July 2021 Newsletter
Peggy Cowan Elected to United Way of Southeast Alaska Board of Directors
United Way of Southeast Alaska is happy to welcome a new board member. Peggy Cowan was recently elected to the Board of Directors for the United Way of Southeast Alaska. Peggy served as campaign Co-chair for the 2017 fall workplace campaign for United Way. She is currently a consultant working with the Alaska Council of School Administrators, Association of Alaska School Boards and the University of Alaska Southeast. She was Superintendent for the North Slope Borough School District starting in 2009. Prior to living in the arctic, she was Superintendent, Assistant Superintendent and Curriculum Director of the Juneau School District, starting in 1999. Her career in Alaska started in Fairbanks at the University of Alaska Sea Grant College Program and then in the UAF School of Education. She was an administrator for the state at the Alaska Department of Education for fourteen years. Peggy is a former Superintendent of the Year in Alaska.

Past Chair Warren Russell welcomed Peggy to the board, noting that since 1974, United Way of Southeast Alaska has been working to “advance the common good” by recruiting people and organizations throughout the region to identify community issues, focus a response and effect change. With its recent “Live United” movement—based on the idea that extending a hand to one improves society for all—the United Way outlines a simple strategy for those wishing to take part in Southeast Alaska’s philanthropic process: “Give, Advocate, Volunteer.” Past Chair Russell noted that Ms. Cowan is a leader in the community and will be a valuable addition to the United Way board.

To learn more about United Way and its 34 partner agencies, visit www.unitedwayseak.org. To donate online, visit www.unitedwayseak.org/donate.
AmeriCorps Update
A majority of the 2020-2021 AmeriCorps cohort have departed Juneau for their new life adventures. Members served over 16,000 hours, providing much-needed support to non-profits agencies and elementary school teachers. As we all are aware, this group of amazing young adults continued without a break in providing countless hours during COVID-19.

The United Way of Southeast Alaska's AmeriCorps program will be welcoming our new cohort to Juneau on August 4. If you run into our new members wearing their new branded AmeriCorps apparel, please welcome them and thank them for their year of service.
Help Your Community Come Together in a UNITED WAY!
Partner Agency Transitions:
Gastineau Human Services
On June 14, 2021, Samantha Abernathy, LCSW, MAC became the new Executive Director of Gastineau Human Services. Mike Pellerin is retiring, however, continuing with GHS for a brief period to transition grant responsibilities. 

Samantha has been with GHS for the last 3 years and was their Client Services Director after Michele Federico left the agency in February. Ms. Abernathy has a behavioral health background of 30 years. GHS is an organization dedicated to the rehabilitation of persons struggling with addiction.
A note from Foraker about Leadership Transition Services…
Is your organization experiencing leadership change? A smooth transition from one leader to another will keep your organization focused on mission. By taking a realistic and thoughtful approach, we can help you create a process for a successful leadership change.

Leadership transition is an umbrella term for the comprehensive approach to preparing the organization for change, conducting a search, and supporting a new hire. Leadership transition can start with the board exploring the organization’s strategic direction and end with a graceful exit of one leader and entry of a new one, whether the exit is planned or unexpected.

A successful transition begins with planning. Our succession planning service, described below, is the first step when you anticipate change in your top board or staff leaders. Ideally, planning begins months before an actual transition.

When the time comes to change leaders, you will be ready to move into Prepare-Search-Thrive. This is the part of our Leadership Transition service where we help prepare your organization for change, conduct a search, and support your new hire. Our objective is to assist you to move through each phase and position your organization to achieve its goals. You may also choose to participate in Prepare or Thrive as stand-alone services.

Our services are designed to help your organization ask critical questions about organizational structure, financial stability, mission results, and commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. We are here as mentor, partner, and guide to ensure your mission thrives. Fees for our service will be determined before commitment.

For more information, use our contact form or call us at 907-743-1200.
Rain or Shine Learning All The Time
What a relief! Research tells us that we don't need to be perfect parents all of the time. If we nail it just 30% of the time, that's good enough to help kids build a strong foundation for future success.

Every experience is a learning experience. Let the little one in your life try new challenges and encourage them to stick with it, even when it's hard. We all get frustrated sometimes. Teach feeling words and how to handle big emotions (“We get disappointed when we have to wait.”, “You look frustrated, breathe with me.”).