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July 2023 Newsletter

BGCGM ClubCorps AmeriCorps members guiding youth on new high challenge course at Camp Whitcomb/Mason

This summer, Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Milwaukee - ClubCorps AmeriCorps members Kara Jorgensen and Spencer Heim are leading youth on the new high challenge course at Camp Whitcomb/Mason. Kara and Spencer were certified as facilitators earlier in the year, “piloting” the course with a few school groups this May before it would get its heavy usage this summer. The new challenge course is one of the numerous activities that the more than 40 BGCGM ClubCorps AmeriCorps members are leading while serving youth from the greater Milwaukee area at Camp Whitcomb/Mason this year.

When working with youth, Spencer and Kara start by getting them into safety gear and then guide them through “ground school,” which is comprised of a safety orientation and learning how to use the belay system. Throughout the rest of the session, the participants can attempt 22 elements, including a climbing wall and two elements designed for participants to cross in groups of four to build teamwork. While campers are on the course, Kara and Spencer spread out on each level to help participants and ensure their safety. They also guide the campers on getting off the course, including two ziplines, the Dyno jump allowing them to jump off the course and be slowly lowered to the ground, or a large spiral staircase.

Both Spencer and Kara have served multiple AmeriCorps terms with BGCGM ClubCorps and are enjoying the opportunity to serve as challenge course facilitators this summer during their current term. Spencer has been excited to work with campers on the new course as part of his third term and to see campers build comradery with the new design. Leading youth on the new course during her second term of service, Kara likes how campers can choose how they are going to push themselves out of their comfort zone, as “besides the beauty of the course and scenery around it, the course also excels in the idea of challenge by choice with many elements of fun!”

MCHS Recovery Corps AmeriCorps member and staff present at Wisconsin 2023 Harm Reduction Conference 

Marshfield Clinic Health System (MCHS) AmeriCorps - Recovery Corps presented to over 400 attendees in June at the Wisconsin 2023 Harm Reduction Conference organized by the Wisconsin Department of Health Services. Their session entitled Nothing for Us Without Us: Navigating Recovery Pathways Together highlighted how their program addresses rural substance use through an integrated approach that leverages the voices of AmeriCorps members who have lived experience with substance abuse disorders, serving as recovery coaches. The presentation was led by MCHS Recovery Corps AmeriCorps member Jamie Thibedeau, who is serving at Marshfield Clinic Chippewa Falls Center, and MCHS program staff Meagan Barnett and Christina Garcia.

As part of their session, Jamie shared her personal story, including describing what service looks like for MCHS Recovery Corps members and how her AmeriCorps service has impacted her life. Reflecting on being able to share about the impact of the program, Jamie explained that "my experience speaking at the Harm Reduction Conference was inspirational and fulfilling. I believe that being seen and heard is vital in the recovery process, and being able to share my success with everyone was amazing. My goal is to put hope in the lives of everyone who attended the presentation that there is a beautiful life after addiction and I am living it! Also that professionals can see that there is a place for Recovery Coaches and AmeriCorps with MCHS Recovery Corps is the place to be!” 

Program Director Workshop provides training for Wisconsin AmeriCorps program staff

Over fifty people from Wisconsin AmeriCorps programs participated in our 2023 Program Director Workshop in Wausau this July. This annual training focuses on updates and training for program directors before the beginning of the new program year. The workshop covered several elements of AmeriCorps program operation, including rules and regulations, member and program management, compliance and monitoring, grant management and reporting, documenting program funding and timesheets, and many other topics. The annual training is part of the cycle of trainings and workshops hosted by Serve Wisconsin to support its AmeriCorps programs.

Service story from AmeriCorps member with

Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Milwaukee - ClubCorps

July episode of The S-Files podcast

This month on The S-Files, we explored the service story of AmeriCorps member Sabina West, serving this year with Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Milwaukee - ClubCorps. Check out the episode below and access all the podcast episodes on The S-Files podcast series website.

