July 2021 - Volume 9, Issue 10
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Hot outside? Cool it off inside!
Double or triple your profit and installation revenue on each sale with DEGREEZ Seat Heating & Cooling

The only OEM quality solution for aftermarket heated and cooled seats is available exclusively from Katzkin.

Add this option to your leather sales and increase the value of every sale for you and your dealers. Customers want it, and many don't even know it is an option!
From nature to you, Katzkin MD is safe and effective disinfecting power to protect all of the interior surfaces in your car or truck.

  • EPA approved
  • Tested and safe for use on vehicle's interior surfaces, including leather and vinyl.
  • With no harsh chemicals, it is better for the user, and the vehicle's interior.
It "seams" far away but November 2021 is just around the corner. We've got a lot of exciting things planned for the return to this year's SEMA show. While you're waiting, revisit all of the cool options and tools we had in 2020! Take a look back "Behind the Seams!"
2022 Kia Carnival
2022 Honda Civic
Available in August!
2021 New Pattern Releases
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