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Happy Summer! We hope you and your family are enjoying these long and sun-filled summer days. Our individuals served have been busy getting outside, volunteering, exploring possible jobs, and creating art for fun!

As you know, we appreciate ANY donation that you give to Shore! Every dollar makes a huge difference. Thank you in advance for your generous support!


Shore's Third Group Completes Ready For Work Program

Our third group just completed the 12-week Ready for Work Certificate program. We are so proud of their accomplishment and can't wait to see the opportunities they discover with their new skills and certificates.

Above, back row, left to right: Phillip, Stephen, Barry, Patrick, Candace, Janie

Front row, left to right: Sam, Roxanne, Matt, Barry

Not pictured: Richard

Celebrating Summer at The Lois Lloyd Center

We celebrated summer at the Lois Lloyd Center with delicious food - including BBQ - and dancing to fun music! Our clients loved the ability to get together, move about in the bright multi-purpose room, and get outside for fresh air as well.

Above: Holly and Lorraine enjoy the music together while they dance to a favorite tune.

Above: Isabel, Robert, Holly, Diosley, and Lorraine enjoy some music in our sunny multi-purpose room

Above: Isabel is so happy to enjoy her dessert and drink.

Above: Tanashua Slaton, Developmental Activity Trainer, loves dancing with Robert.

Sean is the official Shore BBQ Expert as he safely grills meat and veggies for excited clients and staff to enjoy.

Nothing says summer like fresh watermelon and berries; Shore clients ate this delicious and healthy fruit all up!

Smiling Diosley gives this summer celebration a big thumbs up!

Chicago White Sox Grant Day Celebration

Sam and Michael enjoyed a beautiful day at Guaranteed Rate Field celebrating Chicago White Sox Grant Day.

Through grant giving, the Chicago White Sox Community (CWSC) and the White Sox Community Fund, a McCormick Foundation fund, support Chicago-based agencies that provide critically important services to our community's underserved and marginalized residents. In 2023, the White Sox announced cumulative charitable donations of nearly $1.9 million to 38 organizations.

We are so grateful to the Chicago White Sox organization for the many tickets they donate to Shore, so our residents and staff can enjoy time outdoors taking in a professional baseball game. We also appreciate their generous donations to our Spring Benefit and Golf Outing; and a big thank you to Tim and Sandra Buzard who have strong ties to the White Sox and help secure these donations for Shore.

Top Left: Sam and Michael pose in front of the Chicago White Sox World Series Monument

Lower Left: Michael and Sam are excited to have amazing seats with a great view!

Below: Sam and Michael are thrilled and grateful to receive some White Sox swag!

Shore's Partnership with Skokie Public Library

Shore is thrilled to share our 3rd partnership with Skokie Public Library. We have partnered for several programs including Shared Spaces, Book Club, and now Vocational Volunteering. Eight individuals have been regularly volunteering at Skokie Library since the end of May and will continue through September to help keep the library running smoothly. We love seeing Shore individuals served making a difference in their community!

Above, L to R: Dmitry, Allen, Sabina, and Dara volunteer weekly on Tuesdays at Skokie Public Library and will continue through September. 

Above, L to R: Allen sharpens pencils to restock the various library tables and stations while Sabina disinfects keyboards. 

Above: Standing - William, Jonathan, Sitting - Jeanie and Anu

This group is ready to start their work at the library!

Above, L to R: Jonathan, Janie, Anu, and William stock their cart upon arrival and use it throughout their shift to get needed supplies.  

Exciting Volunteer Educational Opportunity for Mary Matz

Shore's Chief Philanthropy Officer, Mary Matz, has been selected to attend the 2023 National Leadership Consortium (NLC) on Developmental Disabilities. Specifically, Mary will attend the 2023 Virtual Leadership Institute and was offered a scholarship to attend. Congratulations, Mary on this great honor and achievement!

Shore July Celebrations

Congratulations to John (pictured below) who won a gold medal with his team at the Special Olympics Softball game! We are so proud of him and love his winning smile.

Above: Happy 86th Birthday to Carol! Shore celebrated Carol's birthday in summer style with fresh watermelon and donuts (not cake!) for this special birthday girl!

Above: Carol covered her eyes to be sure she was surprised by the special display.

Above: Carol was thrilled with her special requests of pasta, soda and donuts!

Below: Carol's 86th birthday party celebration included a wonderful group of friends:

Seated, L to R - George, Barry, Paula, Carol and Igor

Standing, L to R - Philip, Greg, Liz, Dara and John

Shore Clients Stay Active and Fit at the Weber Center

Since January, Shore has partnered with the Weber Center in Skokie. Shore Individuals served have LOVED counting laps and getting healthier as they walk the track. It was especially a lifesaver in the cold winter months. Shore groups continue to go work out when it is too hot or rainy for an outdoor park walk. We're grateful to the Weber Center for this opportunity for our clients to get healthy in their community on a regular basis. 

Above: Phillip takes the lead with a smile while Dmitry, Priscilla and John aren't too far behind.

Above: Vanessa, Candace, Priscilla, Barry, and Than Than are energized after a good walking workout at the Weber Center.

Celebrating July Birthdays at the Koenig Training Center

This happy group enjoyed celebrating their July birthdays and played a fun game of BINGO together.

Below, top standing, L to R: Allen, Candace, Anu, and Fred

seated, L to R: Roxanne and Carol 

Bottom: Anu wins at BINGO - way to go!

More Summer Fun

Below the lovely ladies of Laura House enjoy a walk together under blue skies and sunshine. Ashley, Anna and Vanessa (further back), love to get outside to exercise each day!

Above: Lori, Isabel, Emilie Myra, Lorraine and Holly prepare to make their rain sticks with paper towel tubes and decorative paper at the Lois Lloyd Center

Above: The group then gets to work, with great skill and concentration, to create and decorate their rain sticks

Above: The finished product! This group did a fantastic job and clearly had fun along the way.

Above: The Laura ladies were excited to be invited to Vanessa's family picnic over a warm July weekend. 

Crafternoons at the Koenig Center

In addition to exercising, volunteering, and attending Ready For Work training, Shore individuals served at the Koenig Center enjoy creating meaningful art both as a group, and independently.

Below: This group of artists add their own individual pieces to a group "I like you because..." mural.

Above: Paula and Vincent make watermelon slices that look good enough to eat!

Above: Ranata gets festive with her flag art!

Above: Stephen proudly displays his work from a "Draw How I Feel" curriculum

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