IBEW 617
July 2022
Wellness Program
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  • Preventative Screenings: LabCorp Locations to accommodate YOU!
  • 24 Hour Fitness & CRUNCH Membership Discount Programs for you & your family!
  • Eating for Health: Healthy Potluck Ideas for your gatherings
  • Your Good Mental Health: Health Maintenance Cheat Sheet for your family!
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This issue we focus on COMMUNITY and IBEW CULTURE PRIDE because they can interrelate and are important aspects of who you are. As you’ll read, there is MUCH to be proud of and this issue Celebrates YOU!
What is Community?  

Described as ‘a feeling of fellowship with others, because of shared common attitudes, interests, and goals.’
People who feel more connected to others have lower levels of anxiety and depression. Moreover, studies show they also have higher self-esteem, greater empathy for others, are more trusting and cooperative. Because of these qualities, others are more open to trusting and cooperating with them.
What is Culture Pride and Why is it Important?
Cultural pride is a concept that refers to being proud of your own culture as well as traditions. By knowing and expressing important aspects of traditions with others, people learn more about what makes a person unique. 
Cultural pride can provide motivation to succeed and help us persevere in the face of obstacles. These connections may also provide us with opportunities to cope, by sharing with others who can relate to our experiences
Let’s reflect on union history!


Pride in IBEW Culture! 
Stronger unions mean stronger communities. When unions secure wins for their members, they also make gains for nonunion workers in the community.
Unions have brought diverse voices together, and their struggles have elevated the working conditions, the standard of living and the recognition of not just their members, but of all who labor. Unions played a major role in ending the sweatshops and child labor so common at the beginning of the 20th century.
High unionization levels are associated with positive outcomes across multiple indicators of economic, personal, and democratic well-being
Health and Personal Wellbeing
Did you know that states with higher union density or more likely are more likely to have higher levels of personal well-being metrics?

Almost all union workers (94% ) have access to health insurance, compared with just 67% of all nonunion workers (Gould 2020b). Access to high quality health insurance including health care for dependents, improves household and individual financial security. Access to health care also leads to clear positive health outcomes, including a lower rate of chronic illness and a higher likelihood of receiving preventive care for critical health conditions. (Tolbert, Orgera and Damico 2020).
As for Economic Wellbeing: states like ours with high unionization not only have higher minimum wages and higher medium household incomes, but they also have higher health insurance coverage rates than states with low unionization.

Check out your History!
Local 617 abbreviated version

That’s A LOT TO TAKE PRIDE IN _ Be Thankful and Be Proud!
Support the Movement!
Help build the union movement and make more job opportunities for members!
  • The Local needs help for voter registration drives, get out the vote campaigns, phone banks, visibility days, writing politicians on key issues, etc.
  • If you haven't already signed a voluntary PAC-COPE card, please do so!
  • Monitor what goes on at your City Council Meetings and notify the hall of upcoming policy decisions or projects


Human beings are social creatures. Feeling like we are part of a community helps us thrive. Connections with others are important for your health. Feeling a sense of belonging, acceptance and support has some very compelling outcomes when it comes to our mental health, longevity and chronic disease prevention.
Social isolation and loneliness can both cause problems being lonely is about not feeling connected to others, you can even feel lonely in a room full of people. It not only feels bad, it may also be harmful to your health. New research suggests that loneliness can also directly harm your health. Researchers have found that loneliness may alter the tendency of cells in the immune system to promote inflammation and while inflammation is necessary to help our bodies heal from injury, when it goes on too long, it may raise the risk of chronic diseases. 


Studies have shown that feelings of loneliness can be reduced by helping others. 
Caregiving and Volunteering to help others make therefore help people to feel less lonely. 
You can get more involved with others by:

  • Serving meals or organizing clothing donations for people in need
  • Helping an organization send care packages to soldiers stationed overseas
  • Caring for dogs and cats at an animal shelter
  • Volunteering to run errands for people with disabilities
  • Helping with gardening at a community garden center or park
  • Volunteering at a school, library, museum, or hospital

