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Learning from the 'masters of resilience'
"One of the beautiful privileges of mission is learning from the people of our host country and seeing life from a different angle," says Maryknoll lay missioner Rick Dixon in El Salvador.

We recently asked our missioners to tell us about a time when they witnessed surprising resilience in the face of adversity.  

They shared stories of inspiring individuals they have met who have overcome incredible difficulties.

Meet three of these remarkable role models Paulo in Brazil, Mama Ester in Tanzania and Agustín in El Salvador by clicking on their photos or names.

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Ted's Talk

Dorotheus of Gaza, a desert father and mystic, believed that as we move closer to God, we move closer to each other. How many of us feel that through the polarization and chaos in the world, we are moving away from, rather than toward each other and God? We grow weary of culture wars and cynicism, worn down by rhetoric filled with blaming rather understanding, with hatred and fear, rather than love and trust.

As a white man, I realize that I will never fully comprehend the mistrust and unjust treatment that racism inflicts upon our black and brown sisters and brothers. This toxic environment of negativity, the injustice of racism included, is a “soul sickness,” to borrow a phrase from theologian Bryan Massingale .

It is time to renew our commitment to what Martin Luther King Jr. called the “Beloved Community.” We cannot survive without community. When we allow racism and division to persist, our communities are shattered, our fragile relationships become endangered.

It is time to lean in and listen to one another. To enter into the presence of each other, honoring the space between us, recognizing the beloved in each person. To share the prayers of our hearts and listen to the words and the silence between the words.

At Maryknoll Lay Missioners, we are striving to listen more carefully to each other as well as our sisters and brothers of various cultural families and across socioeconomic realities. We are reflecting on the very real commitment and past efforts of many in Maryknoll Lay Missioners over the years, while also recognizing the work that is still needed to become a more radically intentional antiracist organization.

With this in mind, we offer Our commitment to antiracism and the ‘Beloved Community’ . We invite you to reflect on this statement and to join and help us to lean into this ongoing journey. Together, as we grow closer to God, we move toward each other. As we grow closer to each other, we move toward God. May this be so!

Yours in mission, 
Ted Miles
Executive Director
Please join us in our "Virtual Chapel" on our website to pray for healing, racial justice and peace.
Resilience & resolve

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All of us can learn from the "masters of resilience," the individuals and communities our missioners are accompanying and collaborating with.

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Virtual mission discernment retreat

From July 24-26 , we invite you to a three-day virtual discernment retreat experience that will provide you time, space and a meaningful encounter with others to reflect upon your call in life.

We will gather in conversation to embrace the challenges of our times and how you are called in mission to them.

You will engage in a small group discernment process, spend time with an individual spiritual director/mentor, and join in moments of fellowship.

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Meet a Missioner Monday
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We are continuing to host "Meet a Missioner Monday." During these livestream interviews on both Facebook and YouTube , you can meet our missioners from around the world. You can ask them questions and learn more about their work and how their communities are persevering. 

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  • July 27, 2020, 11 am EDT Gabe Hurrish, (Juba, South Sudan) on his work with Solidarity with South Sudan, education, healthcare and more

  • Aug. 3, 2020, 11 am EDTJill Foster (Gros Morne, Haiti)

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