NORTHERN VA housing stats

(All 102 zip codes/communities)

You will not find this information anywhere else. Median sale price of homes by Zip Code and City. Data from MLS. Prepared by TOBIN SEVEN, Principal Broker / Army Veteran / Eagle Scout.
Quick summary of DMV (DC, MD and VA): NORTHERN VA appreciation rapidly slowing, but much higher than DC. DC has weak home price appreciation, MARYLAND appreciation now highest home price appreciation in DMV!

  • NORTHERN VIRGINIA housing market now BUYER's market. Price increases are slowing down.
  • Home appreciation now at +4.9%.
  • +6.1% home price appreciation in June.
  • +9.5% in May.
  • WASHINGTON DC home appreciation in past 12 months is up only +3.6%. Previous negative annual -5.3%
  • MARYLAND housing market still strong!
  • +8.7% appreciation versus previous month's 9.9% appreciation.

  • Tobin's NOTE: inflation is running at an annual rate of 8.5%. Despite what the Government says---I am seeing a recession in the housing market. Home prices are still increasing, however, annual appreciation has slowed a lot. For the first time in 2 years, my Buyers are able to ask for help with closing costs and we are able to do a full Home Inspection (and ask for repairs). It is becoming a BUYER's market.
Tobin's NOTE: Median price of home today in NORTHERN VIRGINIA is $619,000. A 4.9% annual increase.
  • Same home 12 months ago would have cost $590,000.
  • You would pay $2,417 a month extra, to buy same home, you saw 12 months previously.
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Below, are links to useful Housing information. For DMV (DC, Maryland and Virginia).
In yesterday's Wall Street Journal (WSJ). An 8 page report on the struggles three families had buying their homes in Arlington, Virginia.

Interesting article about the Northern Virginia home market of today.

See below. So true!
See below. I believe the information below is true. Home price increases are slowing---but their will not be a Housing Market crash---like what we saw in 2008.
See below. The three main organizations that forecast home price increases---all agree---appreciation will start to rise again (note, NAR = National Association of Realtors).
See chart below: NORTHERN VIRGINIA has an excess inventory of homes for sale.
See "gold" and "orange" dials below. SUMMARY: Buyer's Market.

  • See chart below. NORTHERN VIRGINIA home price appreciation:
  • continues to decline. Appreciation has been cut in half from appreciation of two months ago.
  • housing inventory continues to increase.
  • Producer price index (PPI) up 9.8%---ouch. PPI is a predictor of future Consumer Price Index rise.
  • CPI (consumer price index) is 8.5%.
See chart below. NORTHERN VIRGINIA saw a significant decrease in number of homes sold this year when compared to 2021. Why?
  • buyer's are sitting on sidelines and are not buying
  • increasing home interest rates.
See chart below---by Zip Code and Corresponding City
The 102 zip codes/communities in NORTHERN VIRGINIA experienced weak annual appreciation of 4.9%.
  • Inflation is 8.5%. Consumer Price Index (CPI)
  • Producer Price Index is 9.8% (PPI)
Past monthly, Housing statistics for Northern Virginia, Maryland and DC can be found at: archive goes back several years.

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