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In Our July 2021 Issue ...

• A Message from Our CEO, Janet Van Dyke, DVM, DACVSMR
• Help Your Canine Athletes and Rehabilitation Patients by Taking Our Canine Sports Medicine Course!
• Find Out Why Our Acupuncture Modules Get Rave Reviews!
• Get Ready for 2022 Courses!
• Enter Our Virtual VMX Drawing by September 1st!
• Congratulations to Jamey, Our Breezie Demo Dog of the Month ... and more!
A Message from Our CEO, Janet Van Dyke, DVM, DACVSMR.

I hope that you are all enjoying a summer that feels a little more normal and are busy making plans for the future — something that has been challenging to do for the past sixteen months!
Our faculty and students alike are looking forward to returning to full in-person classes. If you are a veterinarian thinking about adding acupuncture to your practice, our Veterinary Medical Acupuncture Program is for you. Small class size, ample opportunities to practice new techniques with our crew of demo dogs and cats, and one-on-one attention will give you the skills and confidence you need. Register today, and you can become a Certified Veterinary Acupuncture Therapist in just a few months' time!
Do you have clients taking part in agility and flyball fun matches, training seminars, and online forums? Obedience training, barn hunt, and lure coursing? Understanding how to support these canine athletes is key to keeping them healthy and a great way to grow your client base. Registration is now open for Canine Sports Medicine, taught by Chris Zink, DVM, PhD, DACVP, DACVSMR, past president of the American College of Veterinary Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation. The course will be held September 16-18, 2021, at CVSG in Littleton, Colorado. There are limited seats available so grab one now!
Since March of last year, we have had to create waitlists for our CE courses, so we are happy to announce that we have added three of the most requested to the 2022 calendar. Canine Therapeutic Exercise will be offered March 19-20 and Clinical Orthopedic Rehabilitation May 14-15, both at CVSG in Littleton, Colorado. We will also hold our popular Veterinary Orthoses and Prostheses course April 8-10 at the OrthoPets facility in Westminster, Colorado. Registration opens on August 3. Be the first in line to secure your seat(s)!
Is becoming certified in rehabilitation or acupuncture in your plans for the future? Do you want to grow your business, or learn more about sports medicine, therapeutic exercise, orthopedic rehabilitation, or veterinary orthoses? This is the perfect time to get started!


Janet B. Van Dyke, DVM, Diplomate American College of Veterinary Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation, CCRT
Founder and CEO
Help Your Canine Athletes and Rehabilitation Patients by Taking Our Canine Sports Medicine Course!
Be prepared for your canine athletes by taking our Canine Sports Medicine course with sports medicine expert Dr. Chris Zink on September 16-18 in Littleton, Colorado.

Dr. Zink will teach you about canine sporting events and provide the hands-on diagnostic and treatment tools you need to keep canine athletes and family pets in top shape. Dr. Zink lectures nationally and internationally on canine sports medicine and is the author of several books on canine health.

What do the owners of canine athletes think about the value of CRI training?
"Several years ago, through a series of unfortunate events, my golden retriever, George, was left paralyzed. With the incredible expertise and caring efforts of CRI-trained professionals, George went on to a full recovery and returned to her life as a competition dog, completing obedience, rally and tracking. I can never thank the professionals enough to bring this special dog back to an active and happy life. … As an owner of active canine athletes, it is inevitable that they incur injuries. How lucky I am to have a team of CRI graduates to attend to ongoing issues encountered during their sports. Attending to injuries early has kept my crew in action, doing what they love."
- Deb Lewis, Berthoud, Colorado
Watch our video to learn more about the Canine Sports Medicine module.
"Chris is amazing and hilarious. She presents in a very relaxed manner which immediately feels less stressful. Chris made me feel like I could actually do this and enjoy the lifelong learning process."
- Eileen Gillen, DVM, CCRT, Santa Ynez, California
Canine Sports Medicine may be taken by veterinarians, physical therapists, and veterinary technicians/nurses for continuing education or as part of the certification program for veterinary technicians/nurses. Please see the course page to learn more and register.
Find Out Why Our Acupuncture Modules Get Rave Reviews!   
CRI students continue to give our acupuncture modules excellent reviews, praising the outstanding teaching skills of our faculty members and the quality of our hands-on acupuncture training.

