July 2022
Diving into July
Happy July 4th
Call Staying Put at 203-966-7762 to sign up for member events.
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 484, New Canaan, CT 06840
The office will be closed Monday and Tuesday, July 4-5, in observance of Independence Day. We will not be able to provide rides on these two days. We'll be back in the office on Wednesday, July 6.
July at a Glance
Sat., July 2, 5pm - The Family Fourth at Waveny Park
Tues., July 12, 11am - Silvermine Arts Guild Exhibition and Lunch
Wed., July 13, 5:30pm - Dinner at One Twenty Three Restaurant
Thurs., July 14, 10am - Men's Coffee at Staying Put
Tues., July 19, 10:30am - Katonah Museum of Art
Wed., July 20, 10am - New Canaan Historical Society Exhibition "I Do"
Thurs., July 21, 10am - Ladies' Coffee at Staying Put
Sat., July 23, 9am - 4pm - Village Fair and Sidewalk Sale
Tues., July 26, 12pm - Lunch at Grace Farms
Wed., July 27, 12:30pm - Lunch and the movie "CODA" at Lapham
Thurs., July 28, 10am - Men's Coffee at Staying Put

Save the Date
Dinner Picnic at Woodway Beach Club
Tues., Aug. 16, 5:30 - 7:30pm
Rain Date - Aug. 17th
Member Events
A gentle reminder to our members to please RSVP to our events and also let us know if you need to cancel your attendance. This information helps us to plan, especially for refreshments. Thank you.
Tues., July 12, 11am:
Silvermine Guild of Artists: Guild Summer Salon Exhibition followed by lunch at Silvermine Market
We will visit the Silvermine Guild Arts Center for their Guild Summer Salon Exhibition which features new work from over 100 members of the Silvermine Guild of Artists. We will then walk across the street for lunch at the Silvermine Market where a table will be reserved for our group. Gallery visit is free. Cash or credit for lunch accepted. RSVP by Mon., July 11th.
Join us at a Staying Put favorite - One Twenty Three Restaurant. Enjoy a fixe prixe menu of salad, entree choice of Salmon, Lemon Chicken, Penne Sausage or Mushroom Ravioli, followed by either Tiramisu or Red Velvet Cake. 407 Smith Ridge Road, South Salem, NY, $35 per person plus cash bar. RSVP by Fri., July 8th.
Wed., July 13, 5:30pm: Dinner at One Twenty Three Restaurant
Thurs., July 14, 10am: Men's Coffee at Staying Put. We are back at the Staying Put office! Join us for great conversation, sweet and savory treats and Zumbach's coffee. Free. RSVP by Wed., July 13.
Tues., July 19, 10:30am: Katonah Museum of Art - Tradition Interrupted. "Tradition Interrupted" explores how artists weave contemporary ideas with traditional art and craft to create thought-provoking hybrid images and objects that have caught the world’s attention. The 12 artists in this show—and their traditions—hail from every corner of the globe. 134 Jay Street, Katonah, NY. Carpools from the Staying Put office will be available. $7 per person with max attendance of 12. RSVP by Thurs., July 14.
Wed., July 20, 10am: "I Do" The History of Wedding Fashion and Tradition at New Canaan Historical Society. This exhibition features wedding dresses from 1820-1990 drawn from the Museum’s extensive clothing and textile collection. Also included are shoes, veils, headpieces, and ephemera, along with images and histories of the women who wore them. Our own Lila Coleman's mother's dress is part of this wonderful exhibition. Lemonade and treats to follow on the patio. $5 per person. RSVP by Tues., July 19.
Thurs., July 21, 10am: Ladies' Coffee at Staying Put. Join us at the Staying Put office for coffee, conversation and sweet and savory snacks. Catch up on the latest happenings in and around New Canaan. Free. RSVP by Wed., July 20.
Sat., July 23, 9am - 4pm: Staying Put table at the New Canaan Village Fair & Sidewalk Sale. Looking for a good deal? Come on down to the annual Village Fair & Sidewalk Sale and make sure to stop by and say hi to us at the Staying Put table in front of Starbucks.
Tues., July 26, 12pm: Lunch at Grace Farms. Come meet up for lunch at Grace Farms and enjoy great views, beautiful architecture, delicious food and good company. 365 Lukes Wood Road, New Canaan. Please bring credit or debit card for lunch as cash is not accepted. RSVP by Mon., July 25.
Wed., July 27, 12:30pm: Lunch and a Movie at Lapham. Enjoy a light lunch while watching the Academy Award film for best picture: "CODA". As a special treat, we will have some instruction in American Sign Language before the movie starts. Free. RSVP by Fri., July 22.
Thurs., July 28 at 10:00am: Men's Coffee at Staying Put. Enjoy savory and sweet treats, Zumbach's coffee and catch up on the latest news in and around town. Free. RSVP by Wed., July 27.
New Canaan Community Foundation Grant
Staying Put is honored to be a recipient of a 2022 NCCF grant in support of our Staying Put Scholarship. Our Executive Director, Gina Blum, represented Staying Put at the Awards Ceremony held on June 1st at Waveny House.
Farm-fresh Eggs
These free range, organic eggs are delivered to the Staying Put office bi-weekly by the son of a prior member. $5 per dozen.

