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July 2022
Nominate your diabetes hero or apply for the diabetes educator scholarship!
2022 NC Diabetes Advisory Council Awards and Scholarship.

Award recipients are recognized on October 28, 2022 during an awards ceremony following the Diabetes Advisory Council meeting. Don’t miss the opportunity to recognize your diabetes hero. Visit the Diabetes Advisory Council for the online nomination and application form. Self-nominations are welcome for the three award categories.

View the NC DAC Awards and Scholarship descriptions HERE!
New Personal Success Tool Modules

Share the links to the interactive motivational modules with your class participants after the appropriate sessions to keep participants engaged.

Send the link to this module after the “Managing Stress” session. This module allows participants to experiment with and practice healthy ways to cope with stress, including a brief guided meditation exercise and easy stretches for relaxation.

Send the link to this module after the “Take a Fitness Break” session. This module offers interactions that allow participants to practice quick exercises in the moment, along with tips and encouraging messages to help them overcome barriers and work those activities into their daily lives.

Program Champion Strategy Toolkit and Promotional Materials
The Program Champion Strategy Toolkit is a web-based resource to help coaches engage and retain participants for the National DPP lifestyle change program. Program administrators and coaches can use this tool to recruit Program Champions from current and past participants. The Program Champions can then help recruit new participants into the lifestyle change program.

The toolkit includes short and direct tools and tip sheets for you and for your program champions that were developed and tested with lifestyle change program staff.
Update Program Information to Receive DPP Referrals
Keep us Informed!
Use DiabetesFreeNC’s online program update form regularly to update your program's contact information, upcoming class dates and times, class modality (e.g., in person, combination), Spanish class availability, and other information. The DPP Navigator team will use this information when communicating with referred individuals about DPPs available to enroll participants.
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