July 2022
Tips to Maximize your Results with Respen-ATM
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Monoamine oxidase-A (MAO-A) is a mitochondrial enzyme that is very vulnerable to inhibition by stress, high estrogen, lipid peroxidation, heavy metals, high amounts of phenols, and some parasites. Respen-A works to increase the activity of the MAO-A that is not inhibited by these factors. But the benefit of Respen-A is limited by the availability of the amount of MAO-A that is not being inhibited. So we need to try and eliminate as many of these inhibitory factors as possible.  

A large percentage of MAO-A inhibition in ASD is due to the build of phenols which are antioxidants in plants. Everyone has been told that we should have 6-8 servings of fruit and vegetables a day, but this may very likely be detrimental to a person who has ASD. Dr. Waring’s research has found that 80% of people on the spectrum have deficient activity in the enzyme called phenol-sulfur transferase. This enzyme is needed to break down phenols and to produce sulfate ions which are needed for detoxification of environmental chemicals, salicylates, phenols, food additives and some medications.  

Phenols are in most plant based food and we need some in our diet, but if they start to build up in the body, they can result in negative reactions such as, night waking, night sweats, irritability, eczema and other skin conditions, emotional extreme highs followed by very low mood, head banging and other self injurious behavior, aggression, headache, dark circles under the eyes, red face/ears and diarrhea. Hyperactivity is more common in children’s reactions, whereas adults often experience chronic fatigue. 

So what is causing the deficiency of the phenol-sulfur transferase (PST) enzyme? Phthalates destroy the PST enzyme. Phthalates are a group of chemicals used to make plastics more durable. They are often called plasticizers. Some phthalates are used to help dissolve other materials. Phthalates are in hundreds of products, such as vinyl flooring, lubricating oils, and personal-care products (soaps, shampoos, hair sprays). People are also exposed to phthalates by eating and drinking foods that have contacted products containing phthalates. Some exposure can occur from breathing phthalate particles in the air. Children crawl around and touch many things, then put their hands in their mouths. Because of that hand-to-mouth behavior, phthalate particles in dust might be a greater risk for children than for adults.

Obviously, we can’t completely eliminate our exposure to phthalates, but we have developed a homeopathic topical disc of PST that appears to imitate your natural PST enzyme, in that, those children who demonstrated phenol sensitivity prior to using the homeopathic PST disc can now eat foods high in phenols with no symptoms of phenol toxicity.

(Submitted by Elaine Delack)

What is the amount of zinc we need to take for pyroluria?

You can take 30 - 35 mg per day and up to 45 mg if necessary. Just don't take 50 mg as it causes headaches.

I'm planning on using the aracadonic acid fro X-Factor. Is there anything I should be aware of?

You'll want to balance that with saturated fat. 

Elaine, my son is still hyper on day 4 of the Respen-A, and he has
started stimming. What should I do?
It sounds like he isn't getting enough gluten in his diet. The initial hyperactivity was a result of the excess serotonin being depleted, but now you have the result of not enough serotonin to release in the gut to turn over the MAO-A, so you are seeing a return of symptoms because of this. Increase the amount of gluten he is getting. He should be eating it throughout the day.

Should the calcitonin disc only be used to during the day? Will it interfere with the parathyroid if used at night?

I don’t think it will interfere with the parathyroid but it is made by the thyroid which is more active during the day so best to mimic nature

If a child is starting on the PST disc will they have the same issue with gluten or inositol being necessary to release the serotonin?

Not with the PST, but if using the Respen-A too then yes.

I have just started the Respen for depression and can't tell any difference. When I started it, I had just pulled out of a depression slump, which typically lasts for a few weeks and then reoccurs about six weeks later. How will I know if this is helping me?