If you have been thinking about starting or continuing acupuncture training, register today to reserve your seat!

"[Acupuncture Module 2 was] one of the best courses I have attended. Dr. Wright was excellent and so patient, as well as Lisa and Kim. Deb kept us all organized. Thank you."
– Stephenie Winter, DVM, CCRT, Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina

"The new online platform is so much more user friendly than Dropbox! Thank you!"
– RuthAnn Lobos, DVM, CCRT, Boulder, Colorado

"This course [Acupuncture Module 1] was excellent, easily the best put together and most interesting CE I've attended. I look forward to Modules 2 and 3."
– Cheryl Walker, DVM, Fenton, Missouri

Acupuncture modules are held in person in Littleton, Colorado with small group sizes. The following modules are open for registration:

Please see the Course Schedule on our website for the dates of our 2022 modules. Remember, save $200 when you register for Acupuncture Modules 1 and 2 or Acupuncture Modules 2 and 3 as a 2-course package.

Learn more: Read faculty member Dr. Bonnie Wright's article in the Summer 2021 issue of the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association (AHVMA) Journal: "Acupuncture for the Treatment of Neuromuscular Conditions in Dogs and Cats, With Emphasis on Intervertebral Disc Disease."
Watch our video to learn more about our acupuncture modules.
"EXCELLENT course!!!!!!"
– Jennifer Hennessey-Bremseth, DVM, CVJ, Cypress, Texas
Veterinary students: You are eligible to enroll in our Acupuncture modules after your first year of veterinary school. Please see our Veterinary Student Certification page for information about our 20% student discount.

Already certified? If you are already certified in acupuncture, be sure to check out our accelerated program for more hands-on training and increased knowledge of neurophysiology-based acupuncture. In the accelerated program, students watch the online videos for two of the three modules, and then attend one live module (either Module 2 or 3) for additional hands-on training. For the live module, we strongly recommend students attend Veterinary Medical Acupuncture for Sports Medicine/Rehabilitation Patients (Module 2). Students must watch the videos from Introduction to Veterinary Medical Acupuncture (Module 1) before taking the in-person module.
CRI's Certified Veterinary Acupuncture Therapist Program is recognized by the American Academy of Veterinary Acupuncture, the U.S. affiliate of the International Veterinary Acupuncture Society. Those enrolled in our program can sign up at as active members. Upon successful completion of the CVAT program, graduates can notify AAVA, and their status will be changed to credentialed members of AAVA.
Modules 1-3 are RACE approved by the AAVSB for 40 credit hours each. Our Acupuncture Program has received rave reviews! Please see our website to learn more.
Rehabilitation class
Register Now for Fall and Winter Courses!
Registration is now open for our January 2022 Introduction to Canine Rehabilitation module in Coral Springs, Florida! Several of our fall courses are already sold out. We encourage you to register for fall and winter courses today to reserve your seat.

If you are a veterinarian or physical therapist who has completed Introduction to Canine Rehabilitation, take the next step by registering for our Clinical Skills class in August or December. For our August class, we will have a Zoom session on August 15 and our in-person session on August 21-23 in Littleton, Colorado. For our December class, we will have a Zoom session on November 28 and our in-person session on December 3-5 in Coral Springs, Florida.

Veterinary technicians/nurses: We have added the next Canine Rehabilitation Veterinary Nurse module to our 2022 calendar ... plan to attend now before the seats all sell out.

We also are offering our Canine Sports Medicine module in September, taught by expert faculty member Dr. Chris Zink. We encourage all CCRVN and CCRA candidates to attend this fantastic module while it is available. Register now to guarantee your spot!

