A big shout out to everyone on the Campus that assisted with a medically vulnerable client "Jim" and his Emotional Support Animal "Bailey." This was a team effort from multiple HSC programs, as well as partners, and it demonstrates how collaboration can make shifts happen. Our Brian Garcia Welcome Center Staff worked with Homeless ID Project to make sure all required documents for Jim were ready to go. Our Lodestar Day Resouce Center (LDRC) Staff made sure that Jim and Bailey were in the heat relief shelter before our Navigation team was able to secure a bed for him the next day. LDRC Staff provided some booties for Bailey and cared for him to make him feel safe. Bob went to the hospital, and LDRC staff called an Emergency Medical Technician and confirmed Bob's wishes to have another client hold his dog. HSC Staff in the Welcome Center assisted with paperwork for the temporary custody of Bailey, informed CASS of the situation and they were able to hold the client's bed. Bob was admitted to the hospital and Bailey is now secure and one step closer to being with his owner. Bob is on the waitlist for our Project 8 bridge housing program, and is really close to being housed. Bailey was his support and after all the efforts between our teams and partners, he can know that we will be there for him. This is just one of many stories of how HSC and our partners make a difference for our clients. Collaboration at it's best!