July 2022
After a nearly year of monthly meetings and personal research, members of this year’s MSP 2.0 cohort gathered for a 3-day workshop at the NACMS office in Dayton to pray, create community, and work on their projects on Marianist Prayer. Below are pictures of our shared time and testimonials from the participants regarding their experience.
Based on the Marianist Studies Program from the 1970s, MSP 2.0 is a year-long program of assisted inquiry into a topic in Marianist Studies. Through reading and discussion, monthly virtual meetings, and a week at NACMS, participants engage with colleagues, experts, and the NACMS staff with a goal of producing a publishable product. This year our topic is Marianist Prayer: Listening, Pondering, and Responding.
This year's participants are (as pictured) Marg Van Herk-Paradis (Stratford, Ontario, Canada), David Coleman (Honolulu, HI), Beth Garascia (South Bend, IN) Mary Snyder (Cape May, NJ), and Al Prendergast (Boynton Beach, FL).
Here are some testimonials regarding their MSP experience:
Mary Synder: "MSP forces you into a study you normally wouldn't do. I also really enjoy meeting new people and seeing them face-to-face after a year of zoom meetings."
Marg Van Herk-Paradis: [regarding her podcast project] "I'm excited to reach out to a new audience of people in a different way. To offer a different medium for the Marianist family to explore. Especially with the topic of Marianist Prayer."
Al Prendergast: "I don't think people that haven't been to NACMS understand the depth of experience and research they have to offer."
Beth Garascia: "I enjoy writing very much, but I don't always to take time to do it. This program forces you to do it and make a commitment that I'm going to produce a paper. I'm always glad that I've done it and enjoy the process."
David Coleman: "An exceptional part of the program is that you're with other people on a journey. Sometimes scholarship is a lonely and individual thing we do. What is good about the program is, yes, you're going to do that, but the point is that you can share it with others, you can support others on their work at the same time. We really have a chance of becoming a learning community of faith sharers."

We pack a lot of activities in our 3-day June workshop including daily prayer, consulant feedback, peer feedback, and research. Thank you to our consultants LeeAnn Meyer, Father Jim Schimelpfening, and Brother Timothy Phillps.
As we build a community of learners within our cohort, we also reach out and spend an evening with the PULSE (Partners in Urban Leadership, Service and Education) community who were kind enough to offer us conversation and dessert. To learn more about PULSE click here.
Front row: David Coleman, Mary Snyder, Brother Timothy Phillips, Brother Andrew Kosmowski
Middle Row: Gabrielle Bibeau, Mallory Fowler, Beth Garascia, Teresa Trimboli, Daniel Jordan
Back Row: George Lisjak, Patti Gehred, Father Jim Schimelpfening, LeeAnn Meyer, Marg Van Herk-Paradis, Al Prendergast, Brother Tom Redmond
We will be publishing the completed projects of this cohort in the near future. If you'd like to learn more about MSP 2.0 click here. If you have ideas for a topic you'd like to research in the future contact Patti Gehred at
North American Center for Marianist Studies
Dayton, OH 45430-1083

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