Many of our core rehabilitation courses will be held in a hybrid format with Zoom online learning sessions and small, in-person lab sessions.

Space is limited, so we encourage you to register now, or contact us at if you are interested in attending these upcoming courses.

Hybrid and in-person classes:

*Note: We plan to hold full classes starting in August, but this will depend on CDC guidelines and COVID restrictions at that time. If we are not able to hold a full class, we will split the class in half and add a second session. We will update the calendar as soon as dates have been finalized.

Online classes:

Please check our website for the most up-to-date course schedule.

Remember that we also offer discounted 2-course packages for either (1) Clinical Skills plus Clinical Applications or (2) Canine Rehabilitation Veterinary Nurse plus Canine Sports Medicine. We also offer discounted 2-course packages for our Acupuncture modules. Please see the 2-Course Packages sections on the Registration page for more details. If you are not sure when you plan to take a course, you may choose the option of a "Future" class. "Future" registrations may be subject to tuition increases. (Learn more.)

If you have previously registered for a "Future" course and wish to attend a class that is now open for registration, be sure to contact CRI and tell us which course you would like to attend. This is the only way to guarantee you have a seat in the course.

Register today, and reserve your seats in these classes!
In the Words of Our Students ... 

"Thank you so much! All the instructors were so fun, friendly, and knowledgeable. I had so much fun learning this week. [Clinical Applications] was by far my favorite course — being able to apply everything we’ve learned in the previous classes and really putting it all together."
– Stella Chu, VMD, CVA, Los Angeles, California
Get Ready for 2022 Courses!

We are excited to add several new continuing education courses to our 2022 schedule.

  • We also plan to (finally!) hold our Kinesiotaping and Canine Orthopedic Rehabilitation course May 14-15, 2022, in Littleton, Colorado. This course will include some online pre-course videos allowing us to do the entire course in 2 live days rather than 2.5 as was originally planned. It no longer includes a Zoom session. Registration will open on August 3.

If you are interested in our upcoming 2022 courses, visit our website starting on August 3 to register, or contact us at to add your name to our interest list.
Register Now to Avoid January 2022 Tuition Increases!

After much consideration, we have decided to increase tuition for our core rehabilitation certification courses starting in January 2022. Students must attend Introduction to Canine Rehabilitation and/or the first module in their 2-course package in 2021 to continue with 2021 pricing. Students who have registered for "Future" courses must begin courses in 2021 to be eligible for 2021 pricing.

Register for our remaining 2021 courses and avoid the tuition increase! Please contact us at with any questions.
We've Updated Our Hybrid Course Format for Rehabilitation Courses.

Starting in January, we have changed our hybrid course format to further improve our learning methods for our students.

For CCRT candidates, our hybrid format is:

For CCRVN candidates, our hybrid format is:

Please visit our Course Schedule page for an up-to-date list of upcoming courses. If you are interested in taking a 2021 course, please register or contact us at to join our interest list.
Internship Mentors: Have You Received Our "Mentor Minute" Newsletter?

We have sent our "Mentor Minute" newsletter to all current internship mentors. If you are a mentor and did not receive it or if your practice would like to join our internship team, please contact

In light of the current social distancing policies, we want all of our current CCRT- and CCRVN-internship candidates and intern mentors to know that CRI is extending indefinitely our graduates' eligibility to complete an internship. Those who have internships currently scheduled should contact their mentor sites to confirm plans.
All Veterinarians May Now Earn CE Credits Through Our CRI Member Library!
Our CRI Member Library is now open to all veterinarians! During this time when it is difficult to get CE credits due to travel restrictions, the CRI Member Library is a great way to fulfill most states' current continuing education requirements!

For $795, students can have unlimited access for one year to our CRI Member Library! The CRI Member Library includes 60+ hours of RACE-approved online courses taught by our expert faculty - and content continues to grow! Our Current Techniques in Canine Pain Management course has just been updated and is now available again in the CRI Member Library.