If you are an older adult experiencing memory lapses, lack of focus, or confusion – or you have a loved one with these symptoms – it’s natural to worry about dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. But before leaping to this conclusion, it is important to rule out other eminently treatable conditions that can cause similar symptoms. Some common medical problems that can be mistaken for dementia include:

1. Medication interactions and side effects. Older adults are more likely than younger people to develop cognitive impairment as a side effect of a medication, and research shows that drug toxicity is responsible in as many as 12% of patients who present with suspected dementia. Many types of prescriptions and over-the-counter drugs can affect cognition, but the most common include those for sleep, urinary incontinence, pain, anxiety and allergies. Even a prescription you have been on for years can trigger
confusion. As we age, our kidneys and liver become less effective at clearing drugs from our bodies, so a medication can build up in your system over time and cause an issue.
2. A respiratory infection, including COVID-19. Any untreated infection can cause delirium – a sudden change in alertness, attention, memory and orientation that can mimic dementia. Respiratory infections can be difficult to diagnose in older adults because they are more likely to lack classic symptoms, such as a fever or cough. Delirium tends to come on suddenly, whereas classic dementia usually progresses slowly, with subtle memory changes that gradually worsen over time.
3. A urinary tract infection (UTI). UTIs are another common cause of delirium and dementia-like symptoms in older adults. Like respiratory infections, UTIs manifest differently for those older than 65 than in younger patients. An older adult with a UTI might experience a mental-status change without fever or burning with urination.
4. Sleep problems or disturbed sleep. Getting a good night’s sleep is essential to protecting the brain as you age. Sleep gives our brains time to learn, store memories, and filter out toxic substances. If your sleep-wake cycle is disturbed or you have insomnia, you may experience dementia-like symptoms such as trouble focusing, confusion, mental fatigue and irritability. Studies have shown that insomnia affects 30 to 48% of older people. If you struggle to get enough sleep, experts recommend limiting (or eliminating) daytime naps, restricting the use of alcohol and caffeine in the evening, and following a consistent sleep schedule and other good sleep habits. Also be sure and inform your doctor if you have signs of sleep apnea, such as loud snoring, waking up gasping or choking, uncontrolled high blood pressure, a morning headache or a dry
mouth upon waking. Apnea can be treated effectively using a continuous airway
pressure machine (CPAP).
5. Dehydration. Dehydration can also mimic dementia, and is common in older patients. As we age, the body’s ability to retain water in blood vessels decreases, and the thirst mechanism weakens, so it’s easy to get dehydrated without realizing it. Taking diuretics or laxatives can further contribute to water loss. If someone you love seems foggy or confused, check to see if their urine is dark yellow or brown, which can indicate a lack of fluids. To prevent dehydration, older adults should aim to get a least six 8-ounce glasses
of caffeine-free fluids a day.

