Wall of Appreciation
We wish to once again acknowledge the amazing volunteers who continue to contribute their time and energy to IDDSI. We particularly want to acknowledge all those individuals who have taken a lead role in setting up the many IDDSI Reference Groups that have developed around the globe.  
Julie Cichero

Björn Degen
Christoph Palli
Lothar Krause
Michaela Trapl-Grundschober
Simon Sollereder
Silke Pirker-Neuwirth

Cristiane Galbeno
Fátima Lago
Renata Mancopes

Amber Capotosto
Stephanie Dion
Huang Shaochun
Jianshe Chen
Ping Fu
Qiaojun Zhang
Rumi Wang

Matthias Kraemer

Leonidas Kozyrakis 
Panagiotis Bardis

Hong Kong:
Elaine Kwong
Karen Chan
Mansi Jagtap 
Rinki Varindani Desai

Carlo Pedrelli
Luciana Adrini

Josefa Kachal
Michal Kait
Michal Kraiter
Oshrat Sella Weiss

Esther Tuin
Faith Ng

Martin Brierley

Barbara Jamróz
Joanna Chmielewska
Magdalena Milewska

Singapore Dysphagia Diet Standardisation Committee and Sub-teams

South Africa:
Annelize Prinsloo
Mershen Pillay 

Jenny McGreevy
Sara Dahlström
Ann Chen
Cristiane Hsu
Nina Cheng 

Benjamas Prathanee
Pattra Wattanapan
Varanya Techasukthavorn

United Kingdom:
Ben Hanson
James Ball
Preston Walker

United States & Territories:
Alla Mehl
Amanda Demane
Barbara Pauloski
Jacqueline Santaroce
John Holahan
Karen Sheffler
Katrina Woodward
Laura Brooks
Luis Riquelme
Margaret Roche
Mary Casper
Mary Rybicki
Melissa Naiman
Nicole Barrett
Rebecca Politis
Sarah Russell
Sheryl Lozicki
Tim Garry
Vickie Berquist
This is a non-exhaustive list of individuals around the world who have contributed to IDDSI Reference Group Formation & Implementation.
Congratulations: Best Poster Award
Congratulations to Catriona Steele, Pooja Gandhi, Danielle Sutton for winning the best poster award from the Royal Society of Chemistry, publisher of the journal, Food and Function at the Food Oral Processing Conference 2021 entitled “Exploring the utility of IDDSI testing to evaluate food oral processing”.  
Global Updates
Australia:  The 2nd Australian IDDSI Reference Group (AUIRG) meeting was held on July 23. The AUIRG discussed topics and areas of work that might best help IDDSI users in Australia to continue to impkement and maintain the use of IDDSI. Future meetings will take place monthly on the 3rd Friday morning of the month. If you are interested to join the Australia IDDSI Reference Group, please contact IDDSI Australia.
Brazil:  Held from July 15-17, the Latin American Congress of Dysphagia saw Dr. Luis Riquelme (IDDSI Board), Nara Lopes (nutritionist) and Cristiane Galbeno Rama (speech language pathologist), the latter two who are in the Brazil IDDSI Reference Group, present on the panel, "The Impact of Standardization of Food Consistent on the Biomechanics of Swallowing and Quality of Life."
De 15 a 17 de julho realizou-se o II Congresso Latino Americano de Disfagia. A apresentacao do painel O IMPACTO DA PADRONIZAÇÃO DE CONSISTÊNCIAS DE ALIMENTOS NA BIOMECÂNICA DA DEGLUTIÇÃO E NA QUALIDADE DE VIDA contou com a participação do Dr. Luis Riquelme membro do comite diretor do IDDSI internacional, da nutricionista Nara Lopes e da fonoaudióloga Cristiane do Galbeno Membros, Grupo de Referencia IDDSI do Brasil.
Canada: The Canadian IDDSI Reference Group (CIRG) sent our advocacy letters to various key stakeholders across Canada, in both English and French. The letters provided information on IDDSI and requested support from stakeholders organizations to help to facilitate implementation of IDDSI in Canada.