Already have a subscription to the CRI Member Library? Renew your annual subscription for a $250 renewal fee! We have added hours of continuing education content this year and will continue to add more online content in early 2021.

All veterinarians can subscribe to the CRI Member Library. Physical therapists and veterinary technicians/nurses that have successfully completed Introduction to Canine Rehabilitation (including the exam) can subscribe. CCRPs are also welcome to subscribe. Veterinary technicians/nurses need to submit a valid Employment Agreement Letter.
See the CRI Member Library page on our website to learn more and sign up today! Be sure to indicate in the Checkout process that you have completed Introduction to Canine Rehabilitation or are a CCRP.
Expand Your Acupuncture Knowledge With Our CRI Acupuncture Member Library!

Subscriptions are now available to our CRI Acupuncture Member Library, a separate online library just for acupuncture content! For $150, students can have unlimited access for one year to our CRI Acupuncture Member Library with recordings of six acupuncture webinars. Keep expanding your knowledge and skills by learning from our expert faculty!

Please note that the six acupuncture webinars are also included in our main CRI Member LibraryIf you subscribe to the CRI Member Library, you do not need a separate subscription to the CRI Acupuncture Member Library.

The CRI Acupuncture Member Library is available to veterinarians who have completed CRI's Introduction to Veterinary Medical Acupuncture (Module 1) and veterinarians who have been certified in acupuncture through CRI or another program can subscribe. During the registration process, please be sure you indicate that you have completed Introduction to Veterinary Medical Acupuncture (Module 1) or have been certified in acupuncture.
Please see our CRI Acupuncture Member Library page for complete details and a link to subscribe.
Residents: Need to Complete a Research Project?

Are you an intern or resident who needs to complete a research project? Our comprehensive Introduction to Veterinary Clinical Research course can take you from "How to write a hypothesis" to launching your pilot study.
We are planning to offer this course in 2021. Please contact us to add your name to our interest list. This online course, led by faculty member Dr. Chris Zink, includes 10 live discussions held once a week and is limited to 15 students to allow ample time for interaction.
Visit our website to learn more about our special discount for ACVSMR and VOS residents. Residents: join VOS to get 25% off the tuition!
Our Introduction to Veterinary Clinical Research course has received great reviews from students!
"I absolutely loved this class. Chris's enthusiasm for research as well as her openness to people who are not in academia as nascent researchers was refreshing. As someone who went directly into practice rather than the internship route, it was very helpful in defining the research process from how to form a solid hypothesis from a germ of an idea all the way to writing the paper. It also provided a basis to read journal articles with a more critical eye. The tips that Chris provided from her years of experience in the research field were invaluable."
- Beth Ellen McNamara, DVM, CCRT, CVMA, CVAT, Harrison, Maine

"I learnt a great deal during this course and look forward to putting it into practice. Thank you."
- Tanya Grantham, BVSc, CVA, CCRP, CCBW, Benoni, Gauteng, South Africa
"Wonderful course - I learned so much."
- Sheradan Pate, DVM, CVA, CCRT, Pismo Beach, Hawaii
During the course, students receive a comprehensive introduction to clinical research in the veterinary setting, covering the entire process from concept to publication.
Please contact us at to add your name to our interest list for this class.
Enter Our Virtual VMX Drawing for $500 Off Tuition by September 1st!

Ready to add rehabilitation and/or acupuncture to your practice? Come learn more at our booth at the Virtual VMX Expo!

To visit the booth, create a free VMX Virtual Expo account and log in for full access to the interactive exhibits.

While you are at CRI's booth, be sure to enter a drawing for $500 off tuition to Introduction to Canine Rehabilitation! We will select a winner on September 1st, so enter today!
CRI Faculty To Present at Upcoming Conferences.

