to understand given the challenging times we live in. Maybe it's time for a sharper focus to get you back on track.

Take stock of the areas of your game that are letting you down. If you don't already, organize your practice time and devote some extra time to those problem areas. Be sure to spend some time on the strong areas of your game too. There's no point in ONLY practicing the things you struggle to get right. It can be a downer and chip away at your confidence. Here's a way to re-focus your practice

  • Measure your progress regularly -- Nothing derails good motivation faster than lack of feedback. Golf is supposed to be fun!
  • Work on your game with a specific ROI in mind -- or you'll never achieve the results you desire. You can do this by putting measurables in place to track your progress. (start tracking fairways and greens hit and putts, etc.)
When you can see that you are making progress toward your goal, you will likely be motivated to double down on your efforts to keep making those gains.

Being motivated to excellence starts with -
  • knowing your WHY
  • leveraging your strengths to play in the sweet spot of your game
  • and consistently measuring your progress
If you're struggling with motivation and need a hand to develop a plan to escape your rut, give me a call to set up a lesson. We will work out a plan to get you back on track to improvement!


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