CIRG will meet monthly to discuss ongoing projects to help facilitate implementation of IDDSI in Canada and hopes to work with industry partners to help achieve IDDSI labeling by December of 2022. If you are interested in joining the CIRG, please contact IDDSI Canada.
D-A-CH IRG: The IDDSI DACH IRG is organizing an online workshop, entitled “IDDSI 201 practical - basics and testing techniques. A DGD Workshop", via Zoom on October 7, 17:00-19:00 exclusively for members of the German Interdisciplinary Society for Dysphagia (DGD). Interested participants may register here on the DGD homepage by August 30, to a maximum of 60 participants.
Die IDDSI Referenzgruppe DACH veranstaltet am 07.10.2021 von 17:00 - 19:00 exklusiv für die Mitglieder der Deutschen Interdisziplinären Gesellschaft für Dysphagie (DGD) einen Online-Workshop via Zoom mit dem Titel „IDDSI 201 praktisch – Grundlagen und Prüftechniken. Ein DGD Workshop“. Interessierte melden sich über die Homepage der DGD unter (https://dg-dysphagie.de/aktuelles/)  bis zum 30.08.2021 an. Max. TeilnehmerInnenzahl: 60
Italy:  The Italian IDDSI Reference Group is ongoing, with Carlo Pedrolli, MD as its leader. On September 11, Dr. Pedrolli will host a lecture, “Nutrition for Four Seasons”, in Florence, where IDDSI will be discussed, and give attendees a chance to support the Italian IDDSI Reference Group. During the National Congress of ADI, Dr. Pedrolli will also hold a lecture, “Dysphagia in Hospital Catering”, again discussing IDDSI. The Italian IDDSI Reference Group is also proud to announce the Italian translation of the IDDSI Framework and Testing Methods has been finished by Luciana Adrini, and is currently on the website for input until September 15, 2021. Contact IDDSI Italy if you are interested in learning more.

E’ in corso la costituzione di un gruppo di Riferimento IDDSI in Italia, il cui attuale riferimento è il Dr Carlo Pedrolli. L’11.09.21 il Dr Carlo Pedrolli terrà una relazione durante il Convegno a Firenze denominato “Nutrizione per 4 stagioni”; in quella relazione verrà presentato anche IDDSI ai presenti chiedendo loro un eventuale supporto per la creazione/adesione ad un gruppo di Riferimento IDDSI in Italia.

Durante il convegno nazionale ADI (la società che si occupa di dietetica in Italia con il maggior numero di iscritti) Il Dr Carlo Pedrolli terrà una relazione con il titolo “la disfagia nella ristorazione collettiva”; in quella relazione verrà presentato anche IDDSI ai presenti chiedendo loro un eventuale supporto per la creazione/adesione ad un gruppo di Riferimento IDDSI in Italia.
Malaysia:  The IDDSI Malaysia Reference Group (MYIRG) held the very first Volunteer Orientation on June 2, 2021. Hosted by Ms. Faith Ng and Ms. Esther Tuin, the event was graced by Mr. Peter Lam, Co-Chair of IDDSI Global. Over 52 people from various representations and professions joined the event and gave some very positive feedbacks.

On July 30, 09:00 MYT, the first MYIRG volunteer meeting will be held online to consolidate objectives, timeline and national webinars. Should you wish to be part of the MYIRG, please send your interest to IDDSI Malaysia.
Thailand:  The Thai IDDSI Reference Group are happy to report their presence at an event hosted by Thai Swallowing Rehabilitation Association on applying IDDSI in a clinical setting. With over 400 participants, including rehab practitioners, dietitians, occupational therapists, physical therapists, and food industry representatives, the event was a success and many expressed interest in joining the Thai IDDSI Reference Group. If you are interested, please contact IDDSI Thailand.
United Kingdom:  This month, the UKIRG Research/data collection group have been busy finalizing our questionnaire to gain insights from a broad range of HCPs into the current level of IDDSI knowledge and understanding across the UK. The questionnaire is open to stakeholders working across a range of settings including SLTs, Dietitians, Nurses, Chefs and Catering services, Registered Managers, Care Homes, Schools and Colleges. The closing date for responses is Thursday, September 30. Please click here to view and complete the questionnaire:

We are also asking respondents to share the link with colleagues who may have valuable IDDSI insights in order to gain maximum reach for the questionnaire.
To support sharing the link, we’ve drafted the email below to help to explain the purpose of the questionnaire and raise awareness of the newly formed UKIRG. We will be emailing it to our contacts and colleagues. Please view text below:

Hello [First Name],
As you know the IDDSI Framework has been in place in the UK for a few years now and recently a range of UK based IDDSI focused healthcare professionals have come together to form the UK IDDSI reference group (UKIRG). I am a member of the group.
The aim of the group is to build on the implementation work completed since IDDSI was launched in the UK in 2018. By raising further awareness about the framework, we are aiming to extend its use and ensure HCPs are better supported when using the framework. 
To support this work, we are gathering information to form a real understanding about what you and your colleagues think and know about the framework. 
Any feedback you provide will help us to plan and implement the best way forward to support you and the ongoing use of IDDSI in the UK. 
To help me do that – please complete and return this quick questionnaire.   
The closing date for responses is Thursday 30th September 2021.
Your support is much appreciated! 
Many thanks. 

United States: The USIRG continues to be very active: the MISSION IDDSI team at Promedica Skilled Nursing and Rehab in Riverview, Ohio is rolling out further implementation to Level 5 Minced & Moist and Soft and Level 6 Soft & Bite-Sized in their site. In addition, the Research and Data Collection workgroup has compiled more than 450 publications that either mention, utilize, or directly study the IDDSI framework. Read their update here.
If there doesn't seem to be a Reference Group for IDDSI implementation in your country, consider contacting us to find out how to set up an IDDSI Reference Group.
We are excited to announce the following changes and additions to the growing list of translations of the IDDSI Framework.
Interested in translating a language that is not on this list? Make sure you check out our available translations to see if the language isn't already there. If not, contact us.

IDDSI Webinars
An International Perspective on IDDSI Implementation and Clinical Practice
Thursday, September 23
3:00 PM CEST (UTC +2 hours)
6:00 AM PDT (UTC -7 hours)
8:00 AM CDT (UTC -5 hours)
10:00 PM JST (UTC +9 hours)

We are excited to announce that registration has opened for our webinar sponsored by IDDSI Platinum Sponsor, Nestle HealthScience. An international panel of presenters will join us for a special presentation on Getting Ready for IDDSI. 

Click on the image to the right to see the agenda and panelists and click below to register.
IDDSI Learning in August
Sign up for these rebroadcasts of some of our popular IDDSI topics. If you missed earlier presentations of the following webinars, attend the sessions below. Individuals who attend any of the webinars below will receive a Certificate of Attendance.
IDDSI 301: Implementation
Tuesday, August 3, 2021
11:00 AM Auckland Time
Insights from New Zealand Implementation
Tuesday, August 17, 2021
11:00 AM Auckland Time
The Science Behind IDDSI Testing Methods with Dr. Ben Hanson
Monday, August 23
3:00 PM Pacific Time
Previous Webinars and Recordings
Thank you to everyone who has been registering for our webinars! We recently broadcasted the IDDSI 201 Testing Methods on July 20, which can be found here. Missed any of our other webinars? All our webinars are recorded and can be found on here, but please note rewatching the webinars on YouTube will not provide you with a Certificate of Attendance.

If you register and then cannot attend a webinar, PLEASE make sure to cancel so we may open another spot up for someone else.  Thank you very much for your consideration. 
New Sponsors: Simplot Foodservice & Bracco Imaging
We are very pleased to welcome Simplot Foodservice as our newest Gold sponsor. At Simplot Foodservice, our team of leading health professionals and chefs work to develop convenient & versatile solutions for health and aged care, focusing on a food-first approach. Our market-leading products uphold taste, nutrition, quality, and safety to help you put your residents and patients first.
We are also very pleased to welcome Bracco Imaging as a Silver Sponsor. Bracco Imaging offers products and solutions for all key diagnostic imaging modalities, including standardized contrast agents for the Modified Barium Swallow Study.
IDDSI in Action
  • Japanese Society of Dysphagia Rehabilitation/World Dysphagia Summit Congress, August 20-23, 2021
  • International Congress of Dietetics (ICD2020), September 3, 2021
  • German Dysphagia Society (DGD) IDDSI Online Workshop, October 7, 2021
  • Taiwan Association for Dysphagia (TAD) Assembly, November 21, 2021
Take a look at our Global page to see where different countries are in respect to supporting IDDSI Implementation.
Interested in starting an IDDSI reference group to help support IDDSI implementation in your country? Contact us.