July 2021 Updates
Did you know that when you are a member of World Trade Center Delaware, you are a member of the entire World Trade Centers Association, a network of closely linked Centers in almost 100 countries and 315 cities? Together, we make up a team of over 15,000 international trade experts, marketing and communications consultants, legal, accounting and regulatory advisors, and real estate, tourism, hospitality, convention and trade show managers. Our connections help local businesses succeed in new markets, increase profitability, expand employment and attract investment. We provide trade leads, training programs, job leads, networking, matchmaking, and inbound and outbound trade mission opportunities to all types of companies in various sectors. The result is that our members and clients can deliver higher quality goods and services while saving time and money.
We often receive direct requests from other WTCs and through the World Trade Centers Association Reciprocity Desk for referrals to legal and financial experts, logistics providers, distributors, and sources of products and services, providing new opportunities for you. Distributor requests are made for both products and services as diverse as agricultural products, cybersecurity, and radiology. We also receive requests and information about WTC Center organized conferences and trade missions that are open to companies from other locations. 

When our members ask us to provide referrals in other countries, this is often the first place we go to make sure that the request reaches as many experts as possible.  There is no charge for this service and we can post your request to as many WTCs as you wish. We also have helped Delaware companies and even state economic development organizations determine the veracity of requests for information or assistance because the information about a company or their management may not be available in the US or in typical databases.  
Now that people are traveling overseas again, we can write letters of introduction to our counterparts in other World Trade Centers and request that they meet with you, arrange hotel accommodations, recommend interpreters or conference facilities, or arrange meetings with government authorities, if appropriate.    
The World Trade Centers Association is a powerful network with one purpose - helping you.
Carla Sydney Stone
WTCDE Premier Members
Port to Port International Corporation
Thank you!

Over the past months we have endured unprecedented challenges that we never thought that we would live through. On behalf of Port to Port International Corp. I want to express my upmost sincere gratitude for your comprehension, flexibility, and loyalty amid these times of global emergency.

Thank you for your comprehension, as you have accepted the changes made in the sailing dates in our many trade lanes.

Thank you for your flexibility, as you have adapted to the changes made in the diverse processes for towing coordinates, shipments, and payment terms.

Thank you for your loyalty shown throughout many years in which we have been able to fulfill all your shipping needs.

It is during these difficult times that we double down on our effort to continue serving and supporting you. We are certain to continue providing a top-quality customer service in each and every logistic need that you may require.

Thank you for your preference to ship with Port to Port!

Anabel Panayotti
Learn more about Port to Port International: http://www.ptpshipping.com/?lang=en
STAT International
Is the summer heat bringing you down? Are the same four walls making you feel claustrophobic? Do you need a change? STAT International is here to help! We offer several different non-traditional business options to change your space physically and mentally! From fully furnished offices to a gorgeous co-working space, you cannot go wrong with a move to STAT International. Visit our website https://stat.international or call us at 302-884-6746 and schedule a tour. We can make sure you get the most bang for your buck!
Learn more about STAT International: https://stat.international/
Delaware Business Times
Learn more about Delaware Business Times: https://delawarebusinesstimes.com/
Welcome to Our New Members
NSR Entertainment
World Trade Center Delaware is pleased to welcome new member NSR Entertainment, the first record label in the world to bring Dangdut music to America.

NSR Entertainment’s specialty is providing a culture exchange program for Americans interested in recording or performing in Indonesia and America and singing in the Indonesian and English languages.

“WTC Delaware was delighted that NSR asked us to participate in the Indonesian virtual exhibition Creative Economy for Sustainable Development: Let’s Connect.“ It was a wonderful opportunity to showcase Delaware and work with Rissa Asnan and her team of talented videographers." said Carla Stone, President of WTC Delaware.

Dangdut is a genre of Indonesian dance and folk music and is partly derived and fused from Hindustani and Arabic music. It is a popular music genre from Indonesia with inspiration from several countries in addition to different music types including India, Portuguese, Malay, Arab, Jazz, Rock, R&B, and hip-hop.