The conscious body takes normalcy for granted. Normal, to the body, is a healthy state. The conscious body is not aware of when you move to a healthy state but is very much aware of symptoms that are not of a healthy state. For example, our hands move a million times a day and we are not conscious of these movements. But if we have a numbness in our hand we are constantly aware of this. You will know that the Respen is working for you when you don't fall into depression. Either that, or wait to use it till you are in depression and see how quickly it pulls you out of that state.
Elaine's Highlights

My Theory on the Rise in Autism

My hypothesis (which can be viewed in slide show format at www.Respen-A.com under Webinars, connects children with autism to the mother’s use of epidurals during childbirth. Epidurals were introduced into this country in the 1960’s. By the mid-80’s, 22 percent of women received an epidural during delivery. In the mid-90’s, the number grew to 67%. Today, nearly 90% of women receive an epidural during pregnancy.

I believe that the development of autism is not due to the actual epidural procedure, but rather the effect of a “cocktail” of drugs used throughout the procedure, including one drug commonly used in conjunction with the epidural to induce labor: Pitocin. In combination, the drugs have the potential of skewing the brain if the infant is unable genetically to process the drugs quickly through their system.

Pitocin crosses the placenta to the infant’s system during childbirth. The drug requires adequate production of an enzyme found in the liver (CYP 3A4) in order to rid it from the body. If the infant has a genetic inadequacy of the CYP 3A4 enzyme (found more often to be lacking statistically in boys than girls), the drug’s intensity elevates in the infant’s system, and builds with another naturally occurring neurotransmitter that plays a key role in very early brain development: the hormone Oxytocin.

Oxytocin builds naturally in the brain during the first 7 – 10 days of life, ensuring that nerve patterning develops as it should in the brain. Once Oxytocin levels reach a naturally predetermined level, the development of the brain’s nerve system (HNS system) ceases.

I theorize that the addition of Pitocin and epidural-related drugs into the bloodstream of infants without adequate CYP 3A4 genetic enzymes, causes brain development to “shut off” early, stunting crucial neurodevelopment.

A second enzyme may explain why autism shows up in many children around the age of three or so. The enzyme MAO-A is essential in regulating serotonin levels in the brain. Unaffected by the drugs used in childbirth, MAO-A levels remain high in the first years of life, assisting brain function. The impact of MAO-A may, in fact, mask symptoms of brain impairment in infants and toddlers.

MAO-A levels diminish as the child ages – allowing serotonin levels to rise, impacting the areas of the brain associated with communication, speech, emotion and bonding. Many parents of autistic children don’t realize their child has been affected until their child shows issues with speech, communication, and bonding.

Respen-A curbs the level of serotonin in the autistic brain, allowing for more normalized function. Respen-A is being prescribed by physicians – and many parents are seeing dramatic improvement. If further study upholds the theory, birthing procedures could change. I see promise in all of this. Further study will determine if simple modification during childbirth could be all that is needed to stem the surging tide of autism. And for those who have autism, Respen-A could give them a quality of life that they – and their parents – deserve.

Hi Elaine,

Simon is doing really well on the PST disc -- he's had no incidents of hitting or impulsive behavior since we started it. 

I decided to re-try the AM4 disc since I had seen some mixed results with it alone, together with the PST disc. The combination has brought more communication and a better mood for Simon. 

It's been wonderful to see these improvements. He's had a great two weeks of camp and is more engaged overall. 

Another huge gain. We were at a lake last weekend. Our neighbors have a camp/house there. Kyle had to step in the water with his sneakers to get on the dock. When my neighbor told him that he might have to do that and that it would be OK, he did not hesitate and he put his foot right in the water. He would’ve never done that before. The fact that he got his sneakers wet without complaining was huge! I don’t like getting my shoes and socks wet and he did not complain once. When I brought it up to him he said, “it’s no big deal.”

While he has done some Respen-A again, I see the most gain from the PST. I love the subtle ways that I know that the patches are making a difference. It’s funny; when you really know someone you know how they will react or respond, and when it’s so polar opposite you are in awe in the moment. Another thing is that he is able to communicate better when he’s angry. He is using the zinc for pyroluria and he definitely knows how much is working- he will request it first thing in the morning. And that takes care of anger issues almost immediately.

Thanks, Elaine!
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