July Updates

We hope that wherever you are today there are no storms, fires, or floods, leaving just a blue sky break. It's crazy out there. In here, we've been keeping our computers busy with new updates we hope to be used in more normal times or just to keep your communities posted on what's going on. Stay safe out there.
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What's New

  • Public and management checkout for activities holds seats as soon as the item is in the cart, regardless of whether high demand is used.

  • Public and management checkout for standard and team activities allows multiple account members to be selected at the same time, including eligibility checks.


  • On activity creation, finance entries are not required when going back a step but are saved if entered.

  • The basic info tab of standard and team sport activities can be edited even if the activity is in the past.

  • Requirements tab of activities/memberships shows if custom forms have been received with details.

  • If custom forms are filled out but not associated to the registration, they can be associated from the activity/membership requirements tab.

  • If custom form fields were not set to show on roster at the time they were filled out, they can be updated from the form itself.


  • Signature, health check, and time column widths on standard attendance sheets have been modified to allow more room for sign in columns.

  • Advanced activity attendance sheets have age/grade display, signature, time, & health check options & also display filter choices on print.

  • A max visits setting can be added to standard/team activities that tracks visits via digital sign in and shows when max is reached.


  • The scholarship (not income) and deposit (hold) reports link to accounts and invoices from related data displays.

  • Multiple items can be selected at once on the program payment/balance summary report to see combined information on export.

  • A total is displayed for the date range at the top of the http://Authorize.net settled transactions report.

  • The financial reports sales area has been reorganized to move non-sales reports into other sections.

  • The sales summary report now runs off of invoice (sales) data instead of transaction (payment) data with links to specific sales reports.

  • All sales reports (except facility) have been confirmed to now be running by invoice data instead of payment data with non-sales data removed.

  • The POS sales report has a new default date range consistent with the other sales reports.


  • The primary billing contact is initially selected as the logged in member after an account is created on the public side.

  • When using residency by zip code, auto-residency detection may be overridden on accounts (residency also updates on zip code changes).

  • Signed global disclaimers are carried when moving from the waitlist.

  • When transferring weeks on an account's adv. activity registration, associated due dates will change to be relative to the new reg dates.

  • Cancellation refund process shows non-credit card payments as non-credit card instead of non-refundable and shows original payments as non-refundable if credit card payment is outside refundable date range.

Reservations & Requests

  • When sending disclaimers for facility requests, only the disclaimer for the associated billing contact is sent, regardless of request status.

  • Public availability charts only show public names for reservations.

  • When hiding a permit until reservation is paid, the permit will email automatically even if payment declined then paid or paid in credit.

Point of Sale

  • The Refund Invoice area of the facility portal defaults to today's date and has time fields.

  • Facility portal checkout shows item cost before adjustment and converts negative tender into positive.

  • A payment type filter dropdown is available in the facility portal Refund Invoice area.

  • User and location filter dropdowns are available in the facility portal Refund Invoice area.


  • Our company holiday list has been updated under Misc > Contact Support.

  • The public side main and account navigation areas now have submenus in the hamburger menu when viewed on a mobile device for easier access and less scrolling.

Future items for 2021 are in Misc > Upcoming Changes (Pending status) where you can vote on them.

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