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Colorado Cadets in Action
This is the place to see the great things our Colorado Cadets have been doing!
We'd love to share the adventures and successes of our Colorado cadets with our members. Please send photos and details of your cadets living their best lives at USAFA to our co-vice presidents.
Photo on right: C3C Benjamin Cometto CST (Combat Survival Training) Outdoor Leadership Complex Tower Summer 3 Session July 2022.
C1C Onika Benson spent 10 weeks in Washington DC.
C1C Onika Benson worked for the National Security Council, East Asia directorate at the White House.
C1C Garrett Greenwood Cadre (Barbarians Delta Flight CC) with the Class of 2026 Basic Cadets.
In just a few days, the Class of 2026 will have "Beat the Beast!"
CST and BCT photos courtesy of WebGuy
Basic Cadet Griffin Greenwood (Barbarians Alpha) during Basic Cadet Training A Course.
Basic Cadet Thomas Newell
We are still in need of volunteers for the 2022-2023 fiscal year. Thank you for considering volunteering! We cannot manage all of our events without your assistance! Please see our website for additional information.
Fundraising Chairperson - This is an Executive Board position.
The Fundraising Chairperson shall take the lead on all efforts by the corporation to plan and execute events related to raising funds used by the corporation to support planned events throughout the year. This includes reaching out to community partners to seek funds for some of our activities (Tailgates, Taste of Home, etc.), and track donations received throughout the year. The Fundraising Chair is responsible for overseeing the Goodie Bag Chair.
  • Goodie Bag sales are CPC’s biggest fundraiser.
  • Strong Goodie Bag sales provide budgetary stability for other programs.
  • Fundraising and donation solicitation requirements driven by CPC events i.e. I-Day picnic, tailgates, etc.
  • Eligible for annual $2,500 grant from Walmart
Parents' Weekend 2022 Chair- The Parents’ Weekend Information Fair Coordinator will run the CPC Booth at Arnold Hall. This is to provide information to parents and facilitate Goodie Bag Orders. We have a bar code that parents can scan that will allow them to order with their phones. No collection of paper orders or money will be necessary. This is a great position for a Sustaining Member.
Tailgate Committee Working with Tim Thompson as our Tailgate Committee Chair.
  • Would like to have one more team of 2 (a couple/individuals).
  • Areas to cover: Set up, Grilling, Food Prep, and Clean up.
  • CPC provides main dishes and water. Attendees provide side dishes, desserts, and drinks other than water.
  • Storage POD delivered pre-season, equipment moved to POD in August.
  • VOLUNTEERS are the key to good tailgates.
Goodie Bag Chair for 2023-2024 - This position is a Committee Position. Ideally, you would work alongside Stacy Prater & Nico Mason for the 2022-2023 fiscal year to learn the details of this position and take over May 2023.

Goodie Bag Volunteer Coordinator -The Goodie Bag Committee needs a Volunteer Coordinator to coordinate the cadet POC's (Point of Contact) and the volunteers for assembly and delivery. Please contact our Goodie Bag Chair for more information or to volunteer.
Goodie Bag Assemblers - More information will be forthcoming and sign-ups will be emailed as we get closer to those dates.
I-Day Picnic Chair for 2023-2024 - This position is a Committee Position.
·        I-Day Picnic Sub-committee Heads for 2023-2024:
·        Venue (location, facilities, equipment)
·        Food (menu, food preparation, food storage)
·        Activities (letter writing, Goodie Bag sales)
·        Publicity, Signage, Sign-up
·        Photography
·        Volunteer Coordinator
End of Year Celebration Chair April 2023 - This position is a Committee Position.

New Appointee Event Co-Chair June 2023- This position is a Committee Position. You will join your efforts with Helly Duncan to host the Class of 2027 in June of 2023 in the gathering of New Appointees and Families at a location in Colorado Springs. It is a time for Questions to be answered and USAFA Information to be provided.
There are many more smaller volunteer positions that we need assistance with over the next year.
Please do not hesitate to email president@usafacpc.org for additional questions.
CO-PRESIDENTS | Danny and Kathy Cometto ('25)
CO-VICE-PRESIDENTS | Paul and Lois Hartigan ('24)
CO-SECRETARIES| Heather Benson ('23) and Jackie Breeden ('24)
TREASURER | Julia Flachman ('25)
EVENT COORDINATOR | Position to be filled
FUNDRAISING CHAIR | Position to be filled