July 2022 E-News
The Shoulders We Stand On

" If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants."
Sir Isaac Newton


I have stood on shoulders and been taken under people’s wings. Both are phrases we use when talking about the friends, mentors, and colleagues that have helped us along the way. 

We talk about "standing on the shoulders" of those who have come before us. There are so many of these people that I feel like the guy on top of one of those water ski show pyramids. I have learned from their ideas, absorbed their lessons, and imitated their way of facilitating. Standing on shoulders is a way that one generation helps the next.

But we also have the phrase "she took me under her wing," and this is a related but slightly different image. To be under someone’s wing is to be mentored, but also protected or shielded. It has a more nurturing feel. Here too I have been blessed with a number of men and women who have done exactly that for my calling. 

Join us for the next PT for the Soul as we celebrate those people in our lives who have helped us along the way and explore ways we might be that kind of person for others regardless of our age or stage of life.

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Quiet Observation

When I was five I announced to my family I was going to be a veterinarian. I had no reason for this proclamation other than I loved warm and furry things curled up and sleeping on my lap. Bugs that flashed yellow in the dark also made my top ten most favorite species list.
Two years go by and I'm enthralled with color and shape, curvy lines and straight ones, or how a piece of clay can be round or flat depending upon whether you step on it with your foot or roll it into a ball. And when my parents bought me the super size box of 64 crayons rather than the standard box of 8, I was destined for greatness!
Through my earliest years of wonder and discovery my parents kept a low profile.
I had free rein prowling through my mother’s rock garden, turning over stones, hoping to find a juicy toad or insects with shells that resembled tiny armadillos. Unaware of my parent’s watchful eyes, I spent hours drawing animations for the many stories my sister would create. From horse heads to stick figures; ants on trees, or a single rose hanging from a bush; nothing escaped my budding Michelangelo.

Fast forward to college graduation and I’ve completed four years of art training. A short time after I bought a Cocker Spaniel, and many years later, I became a potter.
I’m grateful to my parents for their watchful eyes, quietly observing their animal loving, clay molding, crayon wielding youngest daughter discover who she was meant to be. 
Alice Barbera
Reflection Question

Whose shoulders do you stand on? Who has taken you under their wing? 

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