CRI faculty members are looking forward to presenting at these upcoming conferences.
July 29-August 1
At the AVMA Convention, now being held virtually from July 29-August 1, Janet Van Dyke will be presenting on “Making Rehabilitation the Profit Center in Your Practice.”
August 17
Patsy Mich will present a webinar on "The Ubiquitous Iliopsoas: True Sprain vs Adaptive Shortening" on August 17 for Onlinepethealth.
September 11-15
Bonnie Wright will be lecturing at the 27th Annual International Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Society Symposium taking place September 11-15 in Nashville, Tennessee.
October 9
Janet Van Dyke will present on "The Business of Canine Rehabilitation" at the ACVS Surgery Summit on October 9 in Chicago.
If you are attending these conferences, please be sure to join us for these presentations and say hello!
CRI Faculty and Graduates Selected for New PulseVet Small Animal Advisory Board.

CRI is honored to have three faculty members and graduates selected for PulseVet's new Small Animal Advisory Board. Congratulations to CRI faculty members Dr. Janet Van Dyke and Dr. Leilani Alvarez, and CRI graduate Dr. Carolina Medina for their selection to this board. The PulseVet Small Animal Advisory Board includes well-recognized leaders in veterinary orthopedic surgery, sports medicine, and rehabilitation in both academia and private practice. Read more.
Listen to a New Podcast Episode with CRI Founder Dr. Janet Van Dyke.

Dr. Janet Van Dyke, CRI's founder and CEO, was recently featured on Fueled: A Sporting Dog Podcast presented by Eukanuba™ and hosted by Dr. Joe Spoo. In this episode, Dr. Spoo and Dr. Van Dyke discuss canine rehabilitation — what it is and what training looks like. Listen to the podcast.
Join the Newest Chapter of ANZCVS — Veterinary Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation.

We are pleased to announce the Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists' newest chapter: Veterinary Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation. Veterinarians are encouraged to join this new chapter where membership can be pursued (via examination) in either Canine or Equine tracks.

CRI's founder and CEO Janet Van Dyke, DVM, ACVSMR, MANZCVS, CCRT, serves as secretary of the chapter. Yoko Clinch, BSc BVMS (Hons), MANZCVS, CCRT, is the president, and Jane McNae, BVSc, MACVSc (Surg), MRCVS, PG Cert (Med Ed), FHEA, CCRT, is the sponsor liaison.

The chapter will hold its inaugural lecture track at this year’s ANZCVS Science Week, and CRI veteran faculty member Sasha Foster, MSPT, CCRT, has been selected to be the keynote address presenter.

For more information, please visit the Chapter's website.
Research Update from Canine Home Exercises

Gait and Electromyographic Alterations Due to Early Onset of Injury and Eventual Rupture of the Cranial Cruciate Ligament in Dogs: A Pilot Study.

The Study: 5 female study dogs were evaluated for electromyographic, kinematic, and ground reaction force changes after early onset of cranial cruciate ligament injury and evaluation rupture of the CrCL. In the pelvic limbs, surface EMG, joint kinematics, and ground reaction forces were assessed at a trot at baseline, at 2 and 4 weeks after unilateral induced CCL injury, and at 4, 8, and 16 weeks after CrCL rupture. Altered contralateral hip kinematics, suggested early regional compensatory gait alterations. After CrCL rupture, additional compensatory gait patterns occurred in both pelvic limbs.

Study Limitations: Small study size.

Impact on Clinical Practice: When completing a rehabilitation evaluation, a thorough assessment of the entire body must be completed. This small study shows that during gait analysis, altered hip kinematics may be an indication of contralateral early onset cruciate injury.
Canine Home Exercises Are an Integral Component of Any Rehabilitation Plan. We Make It Easy.
Innovative technologies and expert design for an all-in-one solution, Canine Home Exercises (CHE) allows you to build home exercise programs in seconds. With beautifully designed instructional videos, the CHE program is e-mailed to clients while tracking tools and insightful analytics allow you to monitor progress or trouble shoot challenges from any computer.
See why CCRTs choose Canine Home Exercises today.
Sasha Foster, MSPT, CCRT
Evidence-Based Resources at Your Fingertips - From Canine Arthritis Resources & Education.

