It is incredibly hard to believe it has been two years since we lost Mike McQuaid to COVID-19. All of us at the Human Services Campus still expect him to walk in at any moment, to say “hello,” to drop off a donation, or to strategize on next steps. And at the same time, his memory motivates us every day to carry out his vision. Mike’s insights and ideas helped form the HSC’s mission to use the power of collaboration to create solutions to end homelessness.
HSC continues to look at what it means and what it will take to truly end homelessness. Prevention and Housing play huge roles if we are going to move the needle to “functional zero.” We work every day with our partners to help people get from street to home, and we work in the community to make systemic changes. We are confident that we can achieve our goal that when homelessness does occur, it is rare, brief and one-time. Mike helped lay the foundation and was continually driven by his vision and belief that homelessness is a solvable problem. HSC shares Mike's belief and is committed to playing a leading role to make Mike's vision a reality.
We are forever deeply grateful that Mike was in our lives and for the ability to build on his passion and wisdom. It reminds us every day to "Be like Mike."