Dear Ascencia,

As we move through the summer of 2022, Ascencia needs your support more than ever to combat homelessness. Summer is a difficult time for Ascencia and our clients. The weather is dangerous, and our unhoused neighbors are in desperate need of water, food, showers, and shelter.

I have the opportunity to interact with the people and families who come to Ascencia for help in the course of doing my job. Every month I am moved in a variety of ways as I witness first-hand the reality of what our clients are going through.

This month, I can’t shake the image of a single mother managing her five very young children and the single father raising his young son while being terrified about their futures, or the woman in her sixties who could no longer afford the rent increases and ended up on the streets. I see once accomplished older adults dealing with their aches and pains, wondering how they got into their current situations and with a preponderance of doubt, hoping that they will find their way back into the comfort of stable housing. I see people of all ages trying their hardest to help themselves by attending trauma, art, and occupational therapy sessions, psychiatry appointments, financial literacy classes, and meetings and appointments with their Case Managers.

I look forward to the day these images are replaced by the images of their faces being full of energy, smiling and hurrying to tell me that they found an apartment and are moving in soon! This is what your support leads to, and honestly, we simply can’t do the ongoing work of lifting people out of homelessness without you. Please help us and thank you for caring about the welfare of those in need.

Learn more about how Ascencia leads our clients to the next chapter of their lives, and how you can help, here:

With sincere gratitude,

Dr. Laura Duncan

Executive Director

A Time Together: In Appreciation of our Volunteers

Last month, Ascencia hosted its annual Volunteer Appreciation Event at the Elks Lodge in Glendale. Our theme, A Time Together was chosen to focus on just that, spending quality time together to express our gratitude.

Over the past 365 days, we had 188 individuals and groups volunteer 4,030 hours to support Ascencia. During that time, guest chefs provided 548 meals to our Shelter clients, and donated thousands of hygiene kits, holiday gifts, and whole host of in-kind donations that saved Ascencia $147,000 in costs. These savings translate to allowing us to move 40 more indviduals and families into permanent housing.

It was our distinct honor to recognize the following awardees that have tirelessly and faithfully served Ascencia...

Volunteer Organization Award: Assistance League of Glendale

Guest Chef Awardees: Couples for Christ / Las Caritas / St. Francis High School

Individual Volunteer Award: Deacon Ron Baker

During his acceptance speech on behalf of Couples for Christ, Joel Bautista shared, “I used to wonder after we served a meal, does it make a difference? I can confidently say, 'Yes, it does'. Once, in the parking lot at Ralphs, a woman called out to my wife and I. She told me that she had been one of the people we used to feed at Ascencia, and because of the help she received while there, she had gotten back on her feet and was now a realtor. She said, ‘I just had to personally thank you and tell you that when you fed us, you showed me that someone cared.’"

Deacon Ron Baker, who joined Ascencia’s Board of Directors in 2016, shared, “I love Ascencia. My passion is to help those in need. The marginalized. The outcasts. The forgotten. I remember how fulfilling it was to serve food to the clients. To provide the safe shelter, and personal needs. But the greatest gift, beyond the food, clothing, and shelter, was the human interaction and giving dignity, self-esteem, hope, and love to those who are suffering.”

Thank you to our volunteers and all of our supporters for going above and beyond during the challenging last two years. We are so grateful, and we owe our success to you. 

Enjoy this montage of photos that was a part of our 'Time Together', featuring our volunteers over the years and at the event...

Volunteer Appreciation Event 2022 Slideshow

Roger and Helen are HOUSED!

Roger was living at home with his elderly mother for the most part of his adult life. When his mom passed away, he was forced to move out. He spent time bouncing around motels, friends' homes, shelters, and motor homes. Roger met his wife, Helen, and got married years after.

They had been living in a motor home together for about 4 years until they lost the home in 2018. From then on, he and his wife were living out of their car, using the restroom and showers at the Burbank Temporary Aid Center or public areas in Glendale.

The couple was referred to Ascencia by staff at The Burbank Temporary Aid Center when the COVID-19 pandemic was in high effect. They were skeptical at first, but after working with Ascencia, they knew housing was finally going to be a possibility. Through Ascencia, they were able to receive case management services, emergency housing, and assistance in getting an apartment in Glendale. The couple was awarded an Emergency Housing Voucher in March, and were able to move into an apartment the following week!

The couple spent 22 years together homeless before getting connected to Ascencia. Now, for the first time since being together, they are able to share a place to call their home. Congratulations Roger and Helen on reaching the next chapter of their lives!

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Xos Trucks Partnership

Xos showers TLC & XO’s on Ascencia to partner with us to fight homelessness!

We are thrilled and grateful to partner with our neighbors across the street. Xos Trucks, proudly headquartered in Los Angeles, is people driven inside and out. Last month, the Xos Community Action Program (XCAP) partnered with Ascencia, and provided our agency with a generous supply of hygiene kits, groceries, sandwiches, socks, toiletries and so much more.

XCAP held an internal food and hygiene goods drive to collect supplies and assemble hygiene kits and sandwiches. Xos employees personally delivered all the supplies in one of their trucks, met with staff, and took a tour of our facility. In addition to the in-kind support, they presented our agency with a generous donation of $5,000! 

On behalf of the people we serve, we are proud of this amazing new partnership, and thank our Xos family for showering us with so much care and compassion! 

Our New Board President is... Bryan Longpre!

We are pleased to introduce Bryan Longpre as our new board president! Bryan joined Ascencia's Board of Directors in 2018. He has served as Development Committee chair for the past 2 years, which proved his dedication to helping our organization grow and succeed, as well as his great leadership skills.

Bryan is the Senior Vice President at Morgan Stanley, serving the unique needs of individuals, families, and institutions in the Greater Los Angeles area. Prior to his tenure at Morgan Stanley, he also played professional baseball in the Toronto Blue Jays organization for three years.

Bryan is specialist in the area of sustainable investing and believes he can help clients make a positive impact without sacrificing returns. Bryan is a cum laude graduate of Cal State Northridge with a Bachelor's Degree in Finance. In 2016 Bryan earned a Master's Degree in Business Administration (MBA) from the University of Southern California.

Bryan is an active volunteer in the community and lives in La Crescenta with his twin boys, Jack and Dean. 

Additional Updates

This month we welcomed the following new members to our Board of Directors: Kris Tate, George Assadorian, and Stephen Rinka!

We also say farewell to beloved board members: Deacon Ron Baker and Natasha Madarian.

Ascencia's 'Next Chapter' Summer Campaign

Ascencia provides our clients with the resources and support to lead them to the next chapter of their lives. Our programs and services ensure that our clients who get housed, stay housed. This is reflected in our 95% housing retention rate. Your donation helps our clients on every step along their journey.

We are trying to raise $50,000 by the end of summer to support our clients' journey out of homelessness. So far we've raised $9,100. Help us reach $10,000 right now!!

Click the button below to help us write more success stories. Together, we can care, house, provide services, and save lives.


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