CRI is pleased to be a sponsor of Canine Arthritis Resources and Education (CARE). Osteoarthritis is one of the most common conditions you will see in your practice, with at least 1 in 5 dogs developing the disease in their lifetime. As the leading cause of chronic pain, OA can have a significant impact on the quality of life for your patients, and for your clients who are caring for dogs in pain.
While OA isn't curable, the earlier you can identify and manage it, the better impact you can have on your patients' quality of life. With CARE, you'll find tools, resources, and evidence-based information to help aid you in your practice.
CARE was founded by CRI faculty member Kristin Kirkby Shaw, DVM, MS, PhD, CCRT, DACVS, DACVSMR, as a central resource to answer the most common questions about OA that she encounters from colleagues around the world. The website covers everything from diagnosing developmental orthopedic diseases to nutrition and weight loss, rehabilitation, pain management, lifestyle modifications, and more. There are resources to share with clients, as well as extensive, evidence-based content for dog owners to help them manage their dog's OA at home. Visit the CARE website to learn more.
Check Out Continuing Education from Onlinepethealth.

Onlinepethealth Members can look forward to an exciting line-up in August. Check out our small animal, equine and hydro webinars in this image. 

If you are not a member, you can purchase a ticket to individual webinars on our website: 

Our annual Vet Rehab Summit is drawing near, and SUPER early bird tickets are available at a whopping $150 discount. Learn more about our line-up here:
PT Students: You Can Now Register for Rehabilitation Certification Courses Before Completing Your Degree.

Attention, physical therapists and PT students! You can now register for CRI courses during your final year in PT school and start your certification as a canine rehabilitation therapist as soon as you have graduated and are licensed! We will NO LONGER require that you graduate before registering for courses. This will allow you to achieve your dream of working with animals much sooner!
Physical therapy students can register for any courses that licensed physical therapists can take, but you cannot start the courses until you graduate and are licensed. To become certified as a CCRT, you must complete the three required courses plus a 40-hour internship. In addition, you must have completed one year of clinical experience in human physical therapy after receiving your PT license.
Have questions? Contact us at We are very excited to continue helping more and more PTs along this exciting journey! 
Veterinary Students: Have You Heard About the Changes to Our Rehabilitation and Acupuncture Certification Programs?
We know that veterinary students that graduate with certifications in veterinary rehabilitation and/or acupuncture have more to offer a potential employer. But finances and school schedules can make this additional training very challenging. With this in mind, CRI has made adjustments to our rehabilitation and acupuncture certification programs just for veterinary students.

Certification in Canine Rehabilitation (CCRT): Students can start their training by taking Introduction to Canine Rehabilitation any time after their first year. They can then take the second module, Clinical Skills, any time after their second year. After their third year, they can take the last module, Clinical Applications, followed by a 40-hour internship. Certification will be awarded when the students obtain their veterinary licenses.

Certification in Veterinary Medical Acupuncture (CVAT): Students can start their training by taking Introduction to Veterinary Medical Acupuncture any time after their first year. They can then take the second module, Veterinary Medical Acupuncture for Sports Medicine/Rehabilitation Patients any time after their second year, and the last module, Canine and Feline Medical Acupuncture, any time after their third year. Certification will be awarded when the students obtain their veterinary licenses.

We encourage veterinary students to take advantage of the 20% discount off the tuition we are currently offering. We are also in discussions with our sponsor companies to develop tuition assistance programs.

For complete details, please see our Veterinary Student Certification page or contact us at
Please Support The Tayla Fund.

CRI is pleased to announce the creation of The Tayla Fund, in memory of Tayla, a long-time favorite demo dog and the beloved companion of Janessa Shine, an O.R. nurse at Coral Springs Animal Hospital.

Donations to The Tayla Fund are tax-deductible and will be used to pay for rehabilitation at Coral Springs Animal Hospital for clients who cannot afford it.

