July 2022
Parent Article:
A View From a Parent & Provider
Our family started EI services for Jackson when he was three weeks old. This was before COVID happened. I work in early intervention and self-referred to have extra eyes on him. We loved our service coordinator and the services Jackson was getting. When COVID happened, both the program that I work for and the program my family receives services from shifted away from in-person visits to telehealth. At that time, we were also in the process of switching service coordinators. It was a lot of change to happen all at once. 

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This summer, the EIPLP has been sharing weekly summer activities that you can do with your family. Many of these can be created with household items you already have. Take a peek at what we have posted. If you like these ideas and want to check out more, be sure to give us a follow!
The Early Intervention Parent Leadership Project (EIPLP) is excited to offer our next Finding Your Footing: Using Your Family’s Experience to Improve Systems series. Sessions begin with an orientation in September and meet one Saturday morning a month through June.

This is a great opportunity for parents and caregivers in the early stages of their child's life. The series is intended to help caregivers develop skills that are useful as they advocate throughout their family's journey. It is being offered to families who have children that have/had early intervention services, are under the age of 9, and live in Massachusetts. Each session builds upon the other, so commitment to attend all scheduled sessions is required.

The full schedule is included in the application. Space is limited for this 100% virtual series, and interested families are encouraged to complete this application as soon as possible.

Kris often jokes that while her son graduated from Early Intervention (EI), she never did. Throughout the years, she has held lots of roles in EI – from Parent Contact to the Director of the Early Intervention Parent Leadership Project (EIPLP). It is through these opportunities that she has learned, grown and embraced her passion for lifting up parents and their voices. She is most proud of the family engagement, cultural competence, and skill building work that our team is committed to. 

If you would like more information on the ways families can get involved, feel free to contact her at:
EIPLP | 877-353-4757 | eiplp@live.com | www.eiplp.org
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