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Thank you to Senator Chris Belt (57th District) and Stephanie Scurlark-Belt for your interest in and visit to the Madison County and St. Clair County CACs. We had a great discussion about the important role of CACs in addressing trauma resulting from child abuse and from children witnessing violence.

Another thank you to CACI board member Amber Clayborne, Founder - The Kerengende Foundation for the introduction and facilitating this meeting, you are appreciated!

We look forward to a continued partnership to support children and families in Illinois!

Kim Mangiaracino

Executive Director

Children’s Advocacy Centers of Illinois

Do you recognize the CACI staff members in the picture above? 

We are doing it again!  Last year CACI showcased CAC staff, MDT members, DCFS staff, Stakeholders, Representatives/Legislators, Board Members, Volunteers, Interns, and CACI staff members spanning the month of September with a fun back-to-school themed Virtual Yearbook!   

During the month of September, we will be sharing supportive resources and tools on our social media platforms as everyone is getting settled back into school.  

We would ❤️ if you would share a school photo of yourself, in any grade (Pre-K through College), and answer one easy question about yourself, to be added to our yearbook! 

Was your CAC represented last year?  Check out the amazing photo yearbook from 2021 here to find out!  Submissions will be accepted through 9/17/22.

Submit Your Photo Here!

Interconnecting Mental Health and Behavioral Support Improves School Safety, Study Says

When children experience violence at school, be it bullying or gun violence, the negative consequences of those interactions can follow them for years, often manifesting later as higher rates of absenteeism, lower high school graduation rates, and lower college graduation rates.

Read More

What Children Need During the Legal Process

We know that once a report is made, and children are brought to a Children’s Advocacy Center (CAC) or multidisciplinary team (MDT), their involvement in the legal process is a given. What we don’t know, or rather what we don’t know enough about, is how that involvement affects them.


Read More

Cara Vock

Director of Programs and Member Services

The National Children’s Alliance (NCA), which is the accreditation body for Children’s Advocacy Centers (CACs) has developed 10 Standards for the minimum practice to strengthen the response to children and families seen at Children’s Advocacy Center. These standards are consistent to research and updates in the field and all accredited Children’s Advocacy Centers must follow their guidance. The Standard’s latest update can be found here

I wanted to pull some language to remind Multi-Disciplinary Team members and Children’s Advocacy Centers staff why we follow these standards. According to the Putting Standards into Practice-A Guide for Implementing the 2023 National Standards of Accreditation for Children’s Advocacy Centers “Standards for CACs are important guides for planning, organizing, and delivering services in order to most effectively meet the needs of children and families in the aftermath of a report of abuse. They are also useful measures for increasing public awareness, interest, and support of CACs, as well as explaining and justifying funding requests to public and private funders. CACs that have met the Standards for Accredited Members are recognized as having achieved a desired level of multidisciplinary team practice and coordinated service delivery that positively impacts the experience and well-being of children and families served.” Meeting these standards is a great way to not only ensure the best response for our clients, but also to ensure a holistic community response to child abuse. I encourage you to look through these new standards and to start making plans to implement these required changes into your practice. Discuss with your teams, boards, and staff how to best make these changes so that we can best ensure every child in IL is receiving equitable services.

I am always available to discuss how other centers both locally and nationally are meeting these requirements. It is my primary goal to support you through changing processes and requirements. Please do not hesitate to contact me at cara@cacionline.org for brainstorming and assistance.

Mike Burns

Statewide MDT Coordinator

Crime Scene to Trial team application forms have been published.  CACI is proud to announce the 2nd Annual Crime Scene to Trial training.  The training is for up to 4 teams and will be held in Springfield from September 27th through the 29th. For more information and to submit an application for your team, please go here.

Ya'Shika Reed

Training and Prevention Specialist

Please take a look and pass along our upcoming training list to your staff and your teams.

Mental Health Supervision


Mental Health Supervision 7/18

Quarterly Advocate Roundtable 

July 19 Virtual

Qtr Adv Rt

2023 NCA Accreditation Standard Training 

July 21-22, Virtual

NCA Accreditation Standards 

Stopping Technology: Facilitated Abuse of Rural Kids Prosecutor Symposium:STARK

Aug 23-25, Mt. Vernon, $60

Stopping Technology Facilitated Abuse of Rural Kids

How to Best Support Kids at Trial 

Aug 3-4, VIRTUAL (note change from in-person)

Single registration -$0 Attorney CLEs- $30

How to Best Support Kids at Trial 

ChildFirst Fall Illinois 2022 

October 3-7, Springfield, Il

Full week $250

Attorney course (Oct 3-5) $185

1 day protocol (Oct 4) $50

ChildFirst Fall Illinois 2022

Kenny Matthews, CPA

Chief Financial Officer


This month, I went on vacation and thought I'd share my easy beach-read (fiction, for a change!). After binge watching the show, I tore threw "The Terminal List" by Jack Carr on the sands of Mexico and can't recommend it enough. Great action, great characters, and great pacing.

Kathy L Murphy

VOCA Fiscal Grant Monitor

Kathy Murphy.jpg

Upcoming Due Dates:

CESF July Fiscal Expense PFR due:

Fri, Aug 5, 2022

VOCA FY23 July Fiscal Expense PFR due:

Wed, Aug 10, 2022

FY23 PFR Workbooks and AmpliFund will be ready soon. We will let you know as soon as they are ready.

CESF PFR Workbooks and AmpliFund will be updated soon for the additional extension/additional funds. This extends the CESF grant period to January 31, 2023. We will let you know as soon as they are ready.


We have made it through another VOCA grant year. I appreciate everyone making time to complete reports, modifications, attend site visits, etc throughout the year. I’m busy wrapping up the year-end reports. I’ll have information on the amount of FY22 funds spent out/unspent for the next newsletter, and during a Council meeting sometime in August.

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer!

Michael Morgan

VOCA Program Grant Monitor

Michael Morgan Pic 2.JPG

Thank you for getting your quarterly reports and close-out reports to us. 

We still have a few FY22 VOCA site visits to complete and I will be reaching out to those centers in the coming weeks. 

Hanane Bousfoul

Data and Communications Specialist

The below graph shows the results of the 1st question in the initial caregiver survey in FY22

Call the 24-hour Child Abuse Hotline at 800-25-ABUSE

(800-252-2873) if you suspect that a child has been harmed or is at risk of being harmed by abuse or neglect. If you believe a child is in immediate danger of harm, call 911 first.

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