During this challenging time when many people are facing temporary unemployment, it is even more important to be generous and help us support those in need.

Dr. Janet Van Dyke, CRI's founder and CEO, made the first donation to launch The Tayla Fund.

To make a tax-deductible donation, use the button below to donate to Coral Springs Animal Hospital's charitable fund through the Veterinary Care Charitable Fund. Please be sure to select Coral Springs Animal Hospital as the recipient and specify "The Tayla Fund" in the Donor Name(s) for Public Recognition section of the donation form.
Tayla was the December 2018 recipient of the Breezie Demo Dog of the Month Award. During her long career with CRI, she helped train hundreds of veterinarians, physical therapists, and veterinary nurses/technicians.
Congratulations to Our July Acupuncture and Rehabilitation Students!

In July, we held Veterinary Medical Acupuncture for Sports Medicine/Rehabilitation Patients (Module 2) and two in-person sessions of Clinical Applications — all at Colorado Veterinary Specialty Group's new facility in Littleton, Colorado. We also held our online Business of Canine Rehabilitation course, which took place during three sessions in July.

Congratulations to these students for investing in their acupuncture and canine rehabilitation education. We look forward to seeing you all again soon!
Acupuncture Module 2 class photo July 16, 2021
Students, faculty, and demo dogs took a class photo during Veterinary Medical Acupuncture for Sports Medicine/Rehabilitation Patients (Module 2), held July 16-18 in Littleton, Colorado.
Clinical Applications class photo July 23-24, 2021
Students, faculty, and a demo dog posed for a class photo during the July 23-24 Clinical Applications module in Littleton, Colorado.
Clinical Applications class photo July 25-26, 2021
A second group of students, faculty, and demo dogs met for the July 25-26 Clinical Applications module in Littleton, Colorado.
Discount on CE Courses Available for VOS and AARV Members, and CRI Graduates.
CRI is offering a 10% discount on most continuing education courses to members of the Veterinary Orthopedic Society (VOS) and the American Association of Rehabilitation Veterinarians (AARV), as well as CRI graduates (CCRTs, CCRVNs, and CCRAs).
Please visit our Continuing Education page for a list of eligible courses and our FAQ page for more details. Note that continuing education courses do not include core rehabilitation or acupuncture courses taken for certification.
Discounted Hotel Rates Are Available for Summer/Fall Classes in Colorado and Winter Classes in Florida!

CRI has arranged discounted rates at three hotels near Littleton, Colorado, for summer and fall in-person courses and discounted rates at the Fort Lauderdale Marriott Coral Springs Hotel for November and December in-person classes.

Please check our Littleton, Colorado Travel page and our Coral Springs, Florida Travel page for more details about each hotel and reservation links!
The Element Denver Park Meadows in Lone Tree, Colorado, is offering studio suites for $79-84 per night plus tax, subject to availability. The Element is an all-suite Silver LEED-certified hotel with fully equipped kitchens and many rooms with mountain views. Pets are welcome with a $50 pet fee. The Element provides complimentary breakfast, parking, and high speed internet, as well as free access to an indoor saline pool, fitness center, and business center.
The Denver Marriott South at Park Meadows in Lone Tree, Colorado, is offering a standard guest room for $89 and up per night plus tax, subject to availability. The Denver Marriott South at Park Meadows provides a complimentary daily hotel shuttle to and from Colorado Veterinary Specialty Group (currently paused due to COVID). The hotel also offers free access to an indoor pool and fitness center.
The Residence Inn Denver Highlands Ranch in Highlands Ranch, Colorado, is offering a studio or 1-bedroom suite for $79 and up per night plus tax, subject to availability. The hotel provides complimentary on-site parking and complimentary breakfast. Pets are welcome, and the hotel has a fitness center on-site.
The Fort Lauderdale Marriott Coral Springs Hotel & Convention Center in Coral Springs, Florida, is offering a standard room with breakfast for one person for $137 per night plus tax, subject to availability. The hotel has a 24-hour fitness center and an outdoor heated pool. Pets are welcome with a $50 pet fee.
Congratulations to Jamey, Our Breezie Demo Dog of the Month!
Our July Breezie Demo Dog Award Winner is Jamey, a golden retriever and beloved companion of Ruthie Snell.