Located in Wilmington, NSR Entertainment also originated “Dangdut in America,” a singing competition program for Americans interested in performing in Indonesia and America. The company promotes, exposes and distributes singles produced directly to the Indonesian audience. Indonesia’s total population is 250 million people — giving artists the opportunity to expose themselves to a large audience without leaving the country. Once demand is built up from Indonesia, the label’s artists receive the opportunity to travel to Indonesia, perform on a road show, and on national TV in Indonesia.

NSR encourages singers to submit their videos or music via email. “If you are a singer and interested in doing something different, out of the box please come and join our program,” NSR’s website says.

For more information visit https://www.dangdutinamerica.com
Elyte Energy
WTC Delaware Welcomes New Member / Startup 302 Winner Elyte Energy

World Trade Center Delaware is pleased to welcome new member Elyte Energy and to congratulate them on recently winning the Delaware Prosperity Partnership Startup 302 Award.

Elyte Energy is a clean energy company that focuses on making clean energy accessible for off-grid applications. Elyte is utilizing a proprietary technology and process that produces, stores, and releases clean power with no pollutants in the environment. Currently, the company is focusing on providing generators that are quiet, lightweight, eco-friendly, and cost-friendly for the camper and RV community. Its overall goal is to have energy technology available for the next generation of recreational vehicles, automobiles, and space technologies.

Jalaal Hayes, PhD, Founder and CEO of Elyte, said the company is looking to expand its enterprise globally soon and that World Trade Center Delaware is already helping further that goal with some of its programs, such as the recent Delaware Kickoff to the U.S.-Africa Business Summit virtual event which was attended by several ambassadors from African countries and local business leaders.

“World Trade Center is already helping us by introducing the key players in global business and what they’re looking for,” Hayes said. “There is definitely a global demand for our products and services; right now we are working to become more established in the U.S. but we do plan to go global as soon as possible.”

Hayes said the company’s products appeal to the world’s continued need to have sustainable fuel sources to prevent detrimental environmental consequences. “We believe that hydrogen energy is the most abundant, sustainable, and clean energy carrier in the market at the moment,” the company website states. “Therefore, Elyte Energy provides solutions with hydrogen energy (specifically to the RV and camping market) using our proprietary technology.”

For more information visit Elyte Energy at https://www.elyteenergy.com/
Thanks to Our Renewing Members
Batta Environmental Associates 
Batta Environmental Associates Renews Membership

World Trade Center Delaware is proud to have long-time member Batta Environmental Associates renew its membership. Batta recently received the U.S. Commercial Services Extraordinary Exporter Award in recognition of its work on a U.S. government funded global project helping Mexico City find a solution to clean up one of its contaminated drinking water reservoirs.

“We are honored to have Batta as a valued member of our organization for so many years and are happy we can help them grow and succeed,” World Trade Center Delaware President Carla Stone said.

Batta provides environmental engineering products and services such as consulting, training and testing that help in purifying soil, water and air, aiding with environmental cleanup and removal of hazardous materials, oil spills, lead and asbestos contamination and much more. Headquartered in Newark, Delaware with several offices in the Mid-Atlantic, the firm works with federal, state and local governments as well as corporate companies.

Because Batta is expanding its services to international territories and developing countries that are looking for U.S. guidance in solving their environmental challenges, Neeraj Batta, Senior Vice President of the company, said membership in the state’s World Trade Center has been invaluable. Neeraj is a second-generation owner in the company, which was founded by his family 38 years ago. “International expansion has always been on our radar the past five to seven years,” he added. “Our goal is to expand our global partnerships and services to bring environmental solutions that are needed in the world,” he said.

For more information visit https://battaenv.com/
Dole Fresh Fruit Co. 
Thank you to Dole Fresh Fruit Co. for Renewing Its Membership

World Trade Center Delaware is pleased to announce that Dole® Fresh Fruit Company based in Wilmington, Delaware has renewed its membership.

