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Pastor Sarah Friesen-Carper

Sunday, July 26
9:00 am Drive In Outdoor  Worship Service

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Friday, July 26, 2020
Beloved of God,

Every conversation I have these days, whatever the intended topic, always comes around to COVID 19 and how it is affecting our lives and the lives of those around us. Inevitably, people express the sense of unknowing that we have all come to live with. What will happen with school reopening? Will see a spike in COVID 19 cases or will the numbers decrease? Will things return to "normal" or will there ever be a return to life before the pandemic? What will happen to our church or to churches in general? We look to our local, state, and federal elected leaders as well as our church, synod, and church wide leaders for answers and direction. And we have widely varying experiences of satisfaction with those answers and direction.

The Old Testament reading for Sunday is from 1 Kings chapter 3. In it, God asks the new King, Solomon, son of David, "What shall I give you?" Solomon answers with wisdom beyond his years, "Give your servant an understanding mind to govern your people, able to discern between good and evil." God is very pleased with Solomon's request and rewards Solomon giving him wisdom and wealth. Solomon goes down in history as the wisest king of Israel ever.

It seems to me that one of the best things we can do right now is to pray for our leaders to be wise and discerning. With increasing civil unrest, skyrocketing COVID 19 infection numbers in some states, and an election looming large, what we need now is a heavy dose of God's wisdom.

So, dear people of God, get on your knees (literally or metaphorically) and pray for God's wisdom to fill and govern our leaders. Pray for the Holy Spirit to inspire them and move them with compassion. Ask our Lord Jesus to be Lord of their lives. And then pray also for our country, for those most vulnerable, for a vaccination, and for peace.

In Christ,
Pastor Sarah


There is one Wednesday left of Acts Bible Study! July 29th is the final session. We will look at Chapters 24 and 28. You do not need to have been at the previous classes to join in. 

Dates:  July 29  
 Time:   7:00 pm 
 Meet:   via Zoom 

Password is 5212
Or connect via phone by dialing 312 626 6799 
Meeting ID: 528 018 344
Password: 5212

Bulletin for July 26, 2020
In Case of Severe Weather...

If there are thunderstorms, and we cannot safely worship outside, worship will be live streamed from the sanctuary. A notice will go out via email, put on the church's website & Facebook account and personal phone calls will go to those who do not have internet connections. 
Sunday's Worship Service is streamed live... 
We can all worship together -- You choose if you will join us for  drive-in worship or live on our Facebook page. 

The worship service will still be posted on the website for you to watch anytime. 
Worship Readings
The readings for Sunday, July 19th are:
  • First Reading: 1 Kings 3:5-12
  • Second Reading: Acts 10:1-6, 9-18, 23b-36, 44-48
  • Gospel: Matthew 13:31-33, 44-52

Call 651.371.5421 to hear this week's  sermon. 

The July 2020 Church Council minutes are available here. 

Golden Opportunity: Things We Are Learning in Lock Down.

Share with us what you've learned about in these 5 months!  From the silly to the meaningful and everything in between!  All ages welcome! 

Please share yours at
SPLC COVID Response Team Update: 

SPLC will follow the Governor's Executive Order requiring face coverings in all public indoor spaces and businesses, unless alone. For more information, please visit the  MDH Website

The COVID Response Team is working on the COVID 19 Preparedness and Response Plan which includes readiness for indoor worship, guidelines foe cleaning, staff, and volunteers. 

Please review the latest information on our website.


Are you interested in joining a communications team for your congregation?  Or are you interested in learning more about it?  If so, please email Pastor Sarah. 
  • Share Prayer Requests and God Sightings hereby email or call 651-462-5212
Click on  SPLC Zoom Room to join by internet
Or connect via phone by dialing 312 626 6799 
Meeting ID: 528 018 344
Password: 5212

We are blessed to have knowledgeable and caring nurses in our congregation! They have some words of advice for us: 

July is Sarcoma Awareness Month. Sarcoma is a type of cancer that affects the connective tissue in our bodies. According to the American Cancer Association more than 11,000 people are diagnosed with this type of cancer per year, this means it's a pretty rare type of cancer and very important to see a specialist for this type of cancer if diagnosed. People diagnosed with this are often younger adults or children, and men are slightly at higher risk. These may look like painless lumps, or depending on location have different symptoms. Biopsies are often done to determine if malignant (cancerous) or not as well as staging for the cancer. Staging discusses how severe the cancer is and what steps need to be taken. For more information please visit the National Cancer Institute or

Remember to pray for these nurses and all those on the front lines fighting the coronavirus. 
Questions: Contact Council 
Treasurer, Chris Timmons at

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Sunday, July 26
9:00 am      Outdoor and Live Stream  Worship  
11:00 am    Coffee Hour via Zoom 
Wednesday, July 29
1:00 pm     Adult Bible Study via Zoom
7:00 pm     Book of Acts Bible Study via Zoom - Last Session
Sunday, August 2
9:00 am      Outdoor and Live Stream Worship
11:00 am    Coffee Hour via Zoom