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July 2022

Friends of the Orchestra Pop Up Event | Building a Watertight Frame | Brooke's Butterfly Bash Recap | Gallery Artist Updates | Art World News

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Art World News

Our selection of news from the international art world:
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Artist can take Maurizio Cattelan to court over banana work, says Florida judge

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Basquiat expert denies she authenticated disputed paintings the FBI seized from Florida museum

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Banksy's Lowestoft mural replicated in 'vending machine'

Friends of the Florida Orchestra Pop Up Event

Stop by the gallery next Friday, July 29 between 5 and 7 pm for a pop up social event by the Tampa Friends of the Florida Orchestra (TFO)! This casual evening with members of the Tampa Friends of TFO is an opportunity to learn more about TFO, meet new friends and renew old acquaintances. Artwork by new and familiar Michael Murphy Gallery artists will be on display and available for acquisition. Wine and nibbles provided! 

Walk-ins are very welcome. RSVP's are encouraged to help plan for refreshments. If interested, RSVP to

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From the Framing Masters:

Design and Building a Watertight Frame

Watertight Face

The sealed watertight package with the artwork, ready for the frame.

Back of Watertight Encapsulation

Close-up of custom spacer created to keep glass off of the artwork. The spacer was built and covered with thin fabric to match the rest of the frame design.

Project: Two antique original drawings

When a client brought in two original drawings, Michael Murphy, worked with them to create a design beckoning the glamourous designs of the ‘20s. The selection of a small, custom one-of-a-kind gold leaf frame with a pattern and finished corners combined with floating the drawings on a silk backing and museum glass gave the two pieces an elegance from the past. For most people, this is all that they see, and it is beautiful.

The technical side to protect the artwork has to happen. It’s the part you never see, but it keeps your artwork in pristine condition.

When the client mentioned the art would be in a high humidity environment Mr.Murphy designed a watertight package. This creates some separate issues that had to be addressed.

The glazing must not touch the artwork. In order to float the museum glass over the artwork, a custom spacer was built and covered with the same fabric.

The watertight encapsulation concept was invented by the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C. The gallery was looking for a way to protect framed paper art from water damage should the fire sprinklers activate. Water had to be prevented from wicking up the frame and damaging the artwork. And not be seen by the viewer. The criteria for success was the frame package had to stay underwater for three hours without leaking.

The encapsulation is made using aluminized polyethylene and nylon barrier film, which resists the transmission of water vapor and other atmospheric gases and is puncture resistant. A special adhesive on the glass completes the package.

"The humidity inside the frame will stay the same as when the artwork was sealed. So, we have to frame it in a controlled environment with the ideal level of humidity for the art. This creates a stable environment for the artwork regardless of what is going on in the room.” Murphy explains.

And the best part? This tough frame still has an elegant design that perfectly complements the artwork's delicate watercolors. Talk about Beauty and the Beast!

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Brooke's Butterfly Bash Book Signing & Fundraiser to Support Children with Lupus

Michael Murphy Gallery was proud to host Brooke's Butterfly Bash Book Signing & Fundraiser on the evening of Saturday, July 16. Said Bash founder Denise Brown:

"My Brooke had such a beautiful heart & soul as well having so many talents & accomplishments at such a young age. So, On Saturday July 16th at Michael Murphy’s Gallery I shared some her amazing art that she was hired to draw for this children's ABC book. We had a huge turnout for Author Mike Hofmeister. Mike Introduced himself & shared how this book came about. He signed almost 100 books! Our attendees got to meet our Lia, with TGH foundation who came and spoke about how we are working together for our children with Lupus in our community! Was wonderful for her to meet so many supporters.

The swag bags were spectacular & Fun had by ALL and for me... felt great to show my appreciation, plus the event brought in a bit a funds which is always the goal to Benefit: LFOA/ FL Chapter & TGH Foundation"

What a fantastic evening for a fantastic foundation!

Interested in renting the gallery for your next event? With 5,000 sq. ft. of elegant gallery space, private rooms, and easy setup for catering, a bar and/or a DJ, we are fully equipped to meet your event needs. 

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Gallery Artist Updates

Schools-SingForHope image

Alexandra Nechita

"A Sing for Hope piano created by Beverly Hills resident and artist Alexandra Nechita was dedicated to the Beverly Hills High School music program on April 27.

As part of the Sing for Hope Pianos community initiative, the uniquely colorful piano artworks were made available for anyone and everyone to play last fall. The pianos were then moved to permanent homes in public schools across the greater Los Angeles area.

Each Sing for Hope piano featured original artwork designed by Los Angeles-based visual artists and appeared at iconic locations throughout the city, including Beverly Hills City Hall, Beverly Gardens Park, the Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts, Will Rogers Memorial Park, La Cienega Park and Roxbury Park."

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Pablo Picasso

"Officials in Spain seized a drawing believed to be by Pablo Picasso valued at more than $460,000 from a passenger who failed to declare it to airport customs, the Tax Agency and Civil Guard in Spain said in a statement.

The traveler, whose name was not released, arrived in Ibiza, Spain, from Switzerland on July 5 and tried to smuggle the 1966 drawing, called 'Trois Personnages,' in his luggage, according to Spanish officials.

Spanish authorities said customs officials in Switzerland had tipped them off about a passenger who was 'carrying a work of art in circumstances' that Swiss officials considered “suspicious.” The man told authorities he had nothing to declare when he was questioned after he landed at Ibiza Airport."

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David Skillicorn

David shared on July 17th: "Honored to receive the Saara Parker Painting Prize for The Wilsons, 72" x 60", oil on canvas, at the Fitchburg Art Museum's 86th annual juried exhibition. One of a series of life-sized surrealist portraits I'm painting exploring identity. This one on view at the museum through Sept 4."

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Andy Warhol

"Andy Warhol’s final commission will be heading to the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles later this week. Simply called 'Cars,' it was initially commissioned by Mercedes-Benz to commemorate the hundredth anniversary of the motor car."

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