July 2023
At the beach, in a hammock, by the pool, or in the cool of the shade, this is an ideal season to ease into a good book. The Northshire Bookstore has thousands of options for you, and here are some of my favorite selections.

Summers in Saratoga bustle with racing excitement, and Lexington, a book about the foundational sire of American horse racing, appears on Northshire's shelves July 11th. Author Kim Wickens expertly chronicles the partially blind horse's rise to supremacy in the mid-19th Century, set against the menacing backdrop of a fraying country. Lexington is a thoroughly researched, enlightening look at America's first great thoroughbred. Save the date - Wickens will be visiting our Saratoga store for a conversation about the book on August 24th at 6 pm.

Want to live a long, productive life? Dr. Peter Attia offers a pathway in his marvelous book, Outlive. It's not the number of years, but the quality of life in those years that interest Attia, and his focus on exercise, sleep, diet, and emotional well-being demonstrate how that quality can be achieved.

Ireland's Donal Ryan has a well-deserved reputation for crafting gorgeous fiction, and his latest, The Queen of Dirt Island, is another beautiful creation. Tragedy and irreverence, deep anguish and gallows humor alternate sometimes in a single paragraph in a story of three generations of Irish women who opt for the richness of life over mere survival.

Northshire is delighted to offer an extensive poetry collection brimming with contemporary and classic collections. Devotions by Mary Oliver, Here by Wislawa Szymborska, Haiku by Richard Wright, Above Ground by Clint Smith share space with Plath and Poe, Rumi and Rimbaud, and scores of volumes striking subtle, surprising and supreme chords of imagery and imagination.

All of us at Northshire are happy to share our recommendations which we hope will make your visit pleasurable, stimulating, or memorable, not just for the time you spend scanning our shelves, but for the book in your hand when you leave the store that, just maybe, will find a way into your heart.

Mike Hare, bookseller
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From our video archives: Jocelyn Nicole Johnson on her electrifying debut My Monticello, recorded in 2022.
Featured Release

One of the most remarkable true-crime narratives of the twenty-first century: the story of the world’s most prolific art thief, Stéphane Breitwieser.

"There is something to be said about being the best of anything even when the achievement isn't a particularly admirable one. Nobody could steal art like Stephane Breitwieser and his beloved cohort-in-crime, Anne-Catherine Kleinklaus. Unlike other master thieves, however, the root of Breitwieser's criminal behavior was not grounded in greed. Great art was the oxygen that he needed to sustain his life. He stocked the attic room he shared with Anne-Catherine in his mother's house with priceless treasures the brazen pair had stolen from countless museums in Europe. As he did in his riveting The Stranger in the Woods, Mr. Finkel strives to usher the reader into the mind of his subject; to explore the obsession that drove him and to inevitably bestow grudging admiration for a man who so faithfully followed his twisted dreams." — reviewed by Alden Graves

Pre-order Highlight

The Pulitzer Prize–winning author of Empire Falls returns to North Bath, in upstate New York, and to the characters that captured the hearts and imaginations of millions of readers in his beloved best sellers Nobody’s Fool and Everybody’s Fool.

"Russo once again clearly distills upstate NY small town life into a third book about the fictional town, North Bath - the original setting for the novel Nobody's Fool, and home of Sully Sullivan, portrayed brilliantly in film by Paul Newman as a drinking, poker playing, construction worker estranged from his family. In Somebody's Fool, Sully is just a memory, but his friends live on, joined by his son and grandsons who arrive to pick up the slack, hauling around their bruises and broken hearts, and by doing so deepening the rich and endearing tapestry Russo began creating a long time ago." —reviewed by Nancy Scheemaker

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