Dole® has been a member of WTC Delaware for the past 11 years. The company was founded by James Drummond Dole in the early 1900’s and is a key importer and exporter of fresh fruits from the Port of Wilmington.

The company’s mission is “to inspire and empower consumers to eat healthier and live better,” according to its website. “We are dedicated to the highest quality standards, providing people nutritious, farm-fresh products that taste delicious and exceed expectations. Combining responsible farming practices, comprehensive programs for food safety, pledged transparency, and state-of-the-art production, we give people the power to experience healthy living like never before.”

Dole started out in global pineapple production, then branched into the import of bananas, and in the late 1990’s expanded to include packaged fresh vegetables, including pre-cut vegetables and salads. This soon became its fastest growing segment in supermarkets.
“We are thrilled that Dole continues to be a member of our organization,” said World Trade Center President Carla Stone. “They are such a vital business partner for the port, for the state of Delaware and for our global economy.”

For more information visit https://www.dole.com
World Trade Center Delaware Gala


Hotel DuPont / Gold Ballroom


Secretary of State 
Choir School of Delaware to Perform at Gala
World Trade Center Delaware Kicks Off Upcoming US-Africa Business Summit, Presenting Trade Opportunities for Companies of All Sizes 
CCA President Florizelle Liser Keynotes Virtual Presentation!

Businesses from Delaware and across the region learned about best practices and opportunities to do trade with Africa yesterday at the virtual Kickoff to the US-Africa Business Summit moderated by World Trade Center Delaware’s President Carla Stone.
The online event featured Ms. Florizelle Liser, President and CEO of the Corporate Council on Africa as Keynote Speaker and presentations by His Excellency Carlos Dos Santos, Ambassador of the Republic of Mozambique to the US, His Excellency Onkokame Kitso Mokaila, Ambassador of the Republic of Botswana to the US and Mahmoud Nedjai, International Relations Manager of World Trade Center Algiers.
Attendees learned about important projects and trade opportunities in a number of strategic African countries directly from their ambassadors and were able to not only ask questions but to make appointments to meet with them individually after the close of the meeting.
Ambassador Liser said businesses of all sizes are welcome to do trade in Africa. “People think about the big guys” when it comes to doing international trade in Africa, she said, “but actually trade for the US in Africa is driven by small companies as well.” She added that trade and business opportunities in Africa are really expanding and “these are new times” as the pandemic is winding down, “Countries are coming back from the COVID pandemic, and we are seeing a re-launching of companies and economies.”
The ambassadors agreed that the time is ripe for US companies to form relationships and partnerships with African companies in strategic locations. They said that they would like to meet with Delaware companies in agriculture, food processing, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, and medical devices, fintech and finance, construction, environmental services, IT, port management, and energy.
Mr. Nadjai added that Africa is indeed a “pioneer destination” making up nearly a third of the world’s entire population and urged US businesses to have a “targeted approach" in order to be successful. “You need to get the right information, the right support and the right direction,” he said, encouraging them to take advantage of events like this and organizations such as the World Trade Centers Association to do so.
The 13th Annual US-Africa Business Summit will take place July 27-29 virtually. For more information or to register to attend visit: www.usafricabizsummit.com.
BIRD Foundation Virtual Lunch & Learn on U.S.- Israel Joint Project Funding Opportunities a Big Success
The BIRD Foundation virtual Lunch & Learn event on July 1 attracted over 50 business owners who were afforded the opportunity to learn about funding for joint projects between U.S. and Israeli businesses and hear from leaders of a successful funding recipient from Delaware.
A Delaware based BIRD project case study was presented by Eric B. Kmiec, Ph.D., Director, Gene Editing Institute of Christiana Care’s Helen F. Graham Cancer Center & Research Institute. The Institute was awarded a $900,000 BIRD grant with Israeli biotechnology company Fore Biotherapeutics, formally known as NovellusDx; the companies co-developed new gene editing technologies that help identify the genetic mechanism responsible for both the onset and progression of many types of cancer.
“Without the BIRD grant we wouldn’t have been able to go from research to commercialization,” Eric Kmiec said, adding that a lot of other benefits occurred as a result of the grant. “It isn’t just the money you get or that your product goes into development, but some other very good things can happen.” He referred to future innovation being considered by the joint partnership and educational programs for high school and college students that resulted from the BIRD project.
Andrea Yonah, Director of Business Development, East Coast & Midwest BIRD Foundation, said the foundation is looking to back innovative projects that have “complementary technology” and “sound commercial strategies to get that technology to market.” She said proposals will be due in September and awarded in December.
The program also featured Vered Nohi, Executive Director, Philadelphia-Israel Chamber of Commerce and Representative for PA, DE and SNJ BIRD Foundation, Michael Fleming, President, Delaware BioScience Association and World Trade Center Delaware President Carla Stone.
Annually, the U.S.-Israel Binational Industrial Research and Development (BIRD) Foundation approves 20-25 grants of up to a $1 million each (with the potential for up to $1.5 million for exceptional proposals) for the co-development of innovative products, technologies or milestone-based pharma projects. BIRD takes no IP or equity.
The virtual event is co-hosted by the Philadelphia-Israel Chamber of Commerce, the representative of the US-Israel Binational Industrial Research and Development (BIRD) Foundation in Pennsylvania, Delaware and Southern New Jersey, the World Trade Center Delaware and the Delaware BioScience Association.
BIRD’s scope extends to Advanced Manufacturing, Agrotechnology, Cleantech and Environment, Communications, Construction Tech, Electronics, FinTech, Gas, Healthcare IT, Homeland Security and Cyber Security, Life Sciences and Bio-Convergence, Software, Water and Wastewater technologies, etc. and other technology sectors.

