July Updates
"Bees'll buzz, kids'll blow dandelion fuzz And I'll be doing whatever snow does in summer"

We don't need to tell you what the weather's like out there. Instead, we're thinking of Disney's Olaf, and his dreams for this time of year. We don't have magic snow as we provide these updates to you, but we do have AC and that's a win in our books. For those of your out in the fields or staring at pools you're not swimming in, we salute you and ask do you wanna build a snowman?
What's New
Facilities & Reservations

  • Facilities and areas can have minimum hours set on them for requests and reservations. The time is per-facility and cumulative in that item.
  • When creating a new reservation, dates and times involved also check for conflicts against activities being scheduled & carted reservations.


  • The Membership Expense report has been updated to account for the 11:59pm minute.
  • Incomplete custom disclaimers for memberships appear in the Disclaimer Completion membership report and may be emailed out for completion.
  • The Facility Maintenance report includes the permit number adjacent to the name of the reservations within for any reports generated now on.
  • Emergency contact information has been added for coaches/instructors in the Coaches & Instructors reports under Programs & Activity Reports.
  • Filters on Adv. Activity Seats depend on one another for their content (ex. activities dropdown shows only activities in chosen program).
  • The Advanced Activity Seats at a Glance report now has a dropdown filter for pricing option with seating, but not seat cap information.
  • The Advanced Activity Schedule report has a column to show time slots, when applicable, or activity time if no time slots present.
  • Quantity-based guests are included in the Schedule with Question Answers Report if applicable.
  • A report is available under activity reports called Registration Date Openings to show which activities start registration when.
  • Quick-add items will appear in any newly generated facility maintenance reports if applicable to selected facility(ies).


  • When moving members from the waitlist via the activity Reg tab, a membership requirement may be filled by a previously purchased membership.
  • When transferring a registrant between weeks for an advanced activity, the seat cap for the new week is calculated based on their residency.
  • If an account is left, such as by logging out in another tab, an open payment page will continue to link the billing contact to the account.
  • If a custom membership disclaimer was not signed during checkout, it can be emailed from the mgmt account or signed from the public account.
  • When a registration is cancelled that has a waitlist or a seat cap, wording will appear to alert to a spot for waitlist transfer or new reg.


  • New color and banner options are available for your site under Administration > Basic Themes.
  • We're updating our main website - do you have any photos you'd like to share for it?

Possible future items are in Misc > Upcoming Changes, where you can vote on them.
Golf Tournament Contest on Facebook

Enter our contest!!! It's Park and Rec Month, and MyRec.com wants to RECreate with you!
Colin will bring 3 Lucky Winners to the Connecticut Recreation and Parks Association, Inc. Annual Golf Tournament at the Stanley Golf Course in New Britain CT on 9/14 including cart, lunch, contests and more to fill out his foursome!
Price Increase Effective January 2023

As you know, we value your business and have enjoyed working with you and achieved some great results along the way. Like any business though, our own operating costs do increase over time.

To maintain the level of service you’re accustomed to, this modest increase is necessary, so we wanted to communicate this to you in good time. We’re confident that our prices remain competitive within our sector for the quality of the service that we provide and as always, we’re focused on the results we provide to clients.

Our prices will be increasing starting with your January 2023 invoice.

Thanks again for your business, and please contact billing@myrec.com if you have any questions about your new prices.
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