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This Weekly Update by the Illinois School and Campus Safety Program links to several articles on preventing school shootings, trauma, and threat assessment; and lists upcoming conferences.

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Uvalde: Can Our Failures Help Us Succeed

In his article Uvalde: Can Our Failures Help Us Succeed, Jon Quast, retired Lt. from the Peoria County Sheriff’s Office, discusses the importance of using the lessons we have learned and the resources available to prevent school shootings in the future. The article discusses the importance of drills, site safety assessment, Safe2Help Illinois, behavioral threat assessment, digital threat assessment, school resource officers, and more. To read the article, click here.
APA Article on the Stress of Mass Shootings Causing Collective Trauma

The American Psychological Association recently published the article Stress of Mass Shootings Causing Cascade of Collective Traumas. The article addresses how mass shootings are impacting mental health, causing stress, distress, PTSD, and more. The article also discusses how this stress is "embedded within the context of the pandemic, economic challenges, political polarization, climate-related disasters, and other factors, which combine to create what psychologist Roxane Cohen Silver, PhD, of the University of California, Irvine, calls a 'cascade of collective traumas' that the nation is facing together." The article specifically addresses the impact on youth, and discusses the need for engagement and change.
Article on Threat Assessment's Ability to Stop Mass Shootings

The New Yorker's article Can Researchers Show that Threat Assessment Stops Mass Shootings?discusses the effectiveness and usefulness of threat assessment and includes a conversation with Dr. Dewey Cornell, as well as comments from Reid Meloy, Melissa Reeves, and others. The article also addresses the benefits of threat assessment beyond that of preventing school shootings, such as "academic support, counselling that teaches skills like conflict management, or efforts to help with stress at home."
Campus Safety Magazine Article on Prevention Training and Teaching Threat Assessment to All Community Members

Campus Safety Magazine recently released an article by Chief Mike Zegadlo of Lewis University. Zegadlo's article, Prevention Training Matters More Than Response in the Fight Against Active Shooters, discusses teaching threat assessment skills to the community at large, stating "Having served on a behavioral intervention team (BIT) for over a decade, it occurred to me that we need an end-user threat assessment training relevant to anyone in any community, not just behavioral intervention team members." The article also discusses getting people help before they "act out" and that training should cover response and prevention.
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