The BIRD Foundation website: www.birdf.com.
The database to search for Israeli partners:

For more info:

Ms. Vered Nohi
Executive Director
Philadelphia-Israel Chamber of Commerce & PICC Foundation
Representative in Pennsylvania, Delaware and Southern New Jersey
US-Israel Binational Industrial R&D Foundation (BIRD)
215.703.3135 | 302.540.6374 m | [email protected]

Ms. Andrea Yonah
U.S. Israel Binational Industrial Research & Development (BIRD) Foundation
Director of Business Development
U.S. East Coast/Midwest
T: (609) 356-0305
WTC Delaware provides a full range of international trade-related services with an in-depth focus on export/import of services and manufactured goods.

WTC Pune member SIL is seeking to locate partners and customers in the US. The company manufactures laser equipment for used in the Defense , Aerospace, automotive, R & D, medical equipment, pharmaceuticals, and other industries where precision laser cutting, welding and other techniques are critical.

To discuss this opportunity, please contact:

Suseela Krishnan
+91 98508 68555

Niraj Khinvasara
+91 95450 50000

FRANCE: WTC Brest (France) Seeking Potential Distributors for Radiology & Mammography Solutions on behalf of Medecom

Medecom has been developing Software Solutions for Radiology & Mammography since 2000. We count more than 4500 solutions installed over 30 countries by a strong distributor network and OEM partnerships. Medecom is ISO 13485 certified, and our solutions are CE marked, and FDA approved for the diagnostic ones. All our software solutions are based on DICOM, HL7 & IHE standards to offer the best interoperability experience between any modalities of the environment where they are installed. To respond to the radiologists’ challenges, Medecom offers to our distributors Webinars, training, updates and high technical support. Our range of solutions covers: 1/ Acquisition Solutions: Flat panels and acquisition software for easy upgrade of analog system to digital, for Human & Vet applications. 2/ Diagnosis Solutions: Mammography & radiology Workstations, stitching, tomosynthesis, MPR, CAD modules available. 3/ Archiving & Communication Solutions (Mini PACS): Secured web-based interface with remote access 24/7. 4/ Gateway for paper printing Our solutions are very powerful as they offer multimodality support, they are vendor neutral, stable & scalable, and fit challenging radiology environments. Lean on us, on our expertise and experience to provide the best solutions to the radiology centers, hospitals, private clinics… independently from any equipment manufacturers and with a minimum investment.

