Green House Hailed as Blueprint for Workforce Reform in LTC
A new study from researchers at Harvard, UCLA, and the University of Rochester puts hard numbers on a trend observed early in the pandemic: The total number of employees coming in and out of a given building had a direct and deadly impact on the risk of COVID-19 outbreaks. Simply put, the more unique staffers that a facility employed, the greater the chance of infections.

Study co-author Brian McGarry specifically called out the Green House model as a blueprint for change. With its focus on tight-knit, empowered care teams, the GHP staffing structure fits perfectly with calls for workforce reforms in long-term care that benefit caregivers and elders alike.

“Everyone was taking the view that the more staffing you have, the better you’re going to be able to do infection control practices and that if the staff is more highly skilled — more nurses relative to CNAs — they too might be able to better implement infection control,” McGarry told McKnight's. “That makes sense from a conceptual standpoint, but our paper shows that those things are on the margin. Something that matters a lot more is just how much traffic you have coming in and out of your facility.”
Green House and PACE: A Winning Combination for Elders
Senior director Susan Ryan recently joined a panel discussion, hosted by Altarum, on the potential collaboration points between PACE — a groundbreaking program that supports elders wherever they live, whether it's at home or in a communal setting — and the Green House model.

GHP envisions a future where all seniors can receive the care and resources they need in the setting of their choice. PACE represents one major step toward that goal. Click below for an explainer on how PACE and GHP can work together to improve the lives of seniors no matter where they call home!
O Canada: Expanding GHP North of the Border
GHP convened leaders across Canada to discuss the potential for bringing small-house living and the Green House staffing model to elders north of the border. As in the U.S., the pandemic revealed the problems and inequities baked into the long-term care infrastructure in Canada — while the GHP model emerged as a key beacon of hope for caregivers, residents, families, and other stakeholders among our northern neighbors.

Change LTC Now, a blog devoted to eldercare reform in Ontario, featured GHP's Canada workshop on its website, urging readers to contact their local elected officials and media outlets to help spread the word about the revolutionary potential of Green House homes!
"Elevate Eldercare" Hits 100!
Our "Elevate Eldercare" podcast reached the 100 episode mark this month! If you missed any of the episodes, you're missing out on provocative discussions on a variety of topics, from LGBTQ elderhood to integrated communities for people living with dementia to a recap of the biggest ideas from our first 100 shows.

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