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State Coordinator's Report

Spring Opener just completed. Thank you to Scott Robinson and the spring opener committee for a great event.  We will make things even better for next year. Thank you, to Apple State Harley for all your support for this event.  

I had the opportunity to attend Sky Valleys Motorcycle show in May. Wow what a great event. Next year if you have the opportunity to attend it is well worth it. It was the same day as the Mt St Helens run put on by Elk Country.  In the past, we have asked that all chapters bring their upcoming year’s calendar to STEAM and BOD October 14 and 15. The goal would be to put calendars together and not have events on the same day as much as possible.  I would encourage all chapters to bring their 2024 calendar to STEAM/BOD this year.  

We are still working with the attorney on the 501c3 change or what we may need to do to make this happen. This is increasingly more difficult and evolved then I had hoped.  

New State Officers take positions starting in July. Thank you, to Jenny Rodgers for her service as State Treasurer. Welcome Monica from North Kitsap County to the position. William Dye will be the new Deputy State Coordinator. Scott Robinson will be taking the Eastside Ambassador Position; thank you goes to Rob Hatfield for starting this position great job.  

Thank you to all of the chapter officers and state officers for all of the work and effort you put in. There are a number of people doing great things for ABATE. We should show them appreciation. 


Andy McAfee

State Coordinator


“It’s very dangerous for motorcycles to be around Teslas”

Over the weekend a Washington Post story on Tesla’s Autopilot system made national news. The story included this quote from former National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) senior safety adviser, Missy Cummings, “It’s very dangerous for motorcycles to be around Teslas.”

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Sturgis Motorcycle Museum and Hall of Fame Freedom Fighter

Motorcycle Riders Foundation board member Russell Radke is set to be inducted into the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum and Hall of Fame this August.

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American Income Life - FREE Accidental Life & Dismemberment

If you are a current non-expired member of ABATE of Washington, you will be receiving, or have already received a ‘beneficiary card’ in the mail from American Income Life (AIL).  

These cards are mailed out annually to ABATE members as a reminder to update your beneficiary or add some ‘life insurance’ for yourself and/or your family. AIL provides a free ‘accidental death and dismemberment’ of up to $4000 to any non-expired ABATE member. What this means is: if you are involved in an accident and die or lose an arm/leg/eye, etc. AIL will pay you or your beneficiary up to $4000. AIL also offers other life insurance, and if you are interested in getting any type of life insurance or adding to what you already have, they can help you out.

What I’m asking of you members is, please, when they call, be considerate. They are just trying to do their jobs.  If you are not interested in any other insurance, let them know and ask them to send you your certificate. If you would like to hear more about the insurance they provide, they will schedule a meet-up with you and give you other options. If you feel that you are being harassed after saying no, please get the person's name and phone number and send it to me.

I cannot stress enough about making sure your beneficiary is up to date with AIL or any other insurance policy you have. Finding out, after the fact, that someone you did NOT want to be the recipient of your demise is too late!

Please, this is a FREE benefit that AIL provides to non-expired ABATE Members, be courteous to them. Click here to read more…  

Andy McAfee

State Coordinator

Notes From The Editor

Thanks to all of you who have submitted articles, chapter reports, and photographs for our Freedom Newsletter. 

I will send an email confirmation of each submission I receive. If you do not receive written confirmation from me, the submission did not arrive as planned. Please reach out to me so that I can ensure your submission is included in the next month's newsletter. I will respond with an email confirmation. As always, thank you for sending your submissions by the 15th of each month.

With respect and gratitude,

Shari Carlsberg

ABATE Freedom Newsletter Editor  

NCOM Biker Newsbytes

Delve into various aspects of the motorcycling world, covering topics that range from organizational developments to industry statistics, safety concerns, legislative actions, and technological advancements.

In this edition, you will find:

  • Highlights from NCOM Convention
  • Information about the AORA & its aim to expand motorized recreational opportunities
  • Insights into the MIC's annual report on the state of the motorcycle business in America
  • MIC's addition of the "Adventure Bike" category to its Retail Sales Report
  • Review of NHTSA's report on the rise of motorcyclist fatalities
  • Information about the World Health Organization's promotion of helmet usage worldwide
  • News of enhanced driver's licenses in Ohio and Kentucky's motorcycle training graduates from skills tests
  • An exciting joint research initiative among Japan's Big Four motorcycle manufacturers to develop hydrogen-powered motorcycle engines.

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Demolition Derby

July 4, 2023


Columbia Gorge Chapter 4th of July Poker Run

July 4, 2023

Columbia Gorge Chapter Barrel Racing

July 4,2023

3 Pass Run

July 8, 2023



July 16, 2023


Teddy Bear Ralley

August 4-6, 2023


19th Annual Kickback Campout

August 18 - 20,2023


Run to the Desert

August 25-27, 2023


Fall Run

September 9, 2023



Complete a State-Approved Rider Safety Course to receive $50 reimbursement & more!




Columbia Gorge Chapter's largest event ever is finally upon us! All of the blood, sweat & tears our chapter has endured to make sure this event is nothing less than spectacular is going to pay off!