Having a sense of purpose in life is another way to fight the effects of loneliness. Research has found that he's having a strong sense of missionary life is linked to healthier immune cells.  When you start to pursue a goal that's important to you, you almost always have to cooperate with others to do so. That brings people together!
LOVE TO HEAR FOM YOU! What’s Your Favorite Social/Community Building Activity? Email me and share yours!
HEALTH SCREENINGS - Let's Stay Proactive!
Why participate in a Health Screening?
What exactly happens?
I get my numbers, then what?
Great questions! Here's a quick recap:
  1. Screenings take a total of about 25-30 minutes.
  2. A screening includes a blood draw from the arm for total cholesterol, HDL cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, CHOL/HDL ratio, Triglyceride, and Glucose. It also includes a blood pressure check and a body mass index assessment.
  3. Notify me after your screening and I'll help arrange a health coach appointment.
  4. Your results are reviewed where trends or outliers (where you're doing well and where you may need some tweaks) are discussed. Learn what each test means and how they may be interrelated.
  5. Consider an action plan with a support network including the health coach, a nutritionist, a trainer, or other professionals to help you be your best!
  • Screenings are FREE to you and your spouse!
  • Notify me after your health screening, you’ll receive a $20 Safeway gift card! (Up to 3 screenings per calendar year)
  • Our team can help keep you accountable through our 3-month coaching program, all at no cost to you!
  • After 3 months, you re-test your numbers and we’ll give you a $100 Safeway gift card!

Be kind to yourself by being realistic and focusing on progress not perfection!
Contact me to receive your LabCorp forms and
Fitness YOUR Way - You've Got CHOICES!!
DISCOUNT memberships for you and your family are available at 24 Hour Fitness and Crunch Fitness locations!

Click link(s) below to see more program details and information!
Eating for Your Health:
Healthy Potluck Ideas!
By Eshan Dandekar, RDN

1) Find a Balance for Each Meal
2) Mix Up Your Cooking Style
3) Enjoy the Moment

The warm summer nights are coming. Kids are on summer break. Fourth of July. Hot August Nights. Things are finally ‘returning to normalcy,’ per President Harding (any history buffs will see the major intention in this). We all want to celebrate to the fullest in every way possible, but many of us started 2022 with many goals that we want to revisit and remind ourselves of. How do we keep those goals without feeling restricted? Let’s discuss a few ways:

The stereotypical choices of appetizers, entrees, and desserts: BBQ meats, corn on the cob, buttered/mayo-filled sauces and dips, alcoholic drinks, cookies, cakes, the various finger foods.
Notice that a lot of these items are ‘heavy’ foods (e.g. BBQ sauce, potato salad, various drink choices, desserts). These food items that I gave examples of are all delicious but eating them all at once can be considered too much. There are ways to give your meals more balance; the balance we are focusing on includes more produce and reducing processed foods. The grill isn’t just for the meats! And the blender isn’t just for margaritas!

Putting on a griddle top, or a cast-iron pan, can allow for some versatility in your cooking methods. Such as creating stir-fry veggies, roasting veggies or easy finger-food sized pieces with a dipping/dressing. This doesn’t mean you have to ‘sneak’ in veggies (although a very useful tool for the kiddos sometimes).
Skewers with a mix of 2-3 to 1 of veggies pieces to protein pieces allow you to marinate all at once, thus sharing the same flavors on various pieces.
Create fruit purees for toppings instead of frosting or syrups (or muddle them into your favorite drink) using your blender.
How about Sous vide?
This cooking method, which is basically a hot water immersion bath, can cook any of your meals to pure tenderness without drying out; allowing you to reverse-sear your various cuts of meat.
Slow cooking/smoking can reduce the amount of dryness and keep in the moisture of most foods and is a considerably great way to enjoy most of the time with friends and family. While it does take more prep time, it can lead to some amazing results!

At the end of the day, enjoy your summer.
  1. Enjoy the moments.
  2. Choose 1-3 things you really want to have that day.
  3. Portion a serving and savor each bite.
  4. Remember the Portion Plate Method.
  5. There will always be other weekends this summer.
*** Contact me to book a free Nutrition Consultation with Eshan today! ****

Your Good Mental Health Space
Choosing to have JOY is not naively thinking everything will be easy. It is courageously believing that there is still HOPE, even when things get hard. - Unknown
Check Ups for Your Family!
Knowing your family is on track with their health gives you peace of mind. Not only do preventative screenings help you and your family stay healthier by monitoring your overall wellbeing and identifying potential problems early, but they can also reduce the out-of-pocket costs for preventable conditions that becomes chronic. The trackers below will help you and your family stay on top of check ups, screenings and immunizations!

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