Building Connections with Graduation Plus Students with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Milwaukee

In this episode of The S-Files, we are exploring the service done by AmeriCorps member Sherlean Roberts, who is currently serving her third AmeriCorps term with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Milwaukee (BGCGM) - ClubCorps. Sherlean discusses how she assists students participating in their Graduation Plus program by providing mentorship and guidance from the early stages of the college application process through college graduation. Sherlean describes the different ways she supports both a cohort of current college students at Marquette University and high school students at The Ready Center and during visits to Milwaukee high schools. Sherlean discusses how she strives to form connections with students to strengthen the support she can provide, understanding the value of this assistance from her own participation in the program as a student. Listen in to learn how Sherlean has forged meaningful connections and grown as a mentor for her students, which she plans to build upon during her fourth AmeriCorps term, starting this fall. (listen to the episode here

Volunteer on 9/11 Day of Service

September 11th National Day of Service and Remembrance (9/11 Day) is a chance to help others in tribute to those killed and injured on September 11, 2001, first responders, and the countless others who serve to defend the nation’s freedom at home and around the globe.

To honor those we lost and the heroes who helped us persevere, join AmeriCorps and to unite in service and do good. On September 11, National Day of Service and Remembrance, Americans of all ages and backgrounds cross divides, differences, and ideologies to serve with neighbors and strangers alike to build essential bridges in their communities.

For those interested in either volunteering or creating a 9/11 Day project that others can join, please use the information below to help add your act of service to this effort.

Find a Volunteer Opportunity

  • Use thAmeriCorps Volunteer Search to find an opportunity near you. For volunteer opportunities for September 11, please enter #911 in the search box.
  • You can also search for local projects through the Volunteer Wisconsin website

Create a project for others to join

  • You can create a free project listing through one of these three organizations IdealistJustServe, or VolunteerMatch, making sure to use #911 in the title of the project for it to be discoverable in search results for 9/11 Day

Deadline for NCCC AmeriCorps Concept Papers is November 1 for Projects in February-April 2024

The deadline for submitting a concept form is November 1 for nonprofit organizations and government agencies interested in working with an AmeriCorps NCCC team between February 29 and April 25, 2024, Information on the application process for this upcoming period or for late spring, summer, and fall 2004 is available in their Request for Proposal (RFP) for 2024 service dates.


AmeriCorps NCCC teams are 18-24 year-olds traveling regionally to help communities meet their critical needs by completing projects that typically last 6-8 weeks. NCCC partners with a variety of nonprofit organizations, government entities (federal, state, or local), educational institutions, neighborhood associations, Native American Tribal Councils, and community-based or faith-based organizations to complete projects that address compelling community needs. These projects address five main service areas: natural and other disasters, energy conservation, environmental stewardship and conservation, infrastructure improvement, and urban and rural development.

As an example, the Aspen 2 AmeriCorps NCCC team partnered with Pringle Nature Center and the Kenosha County Division of Parks in May-June 2023 to construct three new features in the nature playground and improve the accessibility of the nature playground and park trails to wheelchair users. Additionally, the Oak 2 AmeriCorps NCCC team partnered with Ozaukee County Planning and Parks Department in May-June 2023

to assist with management and improvement needs within the Ozaukee County Park System and habitat restoration areas by planting trees, removing invasive species, trail construction and maintenance, native prairie and wetland seeding, and completing environmental monitoring projects.

Interesting in Serving as a Member of the Wisconsin National and Community Service Board?

For those interested in taking an active role in promoting national service and volunteerism in Wisconsin, the Wisconsin National and Community Service Board has a current or pending vacancy for board members for the following appointment type:


  • A representative of business
  • A representative of local government
  • A representative of local labor


Those interested in serving must complete an application to the governor for the appointment. The online application for a board position can be found HEREwith additional information on the application process found at Apply to Serve - Governor Tony EversIf you are interested in serving on the board and have any questions, please contact Serve Wisconsin Executive Director Jeanne Duffy at [email protected].

Become an AmeriCorps Member Today!

If you wish to engage in meaningful community service and acquire job skills, consider joining AmeriCorps!


To learn more about AmeriCorps, or if you are ready to join and have questions about which program is right for you, contact us! We are happy to answer your questions and help you explore the opportunities available. Program information is also available on our Serve Wisconsin website.


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