Festivities start at 9 am on July 4th with our Poker Run registration & kick stands up at 10. We are excited to run our route out to the Whoop-n-Holler Museum in Bickelton, WA. It is sure to be an amazing ride! READ MORE


Greetings everyone from Star Lake Chapter,

We had our monthly chapter meeting June 4th, 2023 at Purdy’s Public House in Sumner. The chapter is now planning for the upcoming Hopes Closet ride event in September. Most chapter members intend on going to the Spring Opener in June and provide the Star Lake Pony (vibrator) Races. The Road Captain (Brian Beckett) was not available to report on benefit ride for Hopes Closet on September 16th. No Products report was not given as Tracy Tomyn was not at the meeting. Asking assistance from the state products about where we can get chapter membership award pins. The treasurer (Kim Nyland) gave the report and update on chapter funds. Star Lake now has a total of $1300 available. We look forward to participating in as many of our other fellow chapter events and rides as possible. Our next meeting will be July 9th at Purdy’s Public House. All guests are welcome to attend.  READ MORE


May Motorcycle Awareness Month was a huge success! 40 Riders, 7 motorcycle clubs/groups and independent riders. We obtained 6 new memberships for Spokane ABATE. Very excited to have made a difference in the Spokane community.

July 15th, Saturday, Board meeting in Spokane. It will be at 2405 N. Dick Rd. Combat Veterans Club House. 



Greetings from EPCC!

I hope you are all out enjoying the good weather. By the time you read this, we will have had a blast at Spring Opener, but the fun just keeps on coming!! Lots of chapters have great events coming up. Including EPCC’s Teddy Bear Rally the weekend of August 4-6! (see flyer in the newsletter, on the website, or on Facebook! Remember to spread the love, and try to support other chapters as well as your own.

Joe Cain – Coordinator, EPCC


Our 25th annual 101 Run started with rain, which limited the turnout. Those who showed up rode in a little rain from Charlie’s Sports Bar to the second stop at the Artic Pub. After that, the sky and roads were dry. We stopped at the Chester Club in South Bend and rode on to Hunter’s Inn in Naselle. We concluded the run at the Columbia River Roadhouse in Chinook. READ MORE


It’s a very busy time for Spanaway Chapter. Spring opener is here! Lot’s of behind the scenes work goes into getting everything to and from the venue. Without key members this would never be possible.

Our meeting time has once again changed due to schedule conflicts with my work and our host location. No meeting will be held in July due to the holiday. Our next meeting will be August 7th 2023 at the Denny’s on Mountain Highway in Spanaway. 5:30 social hour, 6:30 meeting. 

Elections are coming up as well. We will be accepting our first round of nominations at the August meeting. 

Need to reach a specific Chapter?

Get their contact information here:



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Who We Are

We’ve been helping people for almost 30 years. We’re smart, efficient, and sophisticated. We measure success by the results achieved for our clients. Most of our cases involve a motorcycle, bicycle, and auto collisions. We work on a contingent fee basis. We only get paid if there’s a recovery. Not only do we do all the work, we also advance all the costs necessary to prepare the case for trial. Clients don’t have to pay any money upfront.

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Have you heard of umbrella coverage? Basically, it adds coverage to all of your policies. Or does it...?

By default, umbrella coverage increases liability limits. But it doesn’t increase everything. And that’s a big deal. Maybe the most important coverage you can have increased is uninsured motorists in (UM) and u red motorists (UIM). I’ve said it before. And I think it’s probably more true now than ever. At least 90 percent of drivers are uninsured or underinsured. (We just settled a case against a driver who had $5.3M in coverage—and even he didn’t have enough insurance.) So it’s vital that you let your insurance agent/broker know that you want your umbrella policy to cover not only liability but also UM/UIM.

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The Ins & Outs of "Releases" in Washington

We’re asked to sign releases all the time. Sometimes we’re not even asked to sign—they’re just embedded in our transactions. (Like when we buy lift

tickets to go skiing.) 

The Deterrent Effect of Releases

People fall into two categories. Either they assume that releases are iron-clad or they forget that they signed releases. The people who assume they’re iron-clad don’t pursue claims. That (false) belief is the biggest benefit to the businesses that make customers sign them.

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Resources for Bikers

Filling in the Blanks

Most people have a pretty clear memory of how they got hurt. Frequently their memories are punctuated with very specific details. “That son of a bitch looked me right in the eye before turning left.” “The front door mat was a bright pastel color.” “The impact made a sound just like an M-80 going off.” But when you go through something traumatic, like a motorcycle wreck, the brain isn’t focused on making memories—it’s focused on survival. The same mechanisms that keep the brain sharp enough to escape immediate danger may also make it harder to accurately recall the event.


He Passed Me Going 90 MPH

In just about every motorcycle case we have there

are allegations that our client was speeding. There are a couple of important things to know about the issue of motorcycle speed. The first relates to the reliability of witness observations. The second deals with the way courts deal with favored drivers exceeding the speed limit.

Witnesses are almost always wrong about

motorcycle speed. It may be based on the relatively small size of motorcycles compared to other vehicles. Or it may be based on witness bias.


Public Health and Relations Crisis

The concept of public health has really expanded. It used to focus on disease. Now it includes things like gun deaths. New York’s Governor recently declared

a gun violence disaster emergency. This new strategy treats gun violence as a public health crisis. We have a public health crisis of our own in Washington. It doesn’t have anything to do with guns. Or COVID-19. It has to do with motorcycles.


What the Jury Doesn't Hear

The evidence rules have a big impact on what the jury gets to hear (and what it doesn’t get to hear). Evidence can seem a lot like an iceberg: 10 percent visible, 90 percent below the surface.

A lot of the evidence rules are counter-intuitive. Here’s what the jury doesn’t get to hear in a personal injury case:


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