Volume 4 Issue 4 | July 2021
Lessons from a Kayak Fiasco
By Kimberly Upchurch, in Words of Life Devotional Book
“The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.” (Ps. 23:1, KJV)

This morning I had a thought about “a life interrupted”—those times when life just doesn’t go as planned. For many years, I have clung to Psalm 23:1, for it reminds me that my wants are important to God.

One of my wants is for my family to take trips together regularly. Some time ago, we traveled to a local state park to kayak. The day was sunny, and the river flowed peacefully. We partnered up and started down the river. I was in the kayak with my youngest son, who was 11 at the time, and he made it known that I was not his first choice of partners. I sensed he lacked confidence in my boating ability. I took offense to this—I had been a Camp Fire girl, a Girl Scout and a Pathfinder, and had even spent two summers at camp.

The adventure started out smoothly, but soon our kayak kept drifting toward the riverbank. My son and I began to argue. We paddled furiously, but decided it was best we changed partners. During the transfer, our kayak overturned, and I watched my flip flops float down the river.

That morning, our plans hadn’t included the kayak fiasco. But we came together, turned the kayak back over and retrieved my flip flops. We ended up having a great time and can even laugh about it now.

As a single mother of two sons, I often feel pressured to have all the answers, but have learned to lean more on God and less on me.

Lord, I trust You, even if I don’t know what the day holds for me. Amen.
By Angela Wimberly, interviewing Ian Duncan
How does your ministry serve the church?
The media ministry serves the church by providing audio-visual support for Sabbath services, Wednesday night prayer meeting, and special events such as concerts, weddings, and funerals.

What are the major goals for your ministry in 2021?
Our three major goals are 1) to transition from bare-bones live streaming to a quality full-service program, 2) to streamline, organize, and upgrade all of the equipment in the media ministry areas, and 3) to prepare for a seamless return to in-person services.

Why did you want to be a part of this ministry?
I was looking for a way to support the church by volunteering, so when I was called, I agreed to join the group of people leading ministries. It was helpful that a structure had already been created that I could build upon.

What would entice a person to want to volunteer for your ministry?
If a person has an existing skill (e.g., working a sound board, video editing, live streaming, photography, videography) and they want to grow that skill and use it to support the church, we could certainly use their help. Conversely, if a person doesn’t have any of those skills but wants to develop them, we can train them so they can use that skill in church or out.

If time and money were no object, what would be your most audacious goals?
While the church recently invested money in the media ministry, it really helped the department get to the minimum we needed to be able to live stream during the pandemic. More things need to be done in order to meet the needs of the church and to fulfill the vision of the pastors. We need better monitors, more microphones, improved speakers, more cameras, new lighting, and a host of volunteers.
Youth and Young Adult Focus
By Ruth-Ann Thompson; interviewing Cleavon Harrison, Jr.
Cleavon “CJ” Harrison, Jr., will enter the 8th grade at Columbus Adventist Academy this fall. He is a creative, likes to make people laugh, is quite self-aware, and generally feels happy and content. CJ is a fan of football and basketball. In 2015, he was an integral part of our Bible Bowl team, which earned a trophy in the National Bible Bowl competition.

CJ offered his perspective on not being able to attend church for over a year. “For one, I learned that on your walk with God, you don’t have to know all the answers. Just walk with God, who has all the answers. Don’t delay it – you just have to do it. Secondly, don’t believe everything you hear, but make sure you read and know the Bible for yourself. On judgment day you can’t blame the preacher for what you haven’t studied for yourself.”

When asked what lesson he learned during the pandemic, his response was immediate and insightful: “In any season where you find yourself with a lot of time in your hands, don’t waste it! Expand your mind, try to learn, try something new.”

During this time, CJ enjoyed playing online video games with friends, and was even able to connect with Alex Washington, son of former Pastor Noah Washington. He also honed his video editing skills. While CJ is not too excited about English – because "there are a lot of weird rules in our language" – his favorite subjects, math and science, will certainly guide him on his career path. We just might be looking at a future engineer in our midst!

Son of Cleavon Sr. and Yolanda Harrison and brother of Greer, CJ enjoys performing and entertaining. He has the gift of memorization, which makes him a wonderful addition to any cast. We will pray for CJ as he completes his final year of middle school and prepares for high school and beyond.
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