Ruthie notes, "Jamey is 14 years young, and our journey together has been unforgettable! He has competed and titled in Agility, Rally, Obedience, and Field. A few sports-related injuries along the way required that he visit the canine rehabilitation therapists, but he always bounced back better than ever. Once we retired from competition, Jamey was certified as a therapy dog. We visited a nursing home, library, and Denver International Airport. Now Jamey spends his days being loved by our friends and neighbors at Heather Gardens."

In recognition of this honor, Jamey will receive a $50 gift certificate from Jiminy's good for any of their treats or dog food. Congratulations, Jamey, and enjoy your yummy Jiminy's treats!
The Breezie Demo Dog of the Month Award is given in memory of Breezie, who was the lead demo dog for our Coral Springs courses for more than 9 years and helped to educate more than 800 veterinary and physical therapy professionals. She was such a great demo dog that our faculty would beg to have her in their small group sessions. Breezie's favorite holiday was Halloween when she was always the best dressed dog in Coral Springs!
Stay Connected With CRI on Facebook!

Are you following CRI on Facebook? Be sure to stay connected for the most up-to-date news and photos from our courses. Tag your friends and colleagues and share our posts to spread the word about veterinary rehabilitation!
Have You Looked at CRI's Online Job Postings?  

If you are considering a new position in canine rehabilitation, be sure to check out the Jobs page on the CRI website, which has numerous listings. Recent postings include openings for rehabilitation veterinarians, physical therapists, and technicians/nurses in New York, Florida, Maryland, Tennessee, New Jersey, Washington, California, Ohio, British Columbia, Illinois, Massachusetts, Michigan, Ontario, Colorado, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina.

If you have a job opening that you would like to publicize, please use our online Job Posting Form to submit your listing.
Be Careful With Protected Terms Such as "Physical Therapy" and "Veterinary Medicine."

CRI students and graduates, please remember that you may only use protected terms such as "physical therapy" and "veterinary medicine" in your advertising materials if you are licensed in these fields. We discuss protected terms during Introduction to Canine Rehabilitation, and we hope everyone continues to remember and follow the recommendations provided.
Check box
CRI Graduates: Is Your Contact Information Still Correct?

If you are a CRI graduate, please check your listing in the Find a Therapist online directory and make sure the contact information is correct. If you have any updates, please email Joyce Rudzitis, CRI's chief operating officer.
Certified Canine Rehabilitation Veterinary Nurse - Coral Springs, Florida

Coral Springs Animal Hospital located in Coral Springs, Florida, is seeking a highly motivated, enthusiastic and experienced Certified Canine Rehabilitation Veterinary Nurse (CCRVN or CCRA) to join our growing Physical Rehabilitation Department in our newly designed space. Knowledge and experience in sedation and anesthesia are required to monitor patients for MRI, CTs, radiographs and minor procedures. Experience handling exotics and wildlife is preferred, but not required. We offer the following modalities: laser therapy, TUS, shockwave therapy, PEMF, cryotherapy, manual therapy, acupuncture, Chinese herbs, full equipment for therapeutic exercises, land treadmill, and underwater treadmill.
Education and Experience Recommended: CVT, LVT, RVT, CCRVN or CCRA
To Apply: Please email CV to For more information about the practice, visit Please read the complete job posting for full details.
Thank You to the Following Sponsors for Their Support!

For more information, download the Sponsorship Opportunities flier or contact Emily Selbe.
Save 10%
CRI courses are held year-round in locations across the country and online. Visit our website at for more information including a complete course calendar.

Don't forget that CCRTs, CCRVNs, and CCRAs are eligible for a 10% discount on most CRI Continuing Education Courses!
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