Client Spotlight - Sisters United Against Cancer
Sisters United Against Cancer, Inc. 501c3
Provide, Promote, Educate
In September 2020, Nancy McNally was diagnosed with breast cancer, a decade after her twin sister Michelle Zaniboni had also been diagnosed with it. Soon after that, together, they founded Sisters United Against Cancer (a 501c3 organization) to aid others in their struggle with cancer. They have been fortunate to have loved ones and associates help them during their fight with breast cancer. Nancy and Michelle want no one fighting cancer to feel alone or to struggle to find information and resources. Starting on a shoestring, they started providing personalized gift boxes for free. Since then, they have expanded their services.

“Provide, Promote and Educate” are the three words Nancy uses to describe their work.

Sisters United Against Cancer provides resources. For example, the well-liked gift boxes are tailored to suit the individual as well as the phase of their cancer fighting journey. Whether it’s during treatment with an “encouragement” box or during recovery with boxes devoted to nutrition and natural remedies, Sisters United Against Cancer has the items you need. For those who want to get moving again, they can provide boxes that contain Fitbits, sneakers, or small trampolines. There are Boxes for all needs! That's the Provide part!

Sisters United Against Cancer advocate for a combination of natural and traditional therapies in the treatment of cancer. As Nancy puts it, “We want to yell and scream about natural remedies, and holistic ways to heal and become healthy.” That’s the Promote part!

Nancy remembers frantically looking for information and taking notes after her sister was diagnosed with cancer. She felt as if she were drowning in data. Sister United Against Cancer hopes to make finding information easier and serve as a hub for cancer patients with questions. That’s the Educate part!

Nancy and Michelle are working on putting their tons of ideas into action. One such idea is a creative approach to help those with low incomes or food insecurity to make nutritious and inexpensive meals. Nancy’s plan is to make a YouTube channel and cooking show about getting healthier using simple plant-based, anti-inflammatory recipes and natural remedies. It will be a beginner-friendly cooking show with no fancy equipment required since Nancy and her sister do not typically prepare meals at home. “We want people to join us in learning,” she says. 

Sisters United Against Cancer believe they can become a hub for people on their cancer journey, providing resources and information at every stage. Other future initiatives might include a community garden & greenhouse, providing thank you notes to nurses and staff on oncology wards at hospitals, providing children fighting cancer with gift boxes, etc. They are currently planning a karaoke night for cancer survivors.

Nancy is a teacher by trade with 24 years’ experience in special education. She has taught every grade and every setting from private to therapeutic to public to alternatives. Teaching is her passion. Her sister Michelle, as much as they are alike, are also opposites. She works in a hospital, registering and assisting patients who will soon be getting radiation therapy. When Michelle feels inspired and knows that the person, she is working with will benefit, “she shares her own cancer journey and that can have such a positive impact for both of them” and she also on an everyday basis “shares her compassion, understanding, and empathy with every patient.”  

They both have their niches and unique skills. However, when it comes to a lot of business skills …. “none ….. zero”. It is where SCORE comes in with critical mentorship! Nancy goes on to share that her mentor Rich Lowney brought in experts Heather Turner and Mary Weiss to provide “invaluable support to my sister and me as we continue down this unfamiliar road. Every question we have, problem we need solved, or resources we are looking for – you name it – they have been there for us to share their talents, knowledge, and expertise.”

Visit Sisters United Against Cancer at: https://www.sistersunitedagainstcancer.org/ to learn more about the services they offer. 

If you, a friend, or a family member are interested in a personalized box, contact Sisters United Against Cancer at sistersunitedagainstcancer@gmail.com If you have discretionary resources, consider sponsoring a gift basket ($50) for a loved one or anonymously for someone battling cancer. To sponsor a gift box or to give a donation go to their website to help this valuable cause.

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