For additional information:
Sebastien CANN
Manager, World Trade Center Brest
Telephone: +33 2 98 00 38 71

STANDARD - $475 (1-49 employees), $825 (50-99 employees), $1,375 (100+ employees)

PREMIER - $2,675 

STUDENT - $100
Click here to learn more about the benefits of being a member of World Trade Center Delaware. 
On June 15th, 2021, the United States Trade Representative (USTR) announced the U.S.-E.U. Cooperative Framework for Large Civil Aircraft that mutually suspends retaliatory U.S. and EU tariffs for a period of five years. The tariffs that will be suspended relate to EU punitive tariffs on $4 billion of U.S. exports to the European Union, including 25% tariffs on U.S. agribusiness goods such as tractors, ketchup, chocolate, cheese, and sweet potatoes, among other goods. For the full list of agribusiness goods that had been subject to additional EU tariffs of 25%, see: https://eur-lex.europa.eu/legal-content/EN/TXT/PDF/?uri=CELEX:32020R1646&from=EN
Weekly International Job Posts: The latest 300 job opportunities posted on DevelopmentAid

  • Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning Specialist, USAID/Georgia Civic Education Project, Georgia
  • Technical Director, Resilient Agriculture, Africa, Northern America
  • Chief of Party – Mozambique – Early Grade Reading, Mozambique
  • Financial Specialist, National Conveyor Project Management Unit, Jordan
  • Finance Manager (75%), USAID/Nigeria Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Support Activity (MELSA), Nigeria
  • And more!

To view all the up-to-date jobs, please click the link below:

International Delaware Magazine Released by World Trade Center Focuses on FinTech in the First State

The World Trade Center Delaware has released its fourth edition of International Delaware Magazine which focuses on Delaware's growing FinTech industry.

“Little did we know when we first discussed the theme for this issue just how timely this edition would be,” said World Trade Center Delaware President Carla Stone. “The use of IT and e-commerce exploded during the past eight months as people sought to limit contact with others in an effort to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. It is clear that financial technology services, or FinTech, is here to stay and will only grow in the future.”

The foundation for FinTech in Delaware was laid in 1981, when then-Gov. Pierre S. du Pont IV signed the Financial Center Development Act, legislation designed to increase employment in the banking and financial services sector by attracting out-of-state institutions to establish subsidiaries in Delaware. Today, Delaware, despite its tiny population, is one of the world's great financial centers. Over 75% of all FinTech investment in the Philadelphia region is found in Delaware and it has the highest concentration of financial services employment in the entire country according to a study by Delaware Prosperity Partnership. The study, "Delaware in a FinTech Future," reported that Delaware ranks No. 1 per capita for the number of FinTech patents issued over the past ten years in the U.S. and No. 5 overall. 

Discover Bank, this issue's presenting sponsor, is making a significant contribution to Delaware's FinTech future. In partnership with the University of Delaware and Delaware Technology Park, Discover is building a new 100,000-square-foot center for FinTech innovation on the university's Science Technology and Advanced Research (STAR) Campus that will combine the prowess of academia, government, and industry to support and grow FinTech's future in Delaware. “We thank Discover and all of our partners who have made this issue of International Delaware possible,” Stone said. “Tens of thousands of readers around the world will learn what we already know: FinTech is the future of commerce and Delaware is its home.”

To read/download your copy, please click the image above.
World Trade Center® Delaware is the State’s premier international business resource. We help companies, especially small, medium-sized and emerging enterprises, to grow their international business. We provide trade leads, training programs, job leads, networking, matchmaking, trade mission and reverse trade mission opportunities for Delaware companies. We serve all types of companies in various sectors including agriculture, environmental remediation, IT, medical equipment manufacturing, biopharmaceuticals, financial, legal and real estate services.  For more information visit us at www.wtcde.com.
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