Volume 19 | July 2021
Bartender Updates, Filling Internal IT Capacity, Real-Time Digital Part Replenishment, and More!
We hope you are all enjoying your summer and all of the activities that come with it! We have also been busy around here: updating new displays, working on large factory updates, creating YouTube videos and so much more! As always, contact us with any questions!
New Displays Around the Tech Group
In preparing to have visitors in the building again, we recently updated a few of the older displays that we have around our building. We realize that we are not fooling anyone; they are just regular, flat-screen TVs. But the content and the source of the data are always surprising to visitors. We are not a big company, but we do sell technology, so we have access to some cool tools and the talent to implement technology. Want to learn more about these displays and the software behind them?
Struggling to Fill Your Internal IT Team?
Most of our customers have one thing in common, they have limited, internal IT capacity. But from there they split into two groups. Those who readily recognize this and are willing, even eager to let others pitch in. Or those who still want to try to do most or all the work themselves. There is not really a wrong answer to this, but there are some aspects of technology that are specialized and tend to have a steeper learning curve. Want to learn more on how EMP handles these situations? Click below!
Real Time Digital Part Replenishment
Most companies have some type of replenishment system running on their factory floor. Oftentimes, the system is a kanban system with a visual, such as a color-coded card or light, to signal when items need to be replenished. But wouldn't it be nice to have a digital system that can complete the replenishment cycle with just one click of the button? Check out the article below to find out how we worked with our Zebra counterparts to implement a complete digital replenishment system!
Keeping Your BarTender Updated is Important
It never gets old, making bartender jokes about BarTender software. In this case, there is a serious message behind the humor. It is hard to believe that it was 2012 when BarTender released version 10.0 of their label printing software. Even harder to believe is that we still have so many customers running that version. Read the article below to update your software today!
Data Label Printers
OK, we are being kind of silly here. It is like our featured product being barcode scanners. But the feature here is the increasing demand for personalized labels. Standards from your customers that are requiring you to manage many label formats in order to produce and ship products to these customers. Click the article below to find out more!

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