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Featured July 2021 Webinars
CBC would like to recognize SAMHSA and the New York State Health Foundation (NYSHealth) for funding all of the trainings featured below, as well as a new partnership with the NYS Council for Community Behavioral Healthcare, also made possible through the SAMHSA grant.

These featured trainings are hosted via McSilver Institute's website and require a username and password before you can register. If you don't already have a username and password for McSilver's website, you can easily create one!
Innovative & Engaging Total Wellness Activities
Trainers: Caitlin Roeder, LCSW and Diana Rizzo, MPA
(NYS Council, Central Nassau Guidance & Counseling Services Inc
Wednesday, July 7 (10-11:00am)
Funded by: SAMHSA

This workshop will focus on a variety of initiatives that were most successful engaging staff during the pandemic, including:

  • scavenger hunts that encourage staff to connect with each other and have fun;
  • CEO/CFO "fireside chats" and Town Halls that provide staff an opportunity to ask questions and connect with management; and
  • consistent efforts to acknowledge staff for hard work and dedication during the pandemic, including a “Thank You” campaign for RNs and residential staff.
Long-Term COVID-19 Symptom Support Group
Trainer: Dr. Norman Blumenthal (OHEL)
Tuesday, July 13 (10-11:30am)
Funded by: NYSHealth

This group will help validate the pain of those afflicted by lingering COVID-19 symptoms or comorbid conditions and help them learn from others how to effectively cope and await a full recovery. The group will combine psychoeducational description of coping under such circumstances and facilitated group discussion and sharing.
Building Financial Hope in Times of Uncertainty 
Trainers: Len Statham, MS and Oscar Jimenez-Solomon, MPH (NYAPRS)
Tuesday July 13 (3-4:15pm) 
Funded by: NYSHealth

This webinar will discuss both COVID-19's impact on financial wellness, mental health and overall wellbeing, and strategies to build hope during this time of uncertainty. Participants will have an opportunity to identify their own human, social and cultural capital towards financial wellness via a Financial Wellness Action Plan.
Stronger Together: An Action Plan for a DEIB Culture
(NYS Council, Horizon Health Services)
Wednesday, July 14 (10-11:00am)
Funded by: SAMHSA

This year the nation demanded a call to action against racism. Horizon acknowledged their responsibility to raise the bar on accountability and identify real solutions as an organization. Horizon’s Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (DEIB) team created a "Stronger Together" campaign to cultivate a new era of awareness, civility, respect, understanding and inclusion in our workplace and community. This workshop will describe the initiatives they have undertaken in this area including: the Life As Affinity Group, Social Justice and Anti-Racism book clubs, Summer Racial Equity Journey for Employees and the Internal Ignite presentations and Panel Discussions with Staff.
Trainers: Lourdes Guzman
Thursday, July 15 (1-2:30pm)
Funded by: SAMHSA

Reiki is a Japanese form of "alternative medicine" for energy healing. Practitioners use a "hands-on healing" technique through which a "universal energy" is thought to be transferred through the practitioner's palms to encourage emotional or physical healing. In this training, participants will learn benefits of Reiki and how to activate and sense energy within themselves for healing during difficult times.
Bereavement, Loss, and Coping in Working with Older Adults
Trainers: Teresa Theophano, LCSW and Carola Chase, LCSW
(Service Program for Older People)
Monday, July 19 (11am-12:30pm)
Funded by: SAMHSA

This course will familiarize aging and mental health network providers with issues facing older adults. We will define basic terms related to types of grief and their manifestations, and explore strategies for assessment and treatment. We will also discuss caring for ourselves as professionals while caring for our clientsboundaries have occasionally blurred throughout the shared experience of the pandemic.
Grief During the Pandemic Group
Tuesday, July 20 (10-11:30am) (OHEL)
Funded by: NYSHealth

This group will assist those who lost friends and loved ones during the pandemic. A general introduction to grief and the aspects of loss unique to the pandemic will be followed by shared experiences and responses. Normalizing the pain of grief and transition to an internalized relationship with the deceased will likely become the group's primary focus.
Pathways to Financial Wellness in Times of COVID-19
Trainers: Len Statham, MS and Oscar Jimenez-Solomon, MPH (NYAPRS)
Tuesday, July 20 (3-4:15pm)
Funded by: NYSHealth

The focus of this webinar will be to discuss specific financial wellness supports that individuals can use to address debt concerns, improve credit, meet basic needs, save and build assets and plan their financial futures.
Service Program for Older People “Lunchtime Chat” Support Sessions
(Service Program for Older People)
Monday, July 26 (12-1:00pm)
Funded by: SAMHSA

This session will take place one week after the “Bereavement, Loss & Coping During COVID-19” training and will provide attendees with an opportunity to ask questions and receive individualized support from two SPOP LCSW-level trainersboth practicing clinicians.
Managing Anxiety Connected to Reopening Group
Trainers: Dr. Norman Blumenthal (OHEL)
Tuesday, July 27 (6-7:30pm)
Funded by: NYSHealth

This group will cater to those in the midst of "re-emerging" from pandemic-induced isolation and returning to prior (or reimagining new!) work and social routines. Participants will receive an overview of the effects of prolonged isolation/anxiety and an opportunity to share their specific challenges and observations to ease and normalize this transition.
Wellness for Essential Workers and Older Adults
(NYS Council, Acacia Network)
Wednesday, July 28 (10-11:30am)
Funded by: SAMHSA

Acacia has launched a series to nurture the physical, mental and socio-emotional wellness of essential workers and older adults (ages 60+) to address these groups' specific vulnerabilities to feelings of isolation and despair. They engaged seniors enrolled in their Institute for the Puerto Rican/Hispanic Elderly (IPRHE) Senior Centers, the majority of whom were accustomed to attending in-person activities on a daily basis. The Virtual Wellness Series consists of weekly workshops and events through a virtual platform, with topics including physical fitness, relaxation, mindfulness, music and dance, among others.
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