July News and Events
Successfully Rechartered as a Chapter of Prevent Child Abuse America
Every four years, Prevent Child Abuse Arizona undergoes a rechartering process to continue our standing as a chapter of Prevent Child Abuse America. Just as we strive to work with families, Prevent Child Abuse America conducts its rechartering process in a strengths-based way. PCA America created a space to celebrate our organization's strengths and achievements while providing opportunities for growth by sharing innovations generated by other chapters across the nation. 

We are happy to announce our successful rechartering! Prevent Child Abuse Arizona is strengthened by the national Prevent Child Abuse America network and we are grateful to be a part of a greater team focusing on preventing child maltreatment across the nation.
Impact Story
Local Book Fair Fulfills Community Need
In Yavapai County, the Best for Babies Court team exists to create better outcomes for young children involved in the court system and support those children and families at risk of becoming involved. During monthly meetings, the group regularly performs a systems check to determine gaps that we can address collaboratively. Recently, the team facilitated a robust discussion of community needs, which included the scarcity of available children's books in childcare centers and family homes. With funding from First Things First, Prevent Child Abuse Arizona purchased hundreds of books: baby board books, social-emotional books, books about family changes, and books for early readers. Then we hosted a Book and Provider Resource Fair in which we distributed them for free to providers and families.
Today in Prevention
Find Resources for your Community
We know that one of the most critical ways to prevent child abuse is to connect families with local resources. During our rechartering process, PCA America shared with us their exciting partnership with Aunt Bertha, a tool that connects people to services in their local community. This site is a nationwide online directory where individuals can find specific services using a zip code search. Explore the resource for yourself! Link to the site through PCA America’s homepage – click “Connect with Services in Your Community” in the magenta banner. 
Triple P America Acknowledges Arizona's Efforts
Brad Thomas, CEO of Triple P America, recently released a statement addressing Arizona’s efforts: “With ongoing leadership from the AZ Governor’s Office of Youth, Faith, and Families and Prevent Child Abuse Arizona, the state has continued to build on its investment in Triple P, at a time when parenting supports are needed more than ever. The approach has been impressive, with a broad statewide focus on providing online parenting supports, coupled with more focused approaches for at-risk populations, including parents involved with corrections and those struggling with substance misuse.
Congratulations to all that have worked hard and been involved in building the Triple P system in the state to date, and we look forward to continuing to partner to support more families.”
Floored by our Board!
Prevent Child Abuse Arizona is guided and championed by a phenomenal Board of Directors comprised of child welfare, business, public health, and community resiliency experts. They bolster our work with their enthusiasm and expertise and strengthen us through their generosity. Every year, board members contribute their own donation while also seeking and asking community partners to contribute as well. We want to thank our Board of Directors for their financial contributions!
Director's Corner
Getting it Right
By Claire Louge, Executive Director

I once thought that the best leaders were strong, assertive knowers. Leaders are the ones who make decisions because they have the most confident, unshakable answers, right? 

I was wrong.

It turns out we don't need leaders who have 'the answer'. The most powerful, influential people are the ones who can change course when they get better, more complete information. They are the ones who can admit that they don't have the answer but are willing to get it with you. They are the ones who don't care about being right. They care about getting it right.
See you July 12-14 for our 27th Statewide Child Abuse Prevention Conference! Visit pcaaz.org/cap2021 to register!

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