In addition to those above, many other conditions can cause symptoms that mimic dementia, including thyroid problems, sodium or vitamin B12 deficiency, pain, constipation, some cancers, disorders of the heart, lungs, liver or kidneys, heavy alcohol use and depression. Many of these conditions are treatable, and cognitive symptoms can be reversed, as long as they are properly diagnosed. Bottom line… if you are worried, don’t delay seeking answers.
Speak to your doctor.
Happy Birthday!
July 2: Joan Rafferty
July 4: Bev Buonaiuto,
Dorothy Pierpont
July 6: Art Fitilis
July 8: Jude Halleran,
Margo Sisson
July 9: Pat Billhardt
July 10: Bill Knobloch,
Frank Davis, Peg Bull
July 11: Betty Hodgman
July 14: Dick Sandberg
July 15: Doris Molinari
July 18: Ann Ward
July 19: Joan McKeon
July 21: Chris Snyder
July 23: Diann Holland
July 24: Janet Schutte
July 26: Judith Kamerschen
July 27: Judy MacEwan
July 31: Herb Taylor,
Marion Hazlehurst
Family Center's Center for Hope

Please contact
Sharon Kutner, LCSW
Caregivers Support Group
For those caring for an
aging or ill loved one.
Mondays from 2-3 pm
By Zoom
Being a caregiver can be a
stressful and lonely experience. Only those who have cared for an aging or ill loved one can fully understand the range of
emotions tied to this often
under-appreciated job. Join
other caregivers in this safe
and confidential environment to gain insights and discuss challenges.
General Bereavement Support Group
For adults who are grieving the loss of a parent, sibling, close relative/friend.
Wednesdays from 5:30 - 6:30 pm
In Person in Darien
Each person's grief is unique, but sharing some commonalities with other adults who have experienced the loss of a loved one can help you feel more connected, understood and supported.
Lapham Center
Thurs., July 14, 1pm: Conversation with a Cop. Bringing police officers together with the community to discuss issues of concern and learn more about each other.

Mon., July 11 and 18, 11:15am to 12:15pm: Blood Pressure Clinic. In person blood pressure clinics with Bethany Zaro, RN, MPH, Director of Human Services. Please schedule an appointment.

Thurs., July 14 and 28, Only by Appointment: Free Medicare Counseling.

Fri., July 1, 8, 15, 22, 29, 9:30am: Mindful Meditation with Casey. Weather permitting, class will be held outside. Free.
Call the Lapham Center at
203-594-3620 for more information and to RSVP.

Tues., July 5, 12, 19, and 26,
2 - 4pm: Drop In Tech Support at Lapham. You must have a reservation and space is limited. Sessions are 20 minutes.
New Canaan Farmer's Market
Saturdays, 10am - 2pm
Lumber Yard Parking Lot
Town of New Canaan
41st Annual Family Fourth Fireworks
Family picnicking, food trucks, children's games and bounce-houses, live music and a spectacular fireworks display at 9pm.
July 2, Gates open at 5pm
Rain dates July 3rd or 9th
For tickets and more information go to:
Waveny Summer Concerts
Waveny Summer Concert Series
Concerts on the patio at Waveny House.
Wed., June 16 to Sept. 7
Rain dates are the following Thursday.
7:30 - 9:30pm
For more information: Click Here
Summer Theater of New Canaan
Once On This Island
Once On This Island" is a captivating legend of romance between a peasant girl and a rich city boy whom she saves from death.
July 7 - 31
Shows: Thurs. - Sat., 8pm and Sun., 7pm
For tickets: Click Here
Please call us anytime at 203-966-7762
- Gina, Kim, Nic and Robin
PO Box 484